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Tip of the Problem

I only have one question in regards to this news story.  That's it.  One.  I'm sure there are lots of other questions that could be asked.  If it was my daughter involved in the story, I would be asking them.  Probably not using my soft inside voice.  That's just me as a dad. 

Helena High School Girls Go Braless
Kaitlyn Juvik, a senior at Helena High School in Montana, went to school in May without a bra underneath her black, off-the-shoulder tee, though she was wearing nipple stickers to prevent them from showing through the material of her t-shirt.
The question I want answered is, "where were these girls when I was in high school?".

Sure I could be more reflective and mature about the topic.  I could be more parental.  If, as I said, my daughter did this, I would be.

I've learned at least one thing as a parent.  There is no greater joy than realizing some kid is doing something stupid, and finding out that its not your child.

With that out of the way, I can re-ask the important question: "where were these girls when I was in high school?".

Seriously.  As a guy I can tell you that I would have loved going to class and having some perky headlights to focus my wandering attention on.  That's what teenage boys think about.  All. The. Time.  Heck if the female of the species even suspected half of what the male was thinking they'd all invest in burkas and bed sheets.

Well some of them would.  The slutty ones would go braless.

"she was wearing nipple stickers"

Her right one must have fallen off, cause, just saying.

Either Kaitlyn is very naïve or she wanted some attention.  My money is on attention.  The rest of my money is on it not being a guy who turned her in.  That's right I said it.  Some less well endowed female with a hint of non-sluttyness and probably a tad bit of jealousy, busted her.

Get it?  Busted her. Ha. Ha. Ha.  These stories always bring out my inner sophomore.

I bet her dad is so proud, not because she went braless and caught some flack from the school.  She got a bunch of girls at the school to do a braless protest and got national attention.  What a senior leadership project.

Look on the bright side Mr. Juvik, she'll have an interesting story to put in her portfolio for college applications.  She might even get some "scholarship" money, or at least some work study funds from Sugar Daddy.Com.


  1. Welp, with Tinder, SnapChat, et al, the bar for outrageous behavior is becoming very difficult to stoop beneath, but it's the best way to get attention so I predict it will continue until some adults are in charge again.

    So, in many respects, nothing has changed. She still couldn't compete with internet pr0n if she went to school wearing jello.

    The only good news from this kind of thing (and it actually is good news) is that boys are FINALLY, somewhat, just starting, maybe to be aware of the dangers posed by slutty behavior. This, after all, is the genesis of the MGTOW, neo-masculine, etc etc. So, maybe things are starting to tip back towards men enforcing sexual moirés, instead of morays enforcing sexuality.

  2. You guys are such males.((smh))

    It is not necessarily a sign of slutty to not wear a bra. If she was, she would not have done the nip thing. Slutty girls usually don't care about covering the headlights.
    But then again, teen girls are still vulnerable to the headlight issue even while wearing a bra. It is a hormonal thing, not a bra thing.

    During a hot day, I challenge you to wrap something synthetic around your chest area like a bra. Then go out and do your usual activities during the heat of the day. It is like wearing winter insulation sometimes for a woman, and the resulting heat rash can make you very miserable. Sometimes it is even painful too.

    It was either Dear Abby or Ann Landers who set the standard back in the late 70's for what comprises allowable no bra wearing. If a woman could support a pencil under the sistas she was too big to be acceptable in public braless. If she couldn't, then that was allowable.

    I am an old school dinosaur when it comes to public modesty, but I am also one who prefers to be comfortable too.

    1. @Susan
      From the article;
      ...without a bra underneath her black, off-the-shoulder tee...

      I'm going with slutty, could be wrong, but it's my first guess.

    2. "nip thing"

      I saw the picture. I saw the nips. Why couldn't she be in my high school French class?

  3. girls are still vulnerable to the headlight issue

    And we love you all for it.

    You girls know good and well that guys will give you extra attention if there is a little extra showing.

    For evidence I offer exhibit A The Nipple Bra. It also comes in exhibit 'B', 'C', 'D', 'DD' etc.

    Kaitlyn wanted attention. She got it. Then she made a big deal out of things with the "protest". I'm sure none of the guys at her school objected.

  4. Susan3:55 PM

    I think her little protest was silly, but I found the response of the boys to be hilarious. I am amused and a little surprised that the boys would complain about a girl not wearing a bra. Isn't that supposed to make it easier for the guys or something?

    As to the headlight issue, you fellows might enjoy looking, but I can tell you it is quite uncomfortable, almost painful sometimes. Imagine your knickers in an super tight atomic wedgie, squeezing the franks and beans like a vise. THAT is what the headlights can feel like sometimes.

    That T-shirt was not designed as an off the shoulder, it is simply a shirt that is probably a size larger than normal and she wears it off-kilter. If she wore it normal, the plunge would probably make the sistas fall out of her shirt. That would give the staff palpitations and the boys would keel over from the shock to their still developing nervous systems.(grin)

    1. Susan,
      I would bet a paycheck that it wasn't a boy that complained. When the article said the boys complained about the incident, I think it means they complained that someone complained.

    2. Susan9:37 PM

      That actually makes sense. It was probably one of the teachers who complained that they were feeling triggered or something. Maybe the boys protest was in response to that. Those boys certainly have a good sense of humor.

  5. Anonymous6:39 PM

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