All in the Family featured the curmudgeonly Archie Bunker. Archie was television’s most famous grouch, blunt, blustering, straightforward and untouched by the PC crowd. He was the archetype of the conservative male. Michael desprately tried to reeducate him, but he persisted in his breviloquence.

Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


Rafting 2008

April is half over and that means that June is just around the corner. We're looking at either the 3rd or 4th weekend in June as our rafting date, and we need to make a decision on what level of crazy, bone crushing, water filling your lungs fun we want to have.

One thought was to do a trip that newbies and experienced rafters could enjoy without making the difficulty level too hard. Then if we have a bunch of hard core rafting lunatics (and we know who we are) we might run a second trip on a different day.

I'm looking for a indication either in the comments or via email, phone etc of who wants to go and what dates they can make it. Regardless of which trip we take, it looks like most of the day long (about 4 to 6 hrs) trips are running a little over $100/person. If we have a large enough group, they normally offer discounts. After we figure out who's going and a date, we can work out the other details.

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