All in the Family featured the curmudgeonly Archie Bunker. Archie was television’s most famous grouch, blunt, blustering, straightforward and untouched by the PC crowd. He was the archetype of the conservative male. Michael desprately tried to reeducate him, but he persisted in his breviloquence.

Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


GFF-Doing What You Can

Four stories touched me this week as being genuine examples of Good Folks doing Good Stuff.

The first story is pretty awesome because of the technology and coordination that is required to make it all happen.

Marathon 18-Patient Kidney Swap Saves Nine People

Imagine someone you know and love needs a kidney.  You want to give them yours.  Unfortunately its not a match.  Some other family is in the same predicament.  They have a family member that's willing to give up a kidney but they aren't a match either.  Here's the cool part, they are a match for someone else and you are a match for someone and so on.  The way the deal works is everyone's family trades a good kidney to someone who needs it and in exchange gets a new kidney for there loved one.

Jack Andraka was a normal 15 year old kid, who wanted to find an early detection tool for pancreatic cancer.  He had a friend who died of it and he wanted to do something to help detect and treat the disease sooner.  He had a great idea and is working hard to see if that idea can become a life saving tool.  Not bad for a kid who just turned 18 this year.

Our third story this week involves a unique situation, and a degree of character.

Homeless Man Reunited w/ Inheritance Thanks to Good Samaritan and Police

A homeless man comes into some cash and loses not one but two bags containing the money.  Someone else finds the money and instead of stuffing their pockets hands it over to the cops.  The cops, instead of stuffing their pockets enhancing department revenue with potentially illicit funds, actually tried to find out who the money belonged to and did reuniting the man with his money.

The forth example for GFF is by far the most awesome.  No, it doesn't top 18 people surgery for complexity and coordination.  It's not as potentially life saving as teenage Jack Andraka's idea for cancer detection.  The amount of money is nowhere near as big as the homeless and his bags of cash.

The reason this story is a big deal, and even a bigger deal in some ways compared to the other stories, is that its a GFF everyone can and should do.

Waitress Picks Up the Tab, Gives Restaurant the Credit

Kayla Lane waits tables for a living.  She says she's good with names and people.  Your better waitresses are.  They remember you and little details of your life and are good at making small talk and remembering your usual order.
Shaun and Debbie Riddle were surprised she remembered them this afternoon. They hadn’t been by for a while. She also remembered their newborn daughter, Glory, and asked about her.
“They kind of looked at each other and were very silent,” said Lane. “We said, ‘Well, she passed away four weeks ago,'” said Shaun.
At the end of the couple’s meal, the waitress slipped them a receipt with a simple message.
“Your ticket has been paid for. We are terribly sorry for your loss. God Bless. – The West Side.”
I don't know what lunch for two costs at the West Side CafĂ©, maybe $20 or $30 tops. I'm sure that's more than Kayla Lane makes per hour.  Regardless Kayla picked up the tab.  When the folks she did it for tried to refuse, she lied and said the company had done it.  Apparently this is a pattern of behavior for Ms Lane.  It seems she buys lunch for people who are in the service, or down on their luck and has a system worked out so she can get away with it and not get caught.

This time she got busted.  I'm glad she did.  I'm glad because her little contribution to the worlds supply of goodness is something we all can do.  I'm not ever going to be able to preform a bunch of life saving surgery's.  I'm not inline to cure caner.  You don't find bags of money laying around everyday, and if I did, I'd want to keep it.

You do get to drop a couple of bucks in that jar.  You know the jar.  It's the one on the counter of the convenience store where you buy beer and lottery tickets. It's for the family with the sick kids, or that lost their home, or that have some sad story.  If you got $10 for the lottery you damn sure got $10 for some kid with cancer.  "How do I know its really going for...?", you may ask.  How do you know its not? 

If the can says "American Red Cross" or "Salvation Army" or some big name professional money machine, its a scam.  If its a hand written note, that looks like a scared 19 year old mother of two who doesn't know how she is going to face tomorrow, wrote it, take the chance. 

I've gone and turned GFF into a sermon.  I'd say I'm sorry, but I'm not.  We don't get to do the big GFF stuff.  We do get a shot at the small stuff and I'm going to start pulling the trigger more often.  Flirt with the plain girl.  Buy the drink for the guy at the bar having a bad day.  That women, you know the women, the one with 4 brat kids acting up.  Her brats have been out of control since she walked in and sat down.  It would have been a perfect lunch if she hadn't showed up.  That women, the one who deserves it least, pick up her tab and pay it.  She is having a bad day, and you can make it a little better.

For a bonus, skip out before they know you did it.


  1. Your comment "flirt with the plain girl" reminded me of something. Since I don't have television anymore, sometimes I go onto Youtube or Netflix and watch TV that way. Well I had heard all about the uproar regarding Susan Boyle, and I finally decided to see what it was all about.

    I watched her audition episode of Britain's Got Talent. She defines the term "plain and spinsterish". When she walked out on stage, frizzy hair, mismatched outfit and all, I thought Oh brother, such a cheeky woman. Then after the chat with the judges and all, the music started.

    Res, the first notes came out of that plain and spinsterish face, and the audience AND the judges just about had a collective faint from shock. It truly was magnificent.

    God put the most heavenly voice into that plain little face and I thought Simon Cowell jaw was going to drop from the shock of what he heard.

    I always try to remember that passage about never knowing if you are encountering an angel on earth. She taught folks a lesson that day I think, to never judge a "plain and spinsterish" book by its cover.

  2. I saw a youtube clip about her too. She was on a talent show and she came out looking like you said. I guess one of the judges had a habit of berating all the contestants. After she sang the other judges looked at him expecting a sarcastic out burst. He said "what....I knew she was going to be fabulous". Of course he didn't but she was simply amazing and anything else he would have said about her appearance or anything else would have been utter crap and he knew it.