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Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


Cops, Race, etc

I've got mixed feelings on the Ferguson mishap.  It breaks down to just a couple of points.
  • I agree the police in this country are out of hand
    • We have to many counterproductive laws on the books
    • We are enforcing laws for profit not policing for safety
    • Cops shouldn't have weapons/armor/etc that are denied to the people
  • I disagree that the problem is strictly racial in nature
    • It's not automatically whitey's fault
    • Criminals that attack people run the risk of getting shot
    • Attacking a cop, or another citizen earns you a bullet, or as many as it takes to stop you attacking
    • Blacks commit more crimes than whites.  If that bothers you and you happen to be black, stop committing crimes and get your friends to stop committing crimes
  • Criminals and their friends tend to tell lies, take that into account BEFORE you loot the Korean guys liquor store as a way of  "protesting" white oppression
  • If you want me to believe that "your people" are just as smart, capable and worthy of inclusion in polite society, perhaps you should get all the facts before you riot over a cop shooting a criminal that was attacking him.  In other words, act like you belong in polite, law abiding, rational society
The police in this country are out of hand.  I agree.  The reason I agree is because, get this, they are out of hand.  My POV doesn't depend on the color of my skin.  Cops that don't obey the law and protect the rights of the citizens are bad cops.  It doesn't matter what the cop's skin color or the citizens skin color is.  A bad cop, is a bad cop.

A criminal is by definition someone who doesn't obey the laws.  Some of those laws are stupid, arbitrary and useless.  Some of those laws however have been around for thousands of years no matter which culture or time period you may have lived in.  Stealing has been against the law, pretty much every place on the planet for as long as we've been here.  The right to self defense against an attacker is likewise a universal concept.

If a cop confronts a man who has just stolen from a store, and the suspect chooses to attack the police officer, the cop has a right to self defense.  The cop can shoot the attacker.  The rule in most places is that person being attacked can fight as long as needed to stop the attack.  This is true if the victim is a cop or a regular Joe. 

Much is being made of the cop shooting six times.  So what?  The criminal could have stopped when he was ordered to stop.  He could have stopped when he saw the gun.  He could have stopped when the first bullet hit him.  He could have stopped at any point and at any time between bullets 1 through 5 hitting him too.  He didn't stop until bullet number 6 entered his brain pan.  If you are going to make, or buy the line that the cop could have stopped shooting at anytime, you have to accept that the converse is true as well, the criminal could have stopped attacking at any time.

Who is responsible for a black criminal getting shot in MO? The black criminal.
Who is responsible for blacks looting in MO? Black looters.
Who is responsible for blacks rioting in MO?  Black rioters.

Fortunately Eric Holder is on the scene promising change.  What change is going to come?  Whites have been supporting blacks with welfare for over 40 years.  Things have gotten worse.  Blacks have been intentionally given special treatment in all levels of education for over a generation.  Nothing has improved.  Whites having been hiring and promoting lesser qualified blacks at the expense of better qualified applicants of all races for more than 40 years.  The economy is doing worse than during the great depression.  A black man is in the Whitehouse.  We are more oppressed and poorly governed than at any other time in our nations history.

I ask the question again, "What change is going to come?".

What we need is improving circumstances not change.  If what we've been doing is clearly not working, then the only change that will bring about positive results, is to stop doing it.


  1. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Cops shouldn't have weapons/armor/etc that are denied to the people.

    The solution is more freedom for non-cops, not limiting options for police.

    Sad truth: The criminals are the only ones in this society who are free to do whatever they want. So, let's change the laws so that non-criminals can be just as free.

  2. Giraffe1:30 PM

    The situation on both sides of the law is due to a deterioration of the moral fabric of society. The solution is Jesus. Unfortunately, this is a pill most people won't swallow barring help from above. Hang on for the ride.


  3. The solution is more freedom for non-cops, not limiting options for police.

    I have mixed feelings on this. On a theoretical basis I agree. The citizens should have ready access to tanks, air support and combat quality explosives etc. If the cops can have battle field quality gear than we all should have access to the means to defeat them.

    On the other hand, we the people had to pay for all the cool military stuff that the cops are using to brutalize Americans. Maybe we shouldn't supply them with offensive capabilities above and beyond what the average American can get on his own.

    I agree the American citizen should be able to get anything the military has in the makes a loud bang department. Even if we all had a M61 Vulcan on a RC control with 360 degree rotation mounted in the back of our pickups, I don't see why we should buy tanks or APC's for cops.

  4. Susan7:50 PM

    A big reason that I disagree about the cops being over armed, is I would never ask a cop to stand out there in the street with rocks and bottles and other crap being thrown at their heads.

    I would want my cops to be well protected from the looters. I also can't fault the cop for his shooting. It had to have been hard to focus and aim while your face is broken and you are a little woozy.

    I also remember the North Hollywood bank robbery when people start complaining about cops being over militarized now. That incident sent reverbrations through police departments across the Country.

  5. Susan7:53 PM

    You are right Giraffe. When society demanded that God leave, like the excellent and wise Father He is, He gave society what it wanted.
    Ruth Graham said that in an 2001 interview after 9/11. She was asked by the host "where was God", and this was her answer.