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School Teaching a Usefull Skill

I couldn't believe it when I saw this story.  Who would have thought that a public school would have the foresight and vision to teach such a high tech skill?  No doubt this class will be infinitely more useful in the next 50 years than the "gender, sexuality and inclusion" class we have in the US.

Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guards paramilitary units plan to teach drone-hunting to school students, an Iranian newspaper reported Monday.
The report by pro-reform Etemad daily quoted Gen. Ali Fazli, acting commander of the Guard's Basij militia, as saying the new program will be taught as part of a "Defensive Readiness" lesson in high schools from late September.
He did not elaborate but the plan suggests students would be taught how to track and bring down drone aircraft by hacking their computer systems.
Iranian hardliners have long sought a larger role for the military in the country's education system. Students at both junior and senior high schools currently take courses focusing on "civil defense."
Iran captured a U.S. RQ-170 Sentinel drone in 2011 after it entered Iranian airspace. Since then, Tehran says it has seized more U.S. drones, including a Boeing-designed ScanEagle.
I wonder if they will offer to teach the class in English as well as Farsi. 

In related news: Renegade Drone Crashes Into Groom’s Head Before Wedding


  1. Remote control != Drone.

  2. Maybe. I don't know a clearer sign than having a RC plane crash into your face at the wedding rehearsal that getting married to this girl is a bad idea.

  3. WaterBoy2:37 PM

    Res: "In related news:"

    Related, you say? Hmmm...let's see how they fit together...

    So the Revolutionary Guard drone hunters are trained to hijack the camera-copters and crash them into American would-be brides and grooms...which causes them to call off the weddings out of pain and embarrassment...which leads to reduced numbers of child births in the US...which means reduced numbers of recruits for the US military in the future...which allows them to just walk in and take over the country.