All in the Family featured the curmudgeonly Archie Bunker. Archie was television’s most famous grouch, blunt, blustering, straightforward and untouched by the PC crowd. He was the archetype of the conservative male. Michael desprately tried to reeducate him, but he persisted in his breviloquence.

Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


Card Games

My feelings are hurt and I'm offended.

There I've said it.  In saying it I've also explained what's going on in the Republican Party.  It probably isn't being said in the smoke filled back rooms where the rulers of the party make decisions that they expect, nay, demand the rank and file ratify.  It is what the rank and file have been feeling for a good long time.

Every single policy, idea, principle and goofy thought that Obama has been getting away with is anathema to rank and file republicans (RAFR).  Every. Single. One.  What the  RAFeR's want more than anything else is someone to represent conservative America.  The party has refused to do that, at every opportunity.

What the party has been doing is playing games.  The game is Three Card Monte and the republican base are the suckers being conned.  The RAFeR's (like most Americans) are sick of being an easy mark.

They want a new deck.

They want a new game.

They want a new deal.

Most Important they want to name TRUMP.

noun: trump; plural noun: trumps
  1. (in bridge, whist, and similar card games) a playing card of the suit chosen to rank above the others, which can win a trick where a card of a different suit has been led.
  2. A trump is a playing card which is elevated above its normal rank in trick-taking games. Typically an entire suit is nominated as a trump suit - these cards then outrank all cards of plain suits.
The talking heads are talking about how Trump can't be the right guy because he says the wrong things.  He's not politically correct.  How can a politician not be politically correct? 

Trump isn't a politician,  He is a leader.  You may hate the very idea of where he wants to lead America.  That's not the point.  He's leading.  He's leading by talking about things that folks know are true but nobody else is willing to talk about.  Since he's talking about those things and telling the truth, people don't care if he doesn't say it as nice as the news reporter thinks he should.

Because he's leading folks are following.

The Bush boy and all the rest may be really nice decent people at the country club.  In fact they may very well be the most competent managers running for president.  I've met Barbra Bush, she's a swell lady and I'm sure all her boys turned out fine.  I'd even bet that Jeb is a fine manager and would do a good job managing whatever enterprise he is entrusted with.  Same with the rest of the crowd.

The problem is "managed" in the Republican Party has a meaning too close to "manipulated".   RAFeR's are sick of being manipulated.  We know that America is in a crisis.  It's a crisis of economics, foreign and domestic policy, invasion, and the decay of civilization its self.  In a crisis you don't want a manager arraigning the deck chairs on a sinking ship.  You want a leader steering the ship out of troubled waters and directing repairs to make her sea worthy again.


  1. Trump is leading, and has an excellent chance of winning for five reasons:
    1) Trump is the only one talking sense about immigration. The other candidates are either mushy about it or are on the wrong side.

    2) Trump is, as Res pointed out, the antithesis of an establishment candidate. This is a great thing, and people know it.

    3) Trump's stance in immigration has huge support across a wide demographic swath. Particularly among lower-class people, who otherwise lean Dem.

    4) Trump is a great communicator, he's engaging, energetic, and projects charisma on-camera. And he's not awful at thinking on his feet. The fact that he's not polished is not the detriment that the political class thinks it should be.

    5) Trump's position on immigration is just amazingly well-timed given events in Europe. And once those refugees start showing up here, he's going to look like a prophet.

  2. All well and good. But I'd prefer someone you could trust. He certainly has a backbone, and only Ted Cruz has shown any backbone prior. (and got whacked for it). It's a damn joke anyway, and by the time my state has any say in it it is all over with. So I'm just as well off to go hunting and watch football rather than watch politics.

    6.) He doesn't take any shit. If you engage him, you better watch out because you'll get both barrels, usually well aimed and with some weight behind it.

  3. Good points all.

    People want a leader. That leader can make mistakes, or not come off as "polished". Folks won't care as long as he tells them where he's going and stays the course. As long as hear "what I say" matches see "what I do" people will vote for him.

  4. Susan4:17 PM

    Excellent post. Have you read Conservative Treehouse yet today? From what Sundance has been writing, the GOP-e has some extremely sneaky and unethical tricks coming for the primaries in March, all designed to slow Trump down or even to deny us the candidate we want.

    I despise the abortion supporting crooks so much that if one walked into the room where I was at, it would be really hard to not verbally rip them a new one. If Donald Trump is the candidate that God wants to use, then all the tricks the crooks throw will not stick.

    One nit to pick though, every time somebody uses the excuse "somebody I can trust", they never seem to have a name to go with that, OR the name they offer is one of the biggest establishment suck ups in the bunch.
    I really like Trump, and I also like Ted Cruz. I have to wonder if Cruz is the candidate that God wants, and He is using Trump to plow the road.

    As to "polished", how many average decent people do you know who would fit that bill? I don't know anyone who would fill the description of polished, yet they are decent, honest, plain speaking, God fearing people. Unlike the phony baloney flibbertigibbets that populate DC and the GOP-e.

    Not picking on you Giraffe. But your issue of trust is a very common one that I don't understand at all. Trump is self financed, belongs literally to NOBODY, and yet we hear "can't trust him". Like we can trust any of the others? If I have any trust issues with a candidate, it is Carson. Not only did he change parties only to run for office, but some of his stuff makes him seem like a liberal filling wrapped in a nice gentlemanly republican wrapper. After 8 years of Obama, we don't need a McCain/Obama version 2.

  5. The reason I don't trust Trump.

    He has flip flopped on abortion.

    I heard he supported assault weapons bans. His hardcore right wing views are relatively recent. How do we know he isn't just playing to get elected? At least some of the others have had principles for a long time. Trump just seems slippery to me.

    I think most of the attraction to Trump is his personality.

    I think I could trust Ted Cruz. He's pretty consistent. I also would support Rand Paul. Neither of these guys are really establishment Republicans except Rand Paul loses points for trying to be.

    Nobody else running would get my vote. I'm done holding my nose. Unless Hillary gets the Dem nomination. I hate her so much I'd vote for the Ayatollah.

    1. Susan8:16 PM

      Since all those videos have come out over at Breitbart, a lot of people have changed their minds on the subject of abortion. Trump has stated that he is in favor of cutting off funding as long as they are continuing to do abortion at any of their clinics.

      He supports education, but does not want to fund abortion. Funny thing is, and the media has been very cagey on this, but Obamacare is supposedly replacing PP as the go to abortion provider now. PP is actually looking like a redundancy.

      I also think that a lot of Trump's opinions have changed since Obama got elected and started his disaster of a presidency. He has never claimed to be anything other than what he is. Unlike the other candidates, except for Cruz and maybe Jindal.

      When Rand Paul endorsed McConnell for reelection, he signaled loud and clear that he was supporting the establishment and big government. He has rejected conservatism every single opportunity he has had to choose it. Paul also likes amnesty as long as it is not called amnesty. He has been a whining, petty man and I just cannot see myself supporting him.

      Most NYC personalities are not our cup of tea Giraffe. We out here in the rest of the country are not used to the big personality of someone from there. It has taken me some getting used to.

      But his honesty and obvious love of country, along with taking a water cannon to the media and the GOP-e has been a total and welcome addition to the political scene. I do not know how old you are Giraffe, but my first vote for President was Ronald Reagan.
      I can tell you that living through Carter, and trying to sell a house at the interest rates as they were back then were bad, but not near as bad as life under Obama is right now.

      The one I am concerned about is Carson. He has been a liberal his whole life and he only now changes parties to run for office?? I looked up the word cipher. It fits Obama and Carson to a T. They are both huge zeros.

  6. BTW your radar is spot on with Carson. He's the Republican affirmative action candidate and "liberal filling wrapped in a nice gentlemanly republican wrapper" is how I see him too.

  7. The one (and only, AFAIK) position that Trump has not wavered on is immigration. There's video from back when he had real hair railing against our border control problems. And, frankly, that's the only issue that matters at this point. If the Dems get another few million voters, that's it - game over - move to New Zealand. Unless Christians start turning out to vote, we're done.

    1. Susan7:59 PM

      Bill, that is his real hair still. It is just one of those bizarre 'do's that isn't technically a comb over, but it is his. If you look closely at some of his side profile shots, particularly the side where his hair is parted, his hair is very thin and has lots of gray. His blonde is camoflaging the gray, but it is all his.

      The mother of all bizarre hair on older men would be the late director Irwin Allen. The "master of disaster". His hair was a masterpiece of inventive combing, and NOBODY was allowed to touch his hair.

      It isn't that Christians don't want to vote Bill, it is just that we are expected to stand for something, and we just cannot vote for the lesser of two evils anymore. I have decided myself that if it is not Trump or Cruz, I may decide not to vote. I want to be able to stand before God and not have to explain why I voted for corruption-lite of the GOP-e which is what a Bush or Rubio vote would be.

      Plus, it just seems to me that a good analogy for my thoughts is Lot's wife and her looking backwards to Sodom and Gomorrah.
      Holding on to society's crumbs instead of letting go and looking to God, well it just seems like Christians are being forced to make choices now. God's way, or society?
      I have been battling myself for a year or two now. That is one reason why I welcome Rabbi B's contributions here and over at Vox's blog.

  8. Anonymous6:45 PM

    I've been wondering the same thing about Carson. He defended buying aborted baby parts for research he was doing. I haven't seen a lot of info on that, but its a red flag.

    As far as Trump coming around on abortion or moving to more conservative views in general. If it's genuine I'm all for it. Regan was a democrat most of his life till he started rethinking things as he was doing dinner talks for GE. For a big city type person to come around on guns is an accomplishment. Same on some of those other issues. Living and working in the places he has, I'd be surprised if he ever met or talked much with other conservatives.

    1. Susan8:18 PM

      He is also for banning guns in the cities but allowing them in more rural areas and smaller towns. That sounds like going down the British road to me.

    2. Do you have a link for that?