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Ringing the Bell

Monday I was taken from work to the hospital by ambulance. Apparently I simply passed out and fell over backwards. My head hit the tile floor so hard that my boss thought the delivery driver had dropped a stack of heavy boxes. From what I'm told it took them over 15 min to wake me up and I couldn't answer all of the EMT crews questions correctly. All I remember is standing at a sink and waking up in the parking lot in the back of the ambulance.

The EMT's said my blood sugar was normal (107) my blood pressure was slightly high, but they thought that was a result of the stress of hitting my head and it went back down in a short amount of time. The hospital performed a ton of tests and could find nothing wrong with me. Other than a big knot on the back of my head.

Frankly I'm scared. I have no idea what caused this and apparently neither did the ER doc. I have a follow up apt with a different doc tomorrow. Prayers appreciated.


  1. If you would like I will gladly send you reiki as well.

  2. WaterBoy11:44 AM

    Damn, that's scary. Did they check for a stroke? A small clot blocking blood flow to the brain can cause you to pass out like that.

    Hard to say if it's better that it turns out to be a random, one-time thing, or something systemic that can at least be fixed. Either way, I really hope it works out OK.

  3. Fumes from whatever was in the sink?

  4. No fumes, no hart attack / stroke or other abnormality was discovered. They ran all kinds of tests and finally left me with the option of a cat scan and wearing a monitor for a week. I turned the last two down. I thought it was a simple slip and fall but the guy who saw it said I was fine and then I simply tipped over backwards and fell.

  5. Anonymous3:23 PM

    It happens. Glad you are better. it is possible it will never trouble you again. It is important if a pattern gets going... or if you die on an outlier.

  6. WaterBoy3:57 PM

    the guy who saw it said I was fine and then I simply tipped over backwards and fell

    Botched alien abduction attempt. They stunned you, then forgot to activate the tractor beam.

    After you fell and bashed your noggin, it was too late -- they need brains in pristine condition for their tests.

  7. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Prayers sent. Take care of you, dude.

    Michael Maier

  8. Oh, dear.

    Have they checked for any infections? Something similar to that happened to The Old Sarge some years ago -- got typhoid shot and passed out the next morning in the kitchen.

    Do take care.


  9. Well, that's f---ed up. Weird.

    I have a friend who has a habit of passing out at weird times. Once was on a plane, they turned the plane around and were headed back. When he realized this, he threw a fit - he was on the way to Utah for a ski trip. Once was when he and I lived in CO; passed out cold in a supermarket.

    Of course, he passed out in the middle of his wedding, too.

    Well, Res, I'll pray for 'ya. I can understand why that would be cause for concern...

  10. I think the guy that said you just tipped over backward neglected to tell you that he had just showed you a picture of Helen Thomas and you just couldn't handle the trauma and passed out.

  11. Giraffe8:33 AM

    My mom just had a pacemaker put in. They found out she needed it with a heart monitor.

    Just don't pass out when you get that bull of a lifetime in your sights this fall.

  12. I had a friend who passed out driving home (30's, no health problems). The doc finally said it was probably a drug he was taking to quit smoking (chantix, maybe? Or the other one...).
    Something to note.

    You have my prayers and best wishes.

  13. Res, that's terrible. I believe you are going to be fine, but please keep us updated.

  14. You have my prayers, too.

    I almost don't want to say this, but it reminds me of how we found out my mom had brain cancer.

    But I hope it was the Helen Thomas prank...

  15. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Find yourself a nice fashionable helmet and face shield. And don't lean over the shreader/chipper/20ton press machines at work.

  16. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Res, hope you are well.
    How's about an update just so we know you're ok?


  17. Ditto on the update request.

  18. That is scary, Res. But you said the hospital could find nothing after running all those tests, so that's good. And your head took a really hard hit on that tile floor. It hurts just to think about it.

    I'm surprised you didn't have any indication at all that you were about to pass out. I have low blood pressure and as a result will faint more easily than normal people. But I can always feel the dizziness and lightheadedness coming on - then I'm immediately bending over, getting that blood to my head, taking some slow, deep breaths.

    I'll keep you in my prayers, Res. And please keep us updated.