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Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


Regaining Ground

I'm almost back at 100% blogging ability.

I had been knocked out of access to my blogger account.  This was very strange because I utilize the "stay logged in from a trusted computer" option.  After clearing all my cache and deleting all my browser history and waiting 48 hours, I suddenly had access again.  I have no idea what caused the problem in the first place or how to keep it from happening again.  It may be the result of "bx-coding" issues.  I don't know.  If that's the case it seems that the problem is IE and not blogger.  There is still an issue which is keeping me from resetting my account password.  For the time being I can access my blog and hopefully in the next 24 hours or so the folks at blogger will resolve the password issue.

So far my experience with the blogger help people has been very good.  Blogger is a free service and accessing assistance is only done via a help forum.  Considering that we pay nothing to use this service, the help desk people do a great job getting to your problem quickly.  Yes it might take them a little while to get to your question, but all things considered its a reasonable process and the response is generally helpful.

As soon as they get me 100% squared away I'll let you know.


  1. WaterBoy12:02 AM

    Does Blogger give you the capability to grant access to another account? If so, you might consider creating a secondary account as a backup in case the primary one gets locked out again.

  2. Your up kind of late tonight.

    I'm in the process right now of documenting a series of screen shots to show them what is going on. It may be that all of this hassle is the result of using IE.

  3. Ikeep three browsers. IE, Pale Moon and Chrome. If I am having a problem I try all three of them to see if it is a browser problem. IE has more bugs than the other two and finally dropped it as my default browser. Over the past three or four months IE has been really sucking.

  4. Outlaw,

    Thanks for the heads up. Maybe what I need to do is get Pale Moon and see if that fixes things.

  5. WaterBoy5:35 PM

    Late flight in from Seattle last night, unwinding on the deck with a scotch and a cigar after getting home and catching up on the blogs.

    That second account thing is something I've previously used for my FFB league, in case the main one gets locked out for some reason. There was a spate of Yahoo! accounts being turned off over trivial things before some time ago, so it seemed like a wise precaution.

  6. IIRC, there was some news just several months ago about how IE had some really bad virus problems going on.
    So I haven't accessed anything with IE anymore, I use google chrome. Most things work much better.
    I don't remember his exact words, but the late Bane used to have nothing but the harshest words for IE and for anyone who used it.