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The Second Coming

The second coming........

of Tim Tebow that is.

It seems like just a couple of weeks ago I wrote my list for Top 10 Reasons Bronco's Need Tebow.  Now it looks like Tim may be playing football in Denver again.  Sadly its not for the Broncos but in a spring arena football league.

The possibility of the Mile High Messiah returning to play quarterback for Denver is mind-boggling, but not as far-fetched as it may seem.
A new spring, outdoor professional football league has been created and financed. Tebow's reps have been approached about the former Broncos QB playing in the league, and a franchise most likely will be awarded soon to Denver. ESPN, which now employs The Big Tebowski, will televise league games.
This will give die hard Tebow fans in Denver, something to cheer for.  It may even prove to be a very smart marketing move for arena football.  People seem to legitimately like Tim Tebow.  Perhaps having him on the team will increase the fan draw in a sport venue that has never caught on in the way that organizers have hoped.

A career path of NFL to ESPN is an acceptable retirement option for a man leaving sports.  It was a good choice for the young, popular and photogenic Tebow.  By all accounts Tim will keep the ESPN gig as his day job.  A career path of NFL to Arena Football is like saying all I can do is play ball and I'll keep at it till all I can do is coach JV. 

I don't know if its time for Tim to give up his NFL dream.  I don't see arena football as a spring board back to the Broncos.  Stranger things have happened.  I hope they do for Tim.  Maybe after playing ball in Denver again Bronco's management will see Tebow as a popular personality who benefits the team simply by being on it.  I'm not willing to make book on it.


  1. WaterBoy2:40 PM

    It would surprise me to see Tebow join this league, as it would be perceived as a demotion of sorts from the NFL (imagine Nixon running for Governor after being forced out of the Presidency). After all, he's had offers from other teams in other leagues, and has turned them all down. But maybe this one will be different.

    It also won't be a springboard for Tebow to rejoin the NFL, unless he has finally adjusted his mechanics. The one thing that pro-Tebow fans never quite got was that he was a running quarterback who could throw well in that particular system used at Florida. But that was not a pro-type system, and the mechanics he was used to there and in high school would not transition well to a pro-type system. See here for details. And if you have to completely revamp your entire offensive system for one player, is it really worth it?

    Went Tebow was sent from Denver to NYJ, there was a Tebow fan on the local newspaper forum, who said (paraphrased), "The NFL just doesn't want a decent, God-fearing young man to succeed". But the fact is that decent and God-fearing might make him a good team leader and role model, but it won't make him get rid of the ball any quicker.

    If playing in this spring arena league helps him learn that, then I wish him the best of luck in getting back to the NFL.

  2. WaterBoy3:39 PM

    And speaking of second coming...

    ...have you heard anything about this movie, yet? Just wondering who is behind it and if it's going to be biblically accurate or not.

  3. WaterBoy3:40 PM

    Hmmm...just checked the credits and it seems the producers were the same ones who did the miniseries on the Bible last year. Seems to be legit, at least.

  4. I don't know what learning the curve for developing a new passing system is. If that is part of his strategy, it better be a short curve. Professional sports is a young mans game and he better master whatever techniques the powers that be deem important in a very short period of time if he is going to play NFL ball.

    I like Tebow. I think he is a good guy, a solid leader on the field and off, and he inspires his team mates. The fans love him. He will run and he will take the hit when the game calls for it. I believe he is a athlete. The NFL wants guys that can pass and run in at QB. He's only mastered part of the skill set he needs to be that guy. I wish him well and I hope he gets back as a starting QB.

    That said, time is short and it is a young mans game. He is getting older and less promising as a player with every passing year.

  5. It will be interesting to see how they do the movie. Faith films are becoming more popular with the viewing public so I think we will see more of them being offered.

    Biblical accuracy has never been the movie makers strong point, so I don't hold out much hope on that end. There are notable exceptions: The 10 Commandments and Mel's The Passion, but there aren't very many movies like that.