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Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


My Father's Day

The very first thing this morning, I received a Happy Father's Day text.

I have been examining my conscience diligently today because of the text.  My wife has never sent me a text.  I seldom text anyone.  My kids are too young to text.

I have no idea who sent it.

I don't recognize the phone number it came from and I don't think I even know anyone in that area code, or even that state.

So do I respond?


  1. Try a reverse phone lookup like or and see where the call originated. Otherwise, I wouldn't give it another thought.

  2. Susan2:44 PM

    In the kind spirit of the day, you might respond and let the sender know as gently as possible that they might have made an error. You would not believe how many errors get made now because by fat fingering 1 digit, you can send a message to a totally wrong person.

    Having spent a year working in directory assistance back in the late 80's, I know how easy it is to screw up a dial on cell phones.

    The sender might be getting either upset or feeling very hurt by the non response of the person who should have received that message.
    You are a very kind and diplomatic man Res Ipsa, and I cannot imagine you ever wanting to deliberately cause friction in somebody else's life.

    There is a mystery here, and it could be either a "whatever" for the unknown parties, or you could wind up in the most wonderful and heartwarming story you have every experienced. But at least you will know that you tried to rectify the situation. God will know too.

  3. Susan,

    You've quilted me into making a effort.

    1. Susan8:56 AM

      That wasn't my intention, but from reading here for as long as I have, I do have the sense that you are a decent guy who prefers to do the decent thing. Even if he earns nothing more than a rebuff. But then again, one never knows the whole story until one tries, right?

    2. I need to be more careful about the auto select feature on my handheld. Those "g's" and "q's" look a lot a like on a small screen. Either way you've got me all sewn up.

      I sent a text back yesterday, but so far no one has responded.

    3. Susan1:57 PM

      At least you have tried. Sewing anybody up is never my intention. I probably have been watching too many old movies, because this post of yours sure pricked my intellectual curiosity, and my imagination.

      And I am never going to stop thinking how Mrs. Ipsa and the little Ipsas are very lucky to have you in their lives. Very rare nowadays indeed. As VD's VFM's like to say when it gets tough, Women ruin everything. (grin)

    4. I can email you the# and you can give them a call, if you'd like.