All in the Family featured the curmudgeonly Archie Bunker. Archie was television’s most famous grouch, blunt, blustering, straightforward and untouched by the PC crowd. He was the archetype of the conservative male. Michael desprately tried to reeducate him, but he persisted in his breviloquence.

Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


When I Was a Kid...

I did crazy stuff when I was a kid.  Some of that stuff happened in school.  Like the time in 5th grade I made volcano for my science project.  I had lava made out of baking powder and vinegar it was colored red with food dye and it oozed out the top.  I had read how volcanoes sometimes "blew their top" and gave off lots of smoke, so I rigged a couple of smoke bombs into the deal and a fire cracker or two into the dried mud on top of the cone.  I lit the whole thing off and the smoke blew, the fire crackers were loud then the lava came out.  It was freaking cool!

The class room got kinda smokey and we all had to go outside for about 45 mins for early recess while the teacher and the janitor got some big fans to air the room out.

Compare that to today:

A 16-year-old Bartow High School student was arrested Monday on allegations she detonated a bottle of explosive materials on the school grounds.
The girl told authorities she was conducting a science experiment, according to Bartow police, but science teachers at the school said they knew nothing about it. She also said she thought the materials would produce only smoke, not an explosion, police said.
Pritchard said he was standing nearby when the student left the drink bottle behind the cafeteria, near the lake on the school's east side.
"It was next to the gazebo by the lake," he said. "I wasn't standing too far away when it happened. I just heard the pop, and I turned around. I thought it was a firecracker at first."
When I was 18 I bought my first shot gun.  I also had a couple of months of school left.  I really liked shooting trap and was good at it.  So I'd have my shotgun in the car and go shooting after school. 

Again compare that to today:

Most members of the Johnston County community, just southeast of Raleigh believe the 18-year-old is paying far too big a price for an honest mistake. Withrow had been skeet shooting with friends a day before, and only noticed he had left his shotgun in his truck on Monday morning as he reached to grab his book bag, said family friend Kimberly Boykin. When he realized his mistake, rather than leave school grounds, he went to the front office to call his mother for help.
Did ya catch that?  He forgot his gun was in the truck.  He called his mom to come get it.  They threw his ass in jail.   He can't graduate and he is banded from the campus for 365 days.  His crime? Realizing he made a mistake and trying to do the right thing.

All I know is that its a good thing I got out of school more than 20 years ago.  If I hadn't I'd be writing this blog post from inside the big house.


  1. WaterBoy1:59 PM

    Don't make me link to Englebert, again.

  2. My youngest brother used to take my shotgun to school with him. He hunted with it on the way home after school. I know I used to bring a .22.

    It would not have been a federal case, but it would have been frowned upon.

    I guess if you get punished for doing the right thing, then it is no longer the right thing.

  3. The gun situation is a sad state of affairs. What’s worse is Waterboy threatening us with Englebert Humperdinck every week or so. Talk about using terrorism to destroy free speech.

  4. WaterBoy2:21 PM

    Hey, if you're gonna keep talking about how those were the days, it's only natural to add in the nostalgic background music.

    Go ahead, make a post about planting tulips and walking carefully so as not to crush the shoots in the spring.

    On a more serious note, though, society is never going to go back to the way things were, like that. Not as long as things like this happen, along with Columbine, Sanday Hook, etc.

  5. My heart aches for that family. It a gut wrenching feeling to contemplate that kind of pain and loss. Even so, an accident is just that, an accident. It’s no better or worse than buying your kid a bike and having them ride out into the street, or having your son run for the bus and not have the driver see him and run him over. A dead child is a travesty, not a slogan for a political campaign.

    There is no law that can prevent stupid senseless accidents. There is no nanny state big enough to “do something” about everything and make everything safe. This is what comes from living in a country ruled by women and children. Vox is right civilization is dead, feminism killed it.

  6. WaterBoy8:19 PM

    I read of all of the incidents where somebody was backing out of a driveway and accidentally ran over some kid who was behind them -- sometimes their own child -- and wonder why the liberals aren't calling for banning automobiles, too.

    But we NEED automobiles, they say. Well, guess what? We NEED firearms, too. But as I said, they won't ever be allowed in places like schools again.