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Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


Open Letter to Ben Carson

Dear Dr. Carson,

You aren't a strong anti-establishment Republican. 

Your campaign cry is "we can do it better".  That's it.  Republicans can govern, by which you mean manage the bureaucracy more efficiently.  Oh, you want to get rid of waste, and duplicate programs and all sorts of other similar sound bites that the consultants claim will play well to "the base" of so called "moderates". 

Remember that Planned Parenthood dead baby parts for profit scandal?  I do.  You are one of the guys buying aborted baby parts to experiment on.  I see you claim to be against abortion, but not against creating a market for fetal tissue.  Whatever. 

Your grasp of economics boarders on the Obama-esque, big government socialism with a touch of compassionate conservative.  You are little more than a FDR Republican whose skin color is the right hue to draw some needed inner city demographics.

I can't get excited about you as a candidate.  Sure you'll probably beat Hillary.  Not being Hillary is going to turn out the votes come next fall.  It's just not a reason to vote for you Dr. Carson.  Plus whose to say you'll get a chance to run against her?  The Donald is still at the top of the pack.

Dr. Carson you hit pay dirt this last week.  You said that America's biggest threat is the debt and deficit spending. 

I don't know why you chose this topic.  One of your handlers put it on the teleprompter and you went with it.  My advice is to: beat this drum, over and over and over again.  Carson make this issue stick and stick in the front of peoples minds.

Carson, if you're smart then, harp on the debt the way Trump harps on illegals.

This is the only truly anti-establishment position in the bag of tricks.  It also happens to be the only point that Trump hasn't made more effectively that traditional Republicans care about.  Federal spending is also one of those elephants in the room that everyone knows is a problem but nobody knows how to solve.

Ben, you've gotta beat the debt drum!  You've gotta make the budget and spending into a great big bandwagon and get everyone chasing it.  That is, you gotta do it, if you want to win the White House.  Hillary is going to be the business as usual candidate.  With H we're going to get more welfare and more warfare.  She's got more of the same Clinton/Bush B.S. that folks are sick of.

If you want to win Ben, you need to get radical on budget, spending and debt; really, totally, unprecedented, radical.  I'm talking Ron Paul and Gary North walk into a bar, get plastered and fanaticize about all the crap they would cut, radical.  You gotta tell the voters about it.  Tell them how bad of shape America is in.  Tell them how we can only fix it by drastically cutting spending and ending government policies that are hurting our economy.

Of course you don't have to do it.  I'm sure Trump is watching to see how much of bump you get from this.  He has said basically the same thing.  I suspect we will see more about fixing the economy out of the Big Haired One. 

Right now you have the spotlight and control of an issue of true importance to America.  Do as thou wilt with it.


  1. Carson would have to do more than that to get my vote. He says he supports (some of) our rights, but he doesn't seem to understand the philosophical and theological bases for those rights.

    I'd like to see his stand on guns go from "Eww, guns are scary, but we have to let people keep them as an insurance policy against tyranny," to "Free men have a God-given responsibility to defend their families and their country against all would-be tyrants and no man has the authority to deny them the means to do so."

    I'd like to see his stand on healthcare change from "Your free to do as you please so long as you conform to my ideas of what's healthy and not" to "You have the right to do as you please so long as you aren't forcing anyone else to pay for it or to rescue you from your bad decisions. And parents have the right to make any and all medical decisions for their dependent children short of actual, active murder."

    Then he would have my unqualified support. Until then, he'll get the same support from me that I get from him: grudging and half-hearted.

  2. Carson is a cipher. He has hidden the earlier facts about his life, like how when he was in med school in the 60's, he was deeply fascinated with the black activist groups of his day. That is scary to think about. If you look up the definition of the word cipher, you find it fits both Obama and Carson. Bottom line, it means a zero. An empty shell. A blank slate.

    Combine that with the fact that he only became republican to run for office. I don't know if I have said it here or not, but Carson is a liberal filling in a pretty republican wrapping. I think he could be more leftist than Trump ever would be. I just don't trust a man who hides so much of himself like Carson does. We don't need another Obama.

    Yes, I do admire his professional creds. He reached a level of professional success that is something to be proud of. He would make probably the best HHS Secretary that department ever had if Trump got elected.

    Regarding guns, he is so squishy. He would be for gun free cities, but folks out in rural areas could have guns. That is the meme that is being pushed now. Know what? Australia has had a RISE in gun crime stats in the last decaded because the criminals still have theirs! Big shock.

  3. I'm not a Carson fan partially because of things ya'll have already said.

    BUT, if he is serious about winning, he has to have a solid conservative position on something. This could be his issue.

    Trump has the illegal aliens. He owns it. Nobody else is or can come close. Trump also has the best tax plan. It's not perfect, but it is understandable. Most folks will go with understandable. I doubt anyone understands Trump on foreign policy as far as how he would handle a specific situation. Trump is about America first, and he projects personal strength. Most Americans don't want to know the details, they want to win. Trump seams like a winner, so they'll trust him on it.

    Carson needs something conservatives care about. He stumbled into this. The media is letting him own it and giving him some neutral exposure. If he is smart he'll run with it.

  4. WaterBoy2:46 PM

    "I'm talking Ron Paul and Gary North walk into a bar, get plastered and fanaticize about all the crap they would cut, radical."

    Heh. Nice imagery.

    1. Thanks. It would be nicer if it actually happened. I sent you a test email.