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Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


Top 10 Reasons Bronco's Need Tebow

#10.  Payton Manning $96 Million for 5 years.  Tim Tebow $33 Million for five years. 

#9.  43-8 Seahawks


#7.  Apparently someone needs to play quarter back.

#6.  They say Tebow can't throw, which means he can't throw the game.

#5.  Clearly Tebow had the best Super Bowl performance of anyone in the NFL .

#4.  Tim being on the roster would have at least made the big game interesting.

#3.  Payton Manning didn't win a Super Bowl for the Bronco's either.

#2. The "Pocket Pass" isn't everything, sometimes it's nothing.

#1.  When Tebow plays, America prays and Denver can't afford to turn down the help.


  1. Susan2:12 PM

    This is a GREAT list Res! When Seattle jumped on the Broncos 12 seconds into the game and knocked Manning out of his zone, I knew the Broncos were in trouble.

    Seattle came to win and they brought their game. The Broncos have a "glory guy" QB and a sense of entitlement. Those two things will kill you every time.

    It just looked to me like when you have a team that invests everything in the QB and nothing in the other areas, well, that is just NOT a team.
    Evidently, they also hold the NFL team record for 3 losses by at least 30 points or more.

  2. Susan,

    I'm not the biggest football fan. I know Tim isn't the most talented man in the NFL. He is a leader. He is the man who made the Bronco's come together as a team. Incidentally his team building is what made them attractive as a team for Manning to go to. That cost him his job.

    Would Tebow have won last night? Maybe, maybe not, there isn't anyway to know for sure. I don't think he would have choked. Manning did.

    The Detroit Lions had one of the most talented guys in the NFL, Berry Sanders. He was a one man show. Does anyone remember when the Lions earned their way into a playoff slot? That's the problem with one man wonders.

    Leaders like Tebow might not win you the Super Bowl, but they won't loose it for you either. The team will play as a team and what happens in the game happens but they will win or lose as a team.

  3. Susan4:41 PM

    That team building is kind of what I was talking about. The Seahawks played as a well oiled unit, as a team should.

    It just seemed to me that when you put more effort into your QB and neglect the other areas of the team to their deficit,(Broncos) that is what can cost you a Super Bowl. Manning may be a good player, but he totally choked on Sunday. And that was against a 25yo kid with two years of experience.

    It just seems to me that personnel wise, they would have been better off keeping Tebow rather than acquire Manning. Management chose ego over real leadership with soul.