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I Want a Pick a nic Basket

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - One bear must have been craving German food -- it pushed away an entire Dumpster from the Edelweiss Restaurant in Colorado Springs Wednesday night.
The restaurant posted security camera video on Facebook that shows the bear sniffing around in the alley behind the restaurant. Then you see the bear stand up on its hind legs and push the trash bin out of view.
I would like to know how far this bear had to go into town to get some German food.


  1. WaterBoy9:31 AM

    Have been to that restaurant before, they have great schnitzel.

    Don't like that bears are coming that far into town for food, though; that's just a little bit south of downtown. Though there have been other bears caught downtown, too, it's usually not a happy ending for them when they are.

  2. I was wondering if the fires and hot weather had caused a shortage of food and water for them.

  3. WaterBoy11:59 AM

    What makes it unusual for bears to go into downtown is that they have to cross I-25 to do so. And while there are places to cross safely on streets that go underneath the highway, I still wonder why they go that far into the city when there are places closer to the edge of the forest from which to scavenge.

    It may be that those closer places have learned to bear-proof their garbage, which forces them to range further in to find something, though.

  4. We have had 2 mountain lions come to town this summer. It's not common but its not entirely unheard of either. The bears surprise me more since young male lions are driven out of an area by the adults and have to investigate new places to live. Bears normally don't move around that much unless they need food.

  5. No need to cross I-25 to get to this restaurant. Its really quite close to the mountains and the whole Cheyenne Canyon, which is a fantastic place to hike, or ride. Gold Camp Road makes for a great ride, esp once coming down as its quite fast, plus, no cars. Or at least there wasn't. There was talk of reopening it to cars, but I don't know if they did nor not.

  6. WaterBoy8:08 PM

    "No need to cross I-25 to get to this restaurant."

    Oop, you're right. I was thinking it was north of Motor City, but it's south. Good catch.