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A Sad Day

Today is a day of bitter disappointment.  A day of mourning.

2014 License Draw Results

     License Type                                              Results

RESIDENT MOOSE                                  Unsuccessful
RESIDENT BIGHORN SHEEP                 Unsuccessful

Every year for the last 7 years I have missed the cut off for a moose tag by 1 point.  The draw stats won't be available for a couple of months but I suspect that this year was no different.  The bighorn sheep tag is becoming almost impossible to draw in Wyoming.  With any luck I may be able to draw one before I am too old to hunt.  If I had drawn a moose tag this year, I may have been able to draw one more time in my life.


  1. Is it an actual random lottery draw?

    If so, ask your legislator to change the parameters so that you get an extra ticket for every unsuccessful year you enter. It would increase your chances the more you lose.

  2. Res Ipsa5:29 PM

    There are two facets to the draw. There are a limited number of random tags. Then the rest are assigned by preference points. My number of points has been just one year shy of making the cut off ever year for seven years straight.

  3. WaterBoy5:37 PM

    "It would increase your chances the more you lose."

    Yes, but it would also do so for everybody else who missed out, too. The overall odds would only be minimally impacted, depending on the ratio of applicants to licenses.

    I say, give everyone a ticket for each year of age, subtracting 50 for each successful lot they've had in the past. That way, the older you get, the more chances you get. And somebody who's just as old but who has already drawn one will have a much lower chance of beating you again.

    Hopefully, most people will be able to get one before they die.

  4. Susan9:22 AM

    What is making you miss by just 1 stinking lousy point every year Res? That just seems odd to me. And a little suspicious.

  5. Giraffe11:58 AM

    What is making you miss by just 1 stinking lousy point every year Res? That just seems odd to me. And a little suspicious.

    Say there are 50 moose permits. Say there are 1000 people applying for those permits that have the same number of pts as Res. The next year, there are 950 people that have one more point. If all apply again next year, then the number of points that you need to get a tag goes up by one.

    Not only that, say Res has 20 pts but he would need 21 pts to get a tag. How many people are ahead of him with 21 pts that have to get their tags before we start on the people with 20 pts?

    Or it could be that they just don't like him.

  6. The big game draw is handled fairly. It works basically the way Giraffe said. The only difference is that in WYO the state is divided up into hunt units. Each unit is managed to ensure that the herd population is maximized for health and vitality. Some years there are more tag issued than others. The system is fair and it does a good job.

    The total number of points needed to draw a unit depends each year on the number of other people putting in for a unit, and the points they have. Some areas of the state are more in demand that others. The southern half of the big horn mountains is the best place in the state to hunt moose, so lots of people put in for it. This means you have to have a lot of points to get that unit. What happens though is each year guys will put in for units they don't want to hunt because it is a low draw area. That way they get a point for next year without having to worry about taking the time to go hunting. Then when they get enough points accumulated they put in for an area where they have a high likelihood of drawing. Its gaming the system, but its legit.

    I put in for a high probability area in hopes of getting a tag there. When I first started putting in for it, it only took 5 years of points to get it. Now its over 12. One day I'll get lucky.

  7. Susan5:42 PM

    It might help to level the playing field if previous lottery winners could not reapply for a couple of years or so, to give other guys like Res a chance to hunt something like this.

  8. Res Ipsa9:59 PM

    Once you get a tag, you have to wait 5 years before you can apply again. The system is fair, I just keep thinking that its finally going to be my year and it doesn't work out. I could always save up some cash and go to Canada, but that defeats the whole drive up the mountain and shoot your moose thing that I want to do.