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Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


GFF--It's All About the Candy

Halloween is a made up "holiday" designed to train children to become democrats.

We don't let our kids participate in it.  Our church does a family fun night, and our town does an event called "Treat Street".  The treat street event is a big fund raiser for the council of community services.  What they do is have tons of candy donated by local businesses and individuals.  The kids dress up and go around to booths sponsored by these businesses and get more candy than kid could every hope for by "normal" trick or treating.  There is a cost associated with this.  The kids must bring canned food donations that are used at the soup kitchen.

As a kid, I loved Halloween.  Everyone in our neighborhood passed out candy.  We had one of the best places in town to trick or treat and kids from other parts of time.  The costumes were cheesy.  We had homemade ones or blue light specials from last years K-Mart clearance.  Sometimes they even fit.

Call me a hypocrite, it was fun.  I liked it.

In Midlothian Virginia there are adults that still remember what it is like to be a kid.  By golly, they know what to do about it too!

Branden Witt is four years old.  Branden has Chiari I.  I had never heard of it before and had to look it up too.  The way they try to "fix" this is with brain surgery that involves removing part of the skull.  That's way more scary than any Halloween story I could think up. 

Branden as we mentioned is four years old and just getting into the Halloween candy begging spirit. Because of when the surgery had to be scheduled, he wasn't going to be able to Trick or Treat this year.  Forty of his neighbors found this situation to be utterly unacceptable.

They've got some darn good folks in Midlothian Virginia.


  1. Thanks to all the third worlders and illegals coming into this country now, lots of Americans from medical personnel to average citizens, are going to be looking up strange diseases they have never heard of, thanks to the third worlders.

    Just wait until we get an outbreak of something that doctors have never heard of, or even seen. Some med students could probably make a great career out of adding a tropical diseases course to their studies.

    Vox has a post on third worlders and toilets that is probably one of the grossest articles ever appearing. The comments were pretty tame though. I appreciated that.

    I agree with you about the Virginians. Those are very good folks.

  2. WaterBoy1:10 PM

    "Call me a hypocrite"

    OK. Hypocrite. :)

    From the article:

    "His parents, Carol and Bobby Witt, made flyers and asked neighbors if they would help fulfill their child's wish of being able to trick or treat this year."

    A much better flyer than this one.

    Somebody needs to learn what 'responsible parenting' really means...and maybe how to say 'please'.

    1. Entitlement and SJW food Nazi all in one neat little flyer. I hope kids who get carrot sticks instead of Snickers bars, Pay Day, Peanut M&M's etc. egg her house. Talk about asking for a TP party.

  3. WaterBoy5:12 PM


    Yup. It's the same sensibility that brought us participation trophies:

    "My kid doesn't have all the same abilities (non-allergies) as the rest of the kids, so let's bring everybody else down to his level so he doesn't feel bad."

    That's irresponsible parenting, IMO.

    1. Susan3:08 PM

      True, and it is also bullying by exploitation. If a child has that level of food allergies, the parents need to think about home schooling instead of disruption of the lives of other kids.

      But some parents would rather bully other families into caving, than to deal rationally with their own child's illness. Besides, the kid would actually get a better education at home.

    2. the kid would actually get a better education at home.

      Maybe not from that mom.

    3. Susan8:49 AM

      You are probably right. It is about time for the parents of all the decent and good kids to start pulling their kids and home schooling.

      Let the helicopter parents, illegals, ferals and others have the schools. Best of luck to them, and then we can watch the helo parents try to deal with the refuse that is left after they chase the decent kids out of there.