All in the Family featured the curmudgeonly Archie Bunker. Archie was television’s most famous grouch, blunt, blustering, straightforward and untouched by the PC crowd. He was the archetype of the conservative male. Michael desprately tried to reeducate him, but he persisted in his breviloquence.

Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


For Waterboy

Here is the pic of my gun and the trophy.

The guns are from back to front a Rem XP 100 in 243 cal.  I borrowed it for the shoot.  The black gun is a Thor in 6.5x57R by Tanfoglio, as far as I know it is the only one of its kind in America. The rest is a SEB.  Yes they are real good.  I've met Sebastian Lambang and he does quality work.  If your in the market for a rest, this is as good as it gets.  My scopes are a Leupold Mark IV and a proto type made by Muller.

I received cash.  Plus:
1 Leupold Vari X 3 4.5-14 scope, valued over $500.
3 boxes of Berger bullets, about $100
1 certificate for a new installed muzzle break, valued $200
A certificate for 50% off Serra bullets  up to a max of $5,000 retail
I also have a handful hats, cleaning stuff, custom finishing goodies, software and misc stuff that I received as door prizes. 

Here is my one thought on the subject of 1,000 yard shooting: Anyone can do it.  It's not that hard and it takes less than an hour to learn the basics. Mastering it takes longer, but a person who wants to do it can without a lot of effort.  I think that I can teach a person and have them hitting steel at 1,000 in less than 1hr of instruction and shooting.  IF the new shooter is a women, I can probably teach her in about a half hour.

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