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Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


SCOTUS and Crimes Against Humanity

The SCOTUS ruling on the Texas and Texas style abortion laws came out this week.  As could be predicted they struck down the law.

The basic premise of the law is that in order to preform abortions in Texas and any of the states who copied the law, abortion providers had to meet a more stringent set of guidelines for the procedure.  These guidelines included things like: sanitary operating facilities, proper medical equipment and supplies being available during the procedure, and the doctors who preform the abortions being required to have admitting privileges at the nearest hospital to the clinic.

The abortionists were screaming that this substantially restricted their customers ability to get an abortion.  The court sided with them.

None of that is true.   People seeking abortions still had access to clinics.  They just weren't able to get the procedure preformed at price that maximized the abortion clinics profits.  All of those little things, like proper medical sanitation, equipment, emergency triage supplies, cost money.  That cost has to be paid by somebody. 

Making doctors have admission privileges to the local hospital served one purpose.  It ensured that in the event of complications arising from the procedure, the doctor would be able to facilitate immediate admission to the hospital.  It also did something else.  It screened out doctors who, for whatever reason, could get a license to practice medicine, but whose medical proficiency was in doubt.  Hospitals can evaluate a doctors skill set, their malpractice insurance and other criteria when determining who they are going to grant admission privileges to.   They don't have to let anyone with a medical license admit patients.

Which is why some of the abortion clinics were closing.  On one hand they had doctors whose skills as medical practitioners were so poor they couldn't get admission privileges.  On the other, the laws were improving the medical facilities and increasing the cost.

SCOTUS would rather have women get abortions in substandard clinics, provided by people with substandard medical skills, at a price that maximizes the providers profit margin, than slow down the death camps.  I saw an article stating that there are 69 black babies aborted for every white baby. 

Democrats.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.


  1. I am old enough to remember the arguments these baby butchering harpies used in the first place to get this legislation passed by the Court back in the early 70's. They decried the way that horrible prolifers and nasty white men were forcing these women to resort to unsafe, unsanitary and terrible conditions to get an abortion.

    Fast forward several decades to the present and we find that not only has nothing changed with regards to conditions women face when they get an abortion, but now it is the same toxic LEFT who is being careless with women's safety. Feminist gatekeepers view any of these regs as an encrouchment into the legality of abortion.

    The Left is so callous with regards to life, they do not care at all about collateral damage as long as it advances their agendas. So the women who underwent the horrors of the Gosnell charnel house and died horrible deaths don't matter to them in the grand scheme of things at all.

    I know these women deserve it for doing this to a baby, but for Breyer to say that safe clinics, and the regulations that require an abortion provider to have hospital privileges is of "no benefit or use to women's health issues" just made my blood boil yesterday. May that man rot in hell for what he did. How can he not get that filthy unhygienic clinics are a danger to women's health?

    The thing about being my age Res is that I lived through the battleground that preceded Roe. I heard the arguments they used to work and sway the media.
    Now we find that what has happened instead of clean, safe and rare is that the majority of the clinics are under-regulated and they are in fact the back alley abortions that feminists decried back in 1970, but now they are simply done out in the open.

  2. I was too young to remember Roe when it happened. You're right about the arguments they made though. Legal clinics would be better/safer/regulated. BS every last word of it.

  3. Susan2:37 PM

    I just remember how emotional the feminists got about all the "back alley abortions" and we need to erase them away forever. Then come to find out in the 80's the woman who was at the heart of this landmark ruling became a born again Christian and publicly repented and admitted it was all a LIE. She claimed rape because then her abortion would be free.

    We found out so much shocking information about how under regulated these clinics are for sanitation and other basic things. Your wife's hairdresser is more highly regulated than just about any abortion clinic out there.

    I was shocked to find out how the PP lobbyists managed to get these hell houses exempted from the majority of any kind of regulatory oversight in each state. Something else that is secret is just how many women who support abortion have NO clue about what goes on in a real abortion. They just know what has been pounded into their heads since teenhood.

    I also remember reading about another abortion doctor (Texas IIRC) who should be facing charges, but since no woman died on one of his tables, they have been able to keep the details mostly hidden away. But the little I read Res, makes Gosnell look like a pussycat by comparison.