All in the Family featured the curmudgeonly Archie Bunker. Archie was television’s most famous grouch, blunt, blustering, straightforward and untouched by the PC crowd. He was the archetype of the conservative male. Michael desprately tried to reeducate him, but he persisted in his breviloquence.

Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


For Susan: Case Study

Appling a CWV to a modern topic


The concept of game centers around using a women natural sexual tendencies to fulfill a mans sexual desires.  According to a CWV of God's plan, a women's natural sexual preferences were designed to fulfill her husband and provide a basis for their  relationship.

I never heard of Game as a concept before Vox introduced me to it.  Frankly I didn't care.  After all once you get married, if you're a Christian, its game over.  Conceptually the topic is relevant for Christians.  I'd even go so far as to say that we as a group haven't done a very good job teaching about the topic of sex. 

There are two scriptures I'm going to use.  There are more that are potentially relevant but I'm going to keep this as short as I can.  The first is Gen 1:26 to Gen 2:25 the second is Heb 13:4.  I realize that there are two common views of interpretation of the Heb passage.  Either is acceptable for this discussion.

We glean some information from Genesis:
  • man was an intentional creation
  • man is made in God's image
  • man needed a 'helpmeet'
  • women was designed to fulfill that role
  • God saw that it was good
  • men and women were originally brought together naked
We draw some inferences:
  • Sex was God's idea
  • Man and women's make up was designed by God and it is good
  • Sex is a core component of mankind's make up
  • When Adam was introduced to the subject, he seemed enthusiastic
  • Sin wasn't part of the original picture
From Hebrews (and other places) we draw the conclusion that sex inside of marriage is proper spiritually.  It is banned in all other contexts.

Since I'm a bit of a biblical literalist, I reject the whole evolutionary biology analysis of human intersexual relations.  That means there must be another explanation.

Men are by nature visually orientated.  A man sees a women and evaluates her desirability based on her relative attractiveness.  Adam and Eve are introduced to each other without clothing.  (Way to go God!) 

Gen 2:24 sates this: "For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh."  For what reason? Sex.  Apparently the whole reason for being male and female, is to have sex.  Before we start on procreation vs recreation let me point out that Adam's age when his first child is born is 130 years.  That means that he had over 100 years of doing it recreationally.  When you examine the ages of the first children in the genealogies you see a similar trend.  Incidentally marriage did not require an elaborate ceremony or license procedure the declaration and sex act are enough to create marital bonds.

Men by nature think a lot about sex.  Females by design are capable of having sex more often than the male.

"That's all well and good" you may be thinking to yourself, "but we don't live in the garden of Eden".  Fair enough.  We live in a modern world that is remarkably screwed up.  Lets skip forward in time to postdiluvian civilization. 

Bob and Jan live in Mesopotamia.  This happens to be one of the earliest cultures we know about their marriage customs.  Some of those customs are still with us today. 

Bob is a young man of about 17.  Jan is about 13 and lives in the next town over.  Bob knows who Jan is because her father does business with Bob's dad.  Bob's family has a farm and some livestock, like everyone else.  Bob's dad is best known for his olive orchards.  He makes some of the best olive oil in the region.  They also have a small but good vineyard.  They aren't rich but they aren't doing badly.  Bob is the oldest in his family and will inherit the family farm. 

Bob's dad has had his eye on a piece of rich but very hilly land along the river between his olive trees and the road.  He thinks it would make a great vineyard and he could increase the wine production and improve the families fortune.

One day Bob, who is quite horny living on the farm, demands of his father "get me a wife".  Bob's dad thinks it over and agrees, telling Bob that he will have to do some things to get ready for a bride.  Bob, again still very horny, agrees to do whatever is needed.  Bob's dad goes to town and talks to Jan's dad.  Unknown to Jan and Bob, their fathers have been talking this match over for some time.  Jan's dad is a merchant who sells olive oil and wine among other things.  Jan's dad also owns that piece of land that would make a great vineyard.  The dad's make a deal. 

Bob's dad comes back with the news, he has arraigned for a bride.  He even arraigned for a property for the young couple to live on.  In order for Bob to claim his bride he has to build a house, plant a vineyard establish a wine press and develop a first rate wine production facility.  There is amazingly good news, the property has a small system of caves that can be used for storage and ageing the wine.  Just as soon as Bob gets it built and up and running he can get married.  Of course Bob still has to work the olives and keep that going to.

Meanwhile back at Jan's house her dad informs her that she is engaged.  Her sisters and friends are all jealous, she is going to be the first to get married.  Her cousin saw Bob with his tunic off once, when Bob was working unloading olive oil.  She says he is cute.

Horny young men are remarkably energetic creatures.  Between working for his dad and building his house (it isn't quite finished but the roof is on), Bob has managed to get 20 acres of grapes planted.  He doesn't have a wine press built yet but he has picked out a spot.  Right now he is working getting trellises started for the vines.  A year has passed and Bob has met Jan twice and even talked to her alone one time when her father was out of his shop.  Bob is desperate.  All he can think about is this young girl with the perky boobs and long hair.

Bob goes to his father and asks "how much longer before I can get married?"  Bob's dad and mom go out to look over the house and vineyard.  Bob's mom nitpicks the house, it is unacceptable according to female standards.  She makes a list of improvements roughly a mile long that Bob must do.  Bob's dad makes a list of the things that still need attending to.  Bob is truly despondent.  "This is going to take me another 5 years of work" he complains.  His dad recommends hiring some help.  "With what I have no money".  His dad just smiles and walks away.

Latter without Bob knowing about it, his dad and Jan's dad take a tour of the house and vineyard.  Bob has done a very good job with the grapes but he doesn't have enough planted.  Both fathers are pleased with the progress, things are working out remarkably well.  They agree that as soon as Bob gets another 100 acres into production and has his first harvest there will be a wedding.

Bob's dad arranges for Bob to "accidently" meet up with Jan.  The two get a few alone moments and talk about their marriage.  Jan wants to know when he is coming for her.  She wants to get married her friends are all engaged now too.  Her cousin got married and is expecting her first baby.  The big question on Jan's mind is when is Bob going to make good.  Bob is on cloud nine.  His dad picked a girl who apparently really wants to get married to him.  He really likes her. Bob is convinced that she is the most attractive girl in the world.

Bob still has a problem.  The house isn't finished, he has more grapes to plant and he is working the olives too.  He needs help to finish everything.  Bob's first grape harvest comes in and he makes a small batch of wine to sell.  He takes the wine to Jan's dad.  He over pays Bob for the wine.  Jan's dad has a talk with Bob.  He wants to know when Bob is going to get around to marrying his daughter.  He even hints that maybe he should arrange for Jan to marry someone else. Jan is going to be 15 and she isn't getting any younger after all.  Bob panics and confesses that he doesn't have enough money to finish the house to his mothers standards.  If money is all you need why not borrow it?  Jan's dad offers to lend Bob the money he needs and some servants to help finish the house in exchange for 25% of his crop from the 120 acres for the next 10 years, payable to Jan's older brother who will be taking over the merchant business. 

Bob, being as they say, young dumb and full of cum, takes the deal.  Over the winter he finishes the house.  Spring time is busy on the farm.  May comes around and Bob gets the chores done, everything is looking good. 

In June Bob goes and gets his bride.  There is a huge feast.  Jan's hymen is inspected and found to be intact.  They "do it".  In the morning the best man and the maid of honor sneak into the new couples house and steel their cloths.  Shortly after that Jan's father shows up with a cart full of mead or honey wine and food.  According to tradition he must keep the newlyweds in all mead and food they can consume for one moon, or the marriage is off.  The door to the house is barred from the outside.

Inside the house Bob and Jan are getting to know each other.  They are supposed to stay inside and "bless" the house.  The new couple's parents have given them advice on what to do and what to expect.  Bob's dad told Bob that the best thing he could do for pleasure was to be gentile and make sure his wife had her pleasure first.  Bob did his best to gentle but it was over as soon as it started.  Jan's mom had told her about this.  Eventually, after much experimenting,  the kids work it out.  Jan is enjoying being married every bit as much as Bob.

After about a week of laying around drinking mead and "blessing" his wife Bob feels the need to inspect his grapes.  He has worked to hard on the vineyard and it hasn't rained.  He has to go out and see how things are going.  He tells Jan he will be back in by supper.  Bob arrives at his first field and see's carts.  All of his fathers carts, even the new one, are there loaded with manure from the sheep pen.  His younger brothers and his father are dressing his grape vines! 

Bob's father sees him and stops working.  "What! doesn't the wife I chose for you please you" he kids with a big grin on his face.  "She pleases me fine" Bob replies.  "Then what are you doing out of your house son?" dad, asked.  Bob explains about the lack of rain and wanting to check on the vines.  Bob and his dad sit in the shade of a wild olive tree and talk.  Bob can't remember his father ever setting and talking in the middle of the day.  Not only talking, Bob notices that his dad is talking to him like he does with men his own age.  It is something different, his dad is treating him like a man.

Finally his dad says to him, "Bob you have one moon to spend alone with your wife".  "You should not come to the fields or even leave your house more than needed".  "Is your father in law sending you all the food and honeywine you can drink"? his father asked.  Bob answered "Yes".  "Then why are you out here to work"?

Bob confessed to being in debt and told his father of the details of the loan to Jan's father.  His dad chucked.  "You have played the fool my son" he said.  His father explained the details of the marriage arrangement to Bob.  I received this land and the land farther south along the river as a dowry for you marring Jan.  Her father thought it a great bargain.  The land is too steep to plow and is only good for grazing sheep.  Everyone has sheep and pasture land is of no value to a man who makes his living as a merchant in the city.  Her father only accepted the land as payment for a large debt.  He had never seen it before he took it as a pledge.  When he discovered that it had little value he felt cheated.

"I have wanted this land for many years son", his father went on.  The soil is good for olive trees and for grapes.  It is too hilly for anything else.  "But father olive trees take so long to grow and give a crop" Bob interrupted.  "This is true, but grapes only take two years for the first yield" he replied, "which is why I had you plant grapes first, and why I started all those olive seedlings the day you became engaged".

Bob nodded his head in reply to his dad.  His father had seen to many details that would profit him far into the future.  Bob's sons would benefit from his fathers wisdom.  "Father what I have promised as repayment will take nearly all of this years crop", Bob exclaimed.  "Yes son, I gathered that" he answered.  "You must honor your debt my son", his father went on.  Jan's father and I came out and saw the work you had done.  It was apparent even with the first planting that you would have a good vineyard.  Her father saw that the land would yield more profit than he thought and was jealous.  He knows that I do not trade all of my oil and wine with him.  He was ensuring that his son would have a supply of wine to sell at a low price.  What he gave you for a loan was less than what you would have made on half of your second years crop.

Bob shook his head and asked, "Dad do you think Jan knows about this"?  "I don't know my son" he went on, "if she did she will be on your side the second she learns what it is doing to you and by extension her".   "Either way, it is not important, go home, enjoy your wife and stay in your house for the rest of the moon" his dad prompted. 

Bob headed home and was met at the door by Jan.  She was naked with a plate of food in one hand and a flagon of mead in the other.  "Are you hungry or do you want to try something new in there?" she asked as she motioned toward the bedroom.  Bob smiled.  Somehow things were going to work out.

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