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Leave the Man Alone

File this under give it a rest already.

The moment George Zimmerman was pulled over by cops in Texas for speeding on Sunday: He told officers he had a GUN and was 'going nowhere in particular'
  • George Zimmerman pulled over driving cross-country in Forney, Texas for speeding on Sunday
  • Told the officer that he was carrying a gun and was advised to place it in his glove compartment
  • The officer reportedly did not recognize Zimmerman - even after the 29-year-old checked
  • Was issued with a warning and sent on his way - telling the officer he 'was going nowhere in particular' 
  • Second traffic related incidence in the space of two weeks involving Zimmerman

  • For the record:

    1. Hundreds of people get pulled over in Texas for speeding every day, and get off with a warning.
    2. Why would a Texas cop give 2cents about Zimmerman or his 15 min of fame?
    3. Some states require CCW holder's in possession of a firearm to inform the officer of the gun during a traffic stop.  I don't know if Texas has such a law, but that would account for his statement.
    4. What Zimmerman was doing and where he was going are absolutely none of the cops business.  Maybe he just wanted to go for a drive.  Maybe he figures moving to Texas would be a safer place to live than out east.  It doesn't matter, what he does is HIS BUSINESS.
    5. This is a non-story designed to stir up interest in something that is over and done with.  An innocent man did a good dead.  Let it go already.


    1. The traffic stop was just the cop doing his job and no big deal. The fact that he reported it to the media is over the line. The fact the media thinks this is news is understandable but low class.

    2. Anonymous8:26 AM

      I think it would be awesome if GZ became some sort of lone wolf A-Team, living on the fringes of society, helping people in need and moving on. Like the Hulk, but with responsibility.

    3. WaterBoy11:57 AM

      Giraffe: "The fact the media thinks this is news is understandable but low class."

      Agree, because of (probably) unwanted celebrity.

      Those wannabe celebrities who seek out the attention of the media deserve to have the negative news displayed alongside the postive.

      But AFAIK, Zimmerman himself just wants to be left alone. This news item is therefore unwarranted.

      If he's looking to write a book about his experiences, though, or cut a movie deal, then all bets are off since he'll be voluntarily seeking to join the rest of them at the feeding trough of the paparazzi.

    4. The video of the traffic stop has a ton of personal info on it that the cops shouldn't have released and should not have been made public.

    5. WaterBoy2:12 PM

      The video itself is a matter of public record, and is subject to FOIA requests as any other public records are.

      However, it should have been edited both visually and auditorially to remove all personal information (driver's name and voice, truck registration number)...although the specifics of Texas law on such information may dictate the release of some or all of it. For example, if he had been issued a ticket, it would contain both his name and driver's license number. A FOIA request for a copy of it would typically yield a copy with the license number redacted out, but the name still intact.

    6. black9:33 AM

      I'm sure they're trained to ask where you're going and then gauge your response.

      Just like at the bank they're trained to know what to expect coming in and going out and look for inconsistencies.

      Everything is suspicious these days.

    7. If he's looking to write a book about his experiences, though...

      I'd give him a pass on the book if done for the right reasons. He has the right to try to set the record straight. I think he'd have a hard time making a living anywhere for a few years too.

      I guess I wouldn't blame him for trying to cash in. His life is in the crapper for awhile.

      Although you are right, he'd be getting more media attention and he'd be asking for it. I just don't think he'd be getting fair media attention.

    8. I'd give him a pass on the book

      Me too. He has a lifetimes worth of lawyer bills and the only way he is going to square them is with the lawsuit (if he wins) and some other source of income. I doubt if he I employable right now, in any kind of normal job.

    9. WaterBoy2:26 PM

      I agree that he has the right to put out a book/movie and make money on it, absolutely. All I'm pointing out is that if he does, he is inviting the kind of public profile (and criticism) of which the reaction to this video is a perfect example.

      You can't take the good publicity and skip the bad -- ask any politician, sports professional, performing artist, movie star, etc, who has ever lived.