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Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


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I like pizza.  I used to like pizza more than I do today.  Back in college I did a stint as a night manager at what was at the time the busiest Pizza Hut in America.  My enjoyment of pizza has only gone down hill since then.  As I reflect on this story of the socially undeveloped, over reaching into other peoples business, I can only wonder if Steven's pizza is any good.

Pizza parlor's church discount gives atheists indigestion
Steven Rose loves Jesus and pepperoni pizza.
But when the Searcy, Arkansas restaurateur decided to mix church and cheese it gave a group of out-of-town atheists a bad case of indigestion.
The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) is threatening to sue Steven after he offered a discount to customers who bring in a church bulletin. They said Bailey’s Pizza is violating the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
To paraphrase the words of another great southerner, "Arkansas restaurants don't need Wisconsin Atheists around anyhow".

A handful of socially autistic religious fanatics, that are based in Wisconsin, are mad that a pizza place in Arkansas gives folks a 10% discount on their pizza if they bring in a church bulletin.   Not only are they mad, but they want to take the guy to court over it.

Searcy is a town of about 23,500 people not counting the enrollment in Harding University.  For a town of that size they have (according to quick count I did on the internet) 73 churches.  I'm pretty sure that not everybody in White County goes to church but if they did it would mean that the average size of a church in Searcy would be about 320 people.  Incidentally White County AR is what is known locally as a "dry" county.  That means no alcohol sales except under specific exceptions.  What do you think the chances are that these people take their church going seriously?

My guess is that its about as easy to get a church bulletin in Searcy as it is to get a "howdy" walking down the street.  That bulletin will get you 10% off a pizza Bailey's Pizza.  Well somebody ought to put a stop to that.  Thank god we have concerned atheists up in Wisconsin to put an end to this unmitigated evil.  Maybe while they're at it they could make it mandatory to serve beer to wash it down with.

When it's all said and done, the FFRF have driven more business in to Bailey's than any amount of church bulletin discounts could ever have.  If it hadn't been for the FFRF I'd never have wanted to go to Searcy for pizza.  Mostly I try to get catfish and hushpuppies, but now I'll have to think about getting a slice next time I'm in town.


  1. Susan3:02 PM

    Man these atheists are dumb. In my area, all they would have to do to get a church bulletin is to walk into the lobby of my church and ask for one. That is it.

    I guess for atheists though, the mere act of walking into a church or even touching a bulletin is akin to a vampire's interaction with sunlight, garlic and religious artifacts.
    That is some serious hatred going on there.

    Are they really that afraid of being any where near a new concept? If there is no God in their opinion, why are they afraid to walk into a church or touch an announcement?

  2. Susan3:04 PM

    Almost forgot to ask, are you enjoying the really cold weather from the weekend? If not, you could send it my way. We have some over 90 days coming up again this week.

  3. It went down to 47 yesterday. We got up to 59 today. It's been cold and wet this year. I need it to say nice for a few more weeks for the garden.

  4. WaterBoy10:16 PM

    I wish I could say I was surprised at the threat of a lawsuit by the FFRF, but unfortunately their shenanigans in this area are well known. Previously, they've seemed to mostly go after governments; this is one of the few that have sought to sue private enterprise.


    1. As the owner noted, people don't even have to go to church to get a bulletin. Heck, they can even:
    - download one and print it out
    - Make a fake one from Church of Satan, Church of Darwin, or something similar
    - Form a branch of the First Church of Atheism and make their own

    2. Will they also go after pizza parlors and other businesses that offer discounts to:
    - senior citizens
    - police/fire/first responders
    - military
    - organizations that offer benefits or services to various minority groups to the exclusion of others

    3. I await the opportunity to donate to their legal defense fund, should it materialize.

  5. Giraffe9:18 AM

    From the article:

    The FFRF has a history of targeting and bullying Christian business owners. Earlier this month, a North Carolina diner dropped a discount for customers who prayed before their meal.

    “We are no longer issuing the 15% praying in public discount,” read a sign posted at the Mary’s Gourmet Diner. “It is illegal and we are being threatened by lawsuit. We apologize to our community for any offense this discount has incurred.”

    I wish these Christians would think a little before they do something like this. I don't mind them doing it, I do mind them backing down. If you are going to do this, have a spine. Everyone is getting conditioned to cater to atheists.

  6. “It is illegal and we are being threatened by lawsuit. We apologize to our community for any offense this discount has incurred.”


    There is nothing illegal about offering any kind of discount for any reason you want. NOTHING! Why didn't anyone sue because of the Gay Pride Discounts that Burger King tried?

    If you don't like what a business does, don't buy stuff from that business. Planed Parenthood doesn't decorate it's offices with materials purchased at Hobby Lobby, do they? You don't see gay groups having their meetings at Chick Filet, do you?

    If atheists don't like discounts for praying, or having a church bulletin, don't eat at that restaurant. Go pay full price someplace else, its your right.

  7. WB,

    #2 is a especially good point. Not everybody is in the Military. Just because those guys don't get paid much doesn't mean they should get an extra $2 off a pizza.

    What about 24 hour convenience stores that give cops free coffee? The stores do it as a way to get the cops to stop in and be seen, in hopes of not getting robbed. Are they being unfair by not giving free coffee to the people robbing them?

  8. WaterBoy1:15 PM

    Giraffe: " If you are going to do this, have a spine. Everyone is getting conditioned to cater to atheists."

    To be fair, I don't think many Christians who do this kind of thing expect this kind of backlash. Maybe it's naive of them to think so, but I think they should promote such beliefs within their business if they are inclined to do so.

    Also, I think the more people who do, the more all of them collectively benefit. Organizations like the FFRF can only afford to sue so many people; if thousands of Christian companies were to stand together, possibly even form a community legal defense fund, I think they could collectively benefit from the effort.

    In the end, it would reach the Supreme Court, who would be forced to confront the issue for what it is: can businesses offer benefits* only to specific groups of people based on some arbitrary criterion?

    To rule against Bailey’s Pizza in this case would also require them to effectively ban senior citizen discounts (age discrimination), Ladies' Night discounts (sex discrimination), and St. Patrick's Day discounts if you wear green (fashion discrimination). And the latter has far more similarity with the pizza case than the others, since everyone can wear green.

    * The pizza parlor is not denying service to anyone IAW the Civil Rights Act, as mentioned in the article; they are merely offering discounts to those who bring in church bulletins as if they were coupons.

  9. WaterBoy1:18 PM

    " discounts to those who bring in church bulletins as if they were coupons"

    Ooooh...there's the solution: have the pizza parlor put paid advertisements -- with discount coupon -- in the local church bulletins.

    Surely the FFRF can't sue them over which publications they choose to advertise in.

  10. WaterBoy1:35 PM

    More from another article:

    "While the Freedom From Religion Foundation apparently wants Rose to discontinue the discount, he said he has no plans to comply and that a lawyer he consulted with said that the atheist group doesn’t “have a leg to stand on.”

    “From their argument, if I’m giving a discount to the elderly, it’s agism. If I give one to police offers, I’m prejudiced against people who aren’t police officers,” Rose said.

    The discount will remain in place unless a judge tells him he is violating the law. In that case, he said he would comply, but that he doesn’t believe he has violated any statutes.

    “Short of [a judge's ruling] there’s nothing that they’re going to say to me that makes me waver on what I believe,” Rose said.

    Good for him!

  11. Good for him!

    I agree. I don't see a county judge in AR granting the FFRF standing. After all how can the activities of people in Secrecy do any harm to people in WI? Of course it will go to a Federal Court and the FFRF will try their best to shop the case into a district with sympathetic activist judges.

  12. WaterBoy5:54 PM

    Even if they did, I'm pretty sure it would lose on merit.

    They serve everyone equally, charging full price to anyone who comes in and buys a pizza. They offer an additional discount for bringing in a particular item, which everyone can acquire, and it does not require one to be an adherent of a particular religion to participate.

    There's an amusement park up in Denver that gives you a discount on admission if you bring in an empty bottle or can from any Pepsi product. Using the FFRF logic, this policy discriminates against Coke drinkers. I just don't see that logic holding up in court.

    I think they're just trying to use scare tactics to get their way, just as they did with the prayer discount. Since Rose refused to fold, I suspect they'll quietly go away now.

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