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Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


Trump Card

Donald Trump seems to be polling well with likely republican voters.  This has some of the talking head class talking.  I'm not sure why, other than they get paid to talk and there isn't anything going on politically that they are inclined to talk about.

Which is a shame because if the 5th estate decided to do their job, Obama has given them more material than any other president.  Like I said, they're not inclined to talk about it.

Which brings us to "The Donald".  Trump seems to be doing well with the portion of the electorate that cares enough to answer telephone polls about their likely voting preferences over a year form now.  This doesn't seem like much to go on but, it's July and we have to take what we can get.

I'm not sure if the tone of angst I'm picking up on is real or just imaginary.  It's probably real.  Republican Party Leadership ( a contradiction in terms) doesn't understand why Trump is doing so well.  That scares them.  After all they've been compromising and selling out for the last 6 and a half years and they don't get why more American's don't love them.

As far as I can tell its a combination of factors:
  1. It's too early to tell anything about anybody running, and Trump is the biggest celebrity.
  2. Trump is saying stuff that vetted republicans don't say, and folks like it.
  3. He hasn't sold out and lied to America, yet.
  4. They hope he is for real.
That's pretty much it. 

If a more "electable" republican wanted to take some pointers and apply it to a winning presidential run it would be:
  • Be for real
  • Tell the truth
  • Don't lie
  • Don't sell out
I guess that's exactly why the republican leadership doesn't "get it".  Selling out America is the republican way.


  1. "...I support the ban on assault weapons and I support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun." - Donald Trump

  2. Ragged,

    He has changed his position on that subject. But to the topic, I think it has taken Obama and his daily, almost hourly, lying to the voters for 6-1/2 years for people to finally be so disgusted that they are ready for somebody to be telling the truth to them.

    The fact that it is Trump isn't really the issue. Most people think he is a bloviating blowhard. But you know what? People who think he is a clown are liking what they are hearing and changing their opinion of him.

    Ted Cruz has also picked up some of the respect because he came out and agreed with Trump on illegal immigration. So the rest of the pack is in full meltdown mode. It is a joy to watch them and their conniption fits.

    Over the weekend, Romney and Rubio had the nerve to call these illegals Mexican Americans. Do they even understand the fury they are unleashing right now?? Not just among the base, but the LEGAL Hispanic community as well. Go over to Breitbart Res and read some of the literally thousands of comments. People are just disgusted with the GOP elitists right now and rightly so.

  3. Your calmness is slightly unnerving, Res. In a good way. I get too disgusted too easily.

    Thanks for pointing out the Trump comment, RaggedEdge.

  4. Personally I don't think Trump will make a "real run". I think he likes the spotlight and media attention. He'll put on a show and drop out with someone writing him a check to go away in the end.

    I think that way for a couple of reasons:

    Trump has some idea of what hard work is, and I don't think he really wants to do the job.

    Trump likes the limelight and lots of people taking him seriously, like they are doing now. That's why he likes his TV shows. People have to act like what he says about how to do things really matters. He digs the respect, not the actual effort to get the job done.

    Right now people are eating up his throw away lines. Susan is right, he is a buffoon. People are so feed up with the jackasses in office, that a clown who is willing to say the right things is a marked improvement. The party elites like Donald for fund raising and a little positive press. What's causing the stir is that he is getting media attention saying things that are 180 degrees opposite of the policies they want to follow.

    1. That explains his last foray. However, after 6-1/2 years of the liar in the WH, Yes, he is an expert at media manipulation. Throwaway lines get into the media far more easily than actual statements that cannot be broken into sound bites. Trump understands that.

      Trump is not only shaking the status quo, he has fired a howitzer at it. Look at all the GOP elitists who are now "disrobed" and have to scramble now. According to the Breitbart monthly poll, Bush and Rubio are fighting for dead last.

      Trump may not stay in for the whole race and that is fine by me. He has performed a great service to this country by telling the truth, and focusing media attention on the illegals.

      With the death of that woman in San Fransicko right in front of her father in broad daylight, I would say that the media and political free for all thanks to Trump is going to make for a most entertaining summer.

      I don't mean that in a disrespectful manner towards that poor young woman and her family at all. But the next several months are not going to be the usual boring milktoast from the candidates and media. Trump will not allow that.

      Under normal circs Trump would be laughed off. But since the age of Obama, Donald Trump is the only one with the backbone to speak out on the current circs in this Country. I have to respect that. It in a way is also more to what the Founders hoped too. They would not be for the professional politician running the country. They would actually support Trump, as he is making a lot of sense. Time will tell.

    2. They would not be for the professional politician running the country. They would actually support Trump, as he is making a lot of sense.

      I agree.

      It's a shame that he is the only one making any sense.

  5. I dunno about Trump. The guy is clearly a banker candidate. But, who knows, he sure can't be worse than what we have. He'd probably be happy to leave the presidency as a multi-billionaire and wouldn't actively try to crush freedom.


    1. Bill,

      Considering what we have now, Trump would be an improvement, but I don't think he is really running. I think its summer and he's not got anything better to do at the moment.

      I'm not debating his merits. I'm just pointing out that his following is mostly because he's saying stuff that most people are thinking.

    2. You may very well be correct. But Obama being Obama, he is a total game changer for people. It is no longer politics as usual. Remember, Carter gave us Reagan, so who knows what Obama will result in.

  6. Well, I follow Ann Coulter, so none of that was news to me, but, yeah, I get that most folks have not heard of the problems caused by the criminal under-class invasion we're suffering through.


  7. Years ago, Ivanka was on Letterman and, based on her looks, I was expecting a Paris Hilton clone, and figured I'd be turning it off. I'd disliked him in the 80's and have grown to hate him as we've both aged.

    Ivanka is intelligent and responsible. Then I find out both the Donald's kids are. I don't know a whole lot about him, but that right there is the most significant factor in the respect I have for him.

    That' he's as anti-gun as the next New Yorker, I have to wonder where he stands on other issues.

  8. Carter gave us Reagan
    Yea, but we were lucky enough to have a Reagan running. It's not a guarantee that their will be a Yin equal and opposite to the Yang.

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