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Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


Losing My Religion, part 6, The Moose Story

The "Losing My Religion Posts" in order: Post 1, Post 2, Post 3, Post 4, and Post 5.

Before I start know this, nobody in my life has told me they believe my story, not even my old minister.  When I tell this, people give me kindly nods and polite smiles; like they would to a child repeating some bit of make believe.

I love hunting.  I have since I was a kid and my grandpa let me tag along behind some men who were pheasant hunting on his farm.

The Shiras Moose is the smallest moose sub-species and is native to the rocky mountain region of the US.  A hunting license is difficult to draw.  It took me 15 years of applying before I had enough points to get one.  I wanted to hunt and harvest my moose on my own, on foot, without a guide.  Like any other hunter, I wanted to bag a big bull.

From my journal:

October 6th 2015 at about 9am I was praying.

My father insisted on going moose hunting with me.  He never had much of an interest in hunting before.  His health wasn't good and he was in no shape to make the trip.  The place where I was hunting had lots of moose sign but I had been in the field 5 days without seeing any moose.  I had been praying for a successful hunt.  My dad's health was failing and it looked like I was going to have to cancel the trip.

As I was walking a stream bottom, working my way up the mountain I started praying.  I told God that I wanted a big moose for my glory, but that I hadn't considered His.  I confessed that I had been thinking only how if I could have my way things would be better in my life.  I admitted that there were more important things I should have been focused on.

That was when I changed my hart in that prayer.  I praised him for providing for me and blessing me above what I deserved.

I asked for a successful hunt so my dad could go home and feel like it was a good trip.  I asked for meat to fill my freezer and feed my family.  I promised that if this was granted I would give 25% of the processed meat away to those who needed it more than I.  I talked to Him about failings in my marriage and fixing them.

I asked Him to confirm that He would grant me a blessing in my relationship with my kids and wife.  I asked for His best for my life.  Then I asked Him to confirm that He would bless my life and use me to provide for my family,

Then I said: "A record book bull would prove my prowess as a hunter and give me glory.  I don't want my glory.  I want your best for my life.  Don't give me a big bull.  Give me a sign that you have heard me and will grant my prayer.  Dear God please give a spike moose.  In Jesus name..."

Before I could say "Amen" a young bull moose jumped up in front of me, about 30 yards away and waited for me to shoot it.  Which I did.

It took about 8 hours to pack the moose and get off the mountain.  Before I had the meat moved 50 yards from the kill site, a bear was enjoying the carcass.

The. Best. Hunt. Of. My. Life!

Six months later I was laying on my back waiting to go into surgery.  I had just finished handwriting a goodbye note to my son and daughter as well as my last will and testament.

The nurse helpfully explained the information on the waivers I was signing.  There was a chance that I would not survive the surgery.  They weren't sure how much of a chance but 9 months earlier I had been ruled medically unfit to receive a surgery that my ENT had requested and the hospital still had the record.  I could die. 

There was a chance that the infection in my arm was too extensive to be removed.  If that was the case, they would amputate my arm.

I don't think I knew what to pray for.

Back Online

I was able to get back on line today.  I'll get to work on the moose story.

After I hit "publish" I saw the number of hits for my last BJW post, "Quickies".  Judging by incredible jump in site traffic, I'd say that using a title that's a double entendre is a great way to boost interest in my posts.


BJW - Quickies

A Wife's definition of retirement: Twice as much husband on half as much pay.

My wife thinks I put football before marriage, even though we just celebrated our third season together.

Try to remember that, with the exception of your parents and your children, most people will consider you an adult.

The world is divided into haves and have-nots: those who have a sense of humor and those who do not.

My husband and I married for better or worse... He couldn't do better and I couldn't do worse.

When the letters on a page begin to thrash about and attack each other, it's probably time to turn off the light and go to sleep.


Friday, the 13th

I know.  I've not written up the moose story.  Sorry.  I'm moving.  It's wonderful to be going back to America, or what's left of it.

I'm not sure when I'll get internet again.  I'm renting a condo until I get a house bought.  I'm thinking that will take 60 days or so.  It might be longer.  I might end up building too, at least that is an option that is on the table.

The BJW queue is full for a couple of months so you'll have a reason, maybe not a good one, to drop by.

If I can find an ISP that doesn't demand an unreasonable contract to set me up at one address and move without charging me when I buy a house, I'll be back up and blogging sooner.  Otherwise I'll wait till I get a house to get back on line.


BJW - Camelnot

Only the true king could remove the sword from the stone ...

no one else could ...

they didn't have ...



Big Boobs, a Sexist View

The post that follows is sexist, well probably not, but someone might get upset and that might increase site traffic.

Case in point Lizzy Martinez.  For those of you who don't know, Dizzy Lizzy is the 17 year old in Florida who decide that she wasn't going to wear a bra to school.  No, I didn't bother providing links.  The only reason you want links, is for Pics.  All the stories have her, taking a picture of herself, showing absolutely nothing more than the scarcest outline of  mammary tissue against cotton.  The guys will Google it anyway.  Disappointed?  Me too.

We had a very similar story in Montana a couple years back.  Her name was Kaitlyn Juvik.  Again no links, same reason.  Both girls were reasonable cute, or would have been back when I was in high school.  Both girls are bigger than "A" cups, a lot bigger.  Both girls said they wanted people to "stop sexualizing women's bodies"

Guys, please stop thinking about sex with girls.  No, not even when they are showing off the good bits.  Right.  OK.  Seems like an evolutionary dead end approach to me.

For those of you who don't know.  Guys like boobs.  We like every other part of the female physique too.  Because ... we were made this way.  Face facts females, if men weren't wired to see your bodies, or outlines there of, and start lustfully craving and wantonly sexualizing your bodies, you'd have to attract a mate with your other assets.  Those are what again?

In the real world, boys like boobs.  Girls with boobs know this, because boys have been avoiding eye contact with them and looking at "the girls" ever since they got a pair.  Girls like it, sometimes they like it a lot.  Sure, its not every guy, it might not even be most guys.  There is a guy, the guy, and she likes knowing that HE is looking.  Which is why I don't believe Dizzy Lizzy was embarrassed.  The other reasons I don't believe them is; the nipple bra, the bullet bra, and the torpedo bra.  Girls have been wearing or not wearing, whatever it takes, no matter how uncomfortable, to get a guy to take a look, forever.  Heck even my great, great grandmother's modest corset was designed to lift 'em up, and point 'em out. 

Girls check out other girls boobs.  It's a competition, or at least a ranking activity.  Dizzy Lizzy and the "D's" went to school.  We don't have any pictures of what the teacher, or the boys, got to see.  It was enough to get noticed.  Makes me think the show was more interesting than originally reported.  Just say'n.

Poor, poor, unsophisticated and unknowing Lizzy didn't realize that anyone, ever, not ever, ever, ever, paid her jugs so much as a moments notice.  Which is why she was soooo humiliated that the teacher had her talked to privately.  You know, like in private, where nobody else would know if Lizzy's "forgetting" her bra wouldn't be a (pardon the pun) big deal. 

Who could think that having a pair this size, wiggl'n, jiggl'n, doing the two-tit-toss up, would get any attention from a teenage boy? Like. Totally. Unpredictable.

Dizzy "D" and her headlights, was so traumatized by the attention given to her "girls" that she took photos and gave permission to news outlets to publish the story AND the pictures on the net.  You've not heard of the internet?  It's this media thing that nobody in the entire English speaking word uses.  It's the perfect place for a story about a girl who is embarrassed about people paying attention to her boobs.

Its just so unfair, and nobody noticed her boobs anyway.  This event made her so uncomfortable about her body, and her boobs.  Do you think they are big?  To big? Just right?  Nobody else at school noticed my boobs.  The boys never said anything about them bouncing.  Did you notice them?  It's just so unfair that anyone would pay any attention to something that is so private.  I hope nobody finds out about my boobs.  Here's another picture of me.  Don't look at my boobs.  I almost got my shirt all untucked so you couldn't see how fully my boobs fill it out.  Golly gee, nobody likes talking about or looking at boobs.  You're not interested in my boobs, are you? 

Why not? :-(

It doesn't matter anyway.  The news media won't pick this story up.  Absolutely NOBOBY would click on a story about a 17 year old with big boobs going to school without a bra even if this link had great pictures.

Its absolutely fair for a teacher to try to minimize distractions that would keep students from paying attention in class. It doesn't matter how meaty, beefy, big and bouncy those distractions are.  If I was a guy in her class at school, I'd protest too.  Because, oppression, ... yeah that's the ticket ... oppression.  Free the nipples.  Tout the tits. Jiggle the Jugs.  Unleash the Ubber Melons.

America could fix the problems in the public school system if we'd just abolished the school system.  We could do some good by getting rid of co-educational high-schools too. Guys like boobs.  Girls like getting guys to look at their boobs.  Guys like doing it. Repeat to infinity.  If you don't put kids in the same room, you don't have the issue.  Problem solved.

The male is supposed to be sexually attracted to the female.  The female likes sexually attracting the male.  This is how we get babies, who grow up, go through puberty, and try to attract the opposite sex to mate with them. It's a design feature. It's not a flaw.  It's not new.

Would Dizzy Lizzy react differently, if Lenny the Loser was caught lusting after her Lug Nuts?  Then she should cover 'em up.  Is she at school to learn or get laid?  If it's for learning, take note: Hormones work they way they are suppose to. Unlike global warming, this is a scientific fact. Males are suppose to see sexual stimulus and want the source of that stimulus. This is biology. This is why you were asked to the prom.  Unless it was pity, in which case, never mind.

One more lesson, Lizzy.  Enjoy it while it lasts.  The ladies are never going to look better than they do today.  Twenty years and two kids from now, nobody is going to care about your boobs.  If they do, the best the guys will notice is how the mighty have fallen.  Other girls might wonder if your back hurts.  Use what you've been blessed with to attract one quality guy.  Love him, and keep him happy and build a life together.  He'll always think of your boobs the way he first saw them.  He'll love you for it.  That, or use them to get some quick, cheep, attention.  Your call.

Stop this nonsense about boys not sexualizing a girls body.  It ain't gonna happen.  If it did, the girls would be the first to object and the loudest complainers.