All in the Family featured the curmudgeonly Archie Bunker. Archie was television’s most famous grouch, blunt, blustering, straightforward and untouched by the PC crowd. He was the archetype of the conservative male. Michael desprately tried to reeducate him, but he persisted in his breviloquence.

Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


America United

I was wondering how things were going to shake out in New Hampshire, and now we know.  Trump for the Republicans and Sanders for the Democrats.  This has led me to the conclusion that the American voting public is more united in their collective view of politics than any other time in recent history.

That last sentence comes off odd, doesn't it? 

On one hand we have Sanders who has the most ironic campaign slogan of my lifetime.  "Feel the Bern", should be, if we are honest, "Snooze with Sanders".  The man's agenda is the same tired old socialism that American has been bogged down under for the last 83 years.  

For those of you who graduated from public school, America has been a socialist nation since FDR implemented Eugene V. Deb's socialist platform in the 1930's.  Rumor has it that Sanders worked on Deb's campaign as a staffer.  Which is why his idea's are so fresh and exciting and as vibrant as the centurion club in the county convalescent home.

If Bernie Sanders was a Republican the media would be bombarding us with questions about his senility and his ability to stay awake at Whitehouse staff briefings.  Shockingly Democrats who are some of the most style over substance voters are flocking to this man.

It's true that the only other choice on tap for the Democrats is Hillary.  Frankly Clinton should be a no brainer for them.  Don't pay any attention to the Hillary for Prison signs.  Those are put up by Republicans.  Democrats have never insisted on moral virtue from their candidates.  They certainly have never held a Clinton responsible for sin.  Hillary in 2016 should be the crowning achievement of the Democratic party.  She would be the first women president.  She is also the most establishment candidate running.

Trump is a polarizing anomaly for republicans.  The middle class love him.  The elites hate him.  He does well with independents and nominal democrats.  Yet everything we hear about the man is negative.  What's puzzling isn't the anti Trump position the media has taken.  They would do that to whomever was leading in the Republican polls. 

The odd thing about the Trump campaign is the amount of resistance it received early on from the Republican establishment.  The Country Club wing of the Republican Party has been anti-Trump since before Bush part III announced he would run.  With the party leadership and the media against him, Trump should be floundering.  He's not.  He is thriving in the polls and with primary voters alike.

Sanders and Trump represent opposing political and philosophical positions.  Neither one is a first choice (or second or third) as far as their respective parties leadership is concerned.  That is why the Dem's keep floating the Joe (Brain so Slow) Biden candidacy as a trial balloon.  That's also why we are hearing rumors of Republican donor's supporting Hillary if Bush doesn't get in.

Sanders and Trump are both outsiders.  They don't have the backing of their respective leaderships.  They are saying things that their constituents are eager to hear, and no one in an establishment roll agrees with either one of them.

I find this encouraging.  American's on the left and the right are voicing and voting against business as usual in DC.  American's are waking up to the fact that backroom deals and political pay offs are what's wrong with our country.  Let's hope this is the beginning of a new trend in our country.


  1. WaterBoy4:23 PM

    You have a lot more optimism than I do.

    This "awakening" was presented to us once before in the form of Ross Perot, and it fizzled then, too.

    I see no reason to drop my pessimistic shield at this point.

    1. You have a lot more optimism than I do.

      Given the choice between hope and despair, I'm going with hope.

      The realist in me says things will turn out the same. The father in me prays for a third great awakening.

    2. WaterBoy10:06 AM

      "Given the choice between hope and despair, I'm going with hope."

      False dilemma. There's a whole range of options between those two. Personally, I'm going with indifference.

  2. Susan9:05 PM

    Ross Perot is a rotten little pathetic creep whose personal desire for payback against Bush Sr condemned this country to 8 years of Clintons.

    I hate and despise that man for his selfishness.

    The cuckservative moderate elites hate Trump because nobody will be able to control him. He is self financed, and spending so much less money than his competition this year that I suspect the consultant class is in for an extremely rude awakening.

    Their free ride on the donor money train is coming to a screeching halt after this campaign cycle is over. Seriously, you think those donors aren't noticing that their money is getting them bupkis right now?

    When despair tries to knock on the door, I just remember that God is in charge, and if He decides that the corrupted phony named Cruz suits His goals better, that is who will get the nomination.

    Hard to swallow, I know. But there it is. If Trump does get the nomination, I hope that is the signal that a great spiritual revival is coming.

  3. Susan9:08 PM

    One more thing I have been pondering. If Biden gets into the race, won't that suddenly make Obama's unfinished legacy vulnerable as a treasure trove of campaign issues?
    Trump is bold enough to do it, that is for sure.

    Kind of why I am not convinced Biden will be allowed to run. Obama won't risk it. Elizabeth Warren, or even Jim Webb would be safer candidates for the dems this year. Especially since Webb is fairly conservative for a democrat right now.

  4. I think slow Joe is an option only because hitlery is a poor candidate. The only reason she isn't in jail at this point is that she is leading in delegates.
    I can't know for certain but if Bern had pulled a clear majority of delegates instead of popular votes I think her legal troubles would have ramped up this week. Then again maybe there are so many crooks that she will walk no matter what.