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Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


Of Obama

It's no surprise to anyone who knows me that I'm no fan of Obama.  I would welcome his being kicked out of office over the eligibility issue.

As I see it, the undisputed facts are:
1. John McCain (politically the white version of Obama) proved his constitutional eligibility in Congress .
2. Obama didn't.
3. Obama wrote a book and has issued several conflicting statements about his orgins.
4. Obama has issues regarding what his actual name is.
5. Obama has claimed conflicting birth dates.
6. Obama seems to have multiple social security numbers.
7. Obama has directed the US Attorneys office to prosecute cases disputing his eligibility.
8. Obama has spent millions in legal fees to avoid disclosing his long form birth certificate.
9. Obama's grandmother (the black one) said Obama was born in Africa and that she was there.  To be fair, on the same tape of that interview, Obama's people are heard correcting her and she does say, "oops, I meant he was born in America and is a Natural Born Citizen according to the constitution and is eligible to be president".  We all know how famous African countries are for strict adherence to the rule of law.

If you'd like documentation to back up my little list, go over to WND.  Joe Farah has been pushing this issue in his "paper" for years now.  As of yet, no one in the administration has brought out the one thing that would shut the whole conspiracy theory machine and WND down, the long form birth certificate.

No doubt Farah would love to be the newsman that brought down a fraud in the oval office.  Frankly I'd like for him to do that too.  I see a problem. The birth certificate.  If it exists, Farah doesn't know whats on it. What if Obama has it, but isn't bringing it out for a reason?  What if it says "Father: Unknown", or "Father: Some guy other than Obama Sr"?

I don't know Obama's Mama, but lets take a look at some of the rummer and innuendo.  She was a teenage girl that liked doing black guys.  In 2011 that's not a big deal.  In 1950, just exactly what year it was we don't know, it was a big deal.  Some people close to her, during that time, have hinted she was a bit "easy".  Maybe she was, I don't know.  What we do know is that her other official relationships weren't with white guys.  In 1950? this was a big deal if you were a white girl.  If your parents were upper middle class and bankers this was an even bigger deal.  With all the questions about her parents move to Hawaii, the timing, the date of birth, etc, I can see a reasonable explanation.  Namely mom and dad wanted to protect their little dumb teenage slut, as well as their own reputations. They enlisted a black guy with a Royal African blood line.  They got him to look like he was on the hook for the kid.  They made an announcement of birth in the paper to show their friends and family back in Kansas.  They covered up the exact birthday and any questions about tarnish on Ann Dunham's white wedding dress.  Reputation saved. At least mostly.

The above scenario makes sense to me.  It is every bit as likely as the Obama knew he was ineligible and covered it up.  In most families it would be a embarrassing little secret that wouldn't get talked about.   Now I admit it doesn't address the multiple social security numbers.  I have an explanation for that.  Obama is a self admitted felon, he dealt drugs.  Is it too far off to believe that he may have been involved in some other criminal endeavor, like fraud? Maybe he developed multiple identities in his early years for illegal purposes. Where does that leave us?

Well we know that Obama is a crook, but we knew that already. We know that Obama is a liar, again no surprise.  We know Obama has a good motive to lie, on one hand to protect his place as president; on the other, to protect his family and all the benefits he received because of the Obama Sr. as father story.

Joe Farah might prove that Obama is ineligible to be president.  Then again, all he may prove is that Obama is a lying bastard.  We all ready knew that.  Unfortunately, being a lying bastard, either figuratively or in this case literally, is not Constitutionally disqualifying.

Most blacks born in the United States are bastards, and given the high amount of criminal activity in the black community, I can see this being a plus for Obama.  Consider the result of a well timed bringing out of the long form birth certificate as well as a tearful revelation of the truth surrounding his illegitimate birth. It may very well give him sympathy with voters.  It would also make the question of his legally being president go away.  Provided the Republicans bring out another commie conservative like McCain, it might give Barack an edge at the ballot box.  Of course just to be sure, illegals will not be denied their right to vote and the Black Panthers will make sure that black voters get their fair share of votes.  Blacks will vote as often as they wish and whites will be beat up if they have the nerve to show up and oppress the brothers at the ballot box.  Just like last time.

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