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Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


More Data on the 300 WSM

Instead of billing hours this morning I spent 3 hours fooling with the gun.

What I did:

1. Rebore sighted the Simmons scope supplied by Savage.
2. Torked the barrel into the action, it moved ¼ inch
3. Discovered that you MUST NOT EVER expect a Simmons scope to hold the same point of aim at 3x as 6x or 9x. Limited all sight in shots to the 9x power setting.
4. Followed to the letter the break in shooting/cleaning procedure as recommended by Savage, except I did it twice before every 5 shot string. Once with Hoppes #9 and then with Sweets 7.62.
5. Dry fired a min of 3 shoots per before each live round to assure my technique and hold were correct.

Pic #1 is the 25 yard sight in, no adjustment were made at this point. I think we can agree that this is what you’d expect from a bore sighted riffle.

The group spread is 1 5/8 inches (far side of the hole to far side of the hole) including the low flyer.

Pic # 2 is the actual 100 yard performance.

Shot # 1: 24 in high 10 in wide
Shot # 2: 19 in high 12 in wide
Shot # 3: 17.5 in high

I walked the shots in to center of target and stopped adjusting for windage after shot #4.

I pulled the gun on shots #5 and #6.

I was happy with # 7. At 5 in high and center it would be almost zero at 200 yards (apx 1.5 in high). # 8 was 2 in lower than #7. I ended up with a group measuring 5 ¼ tall by 3 3/8 wide at 100 yards.

Had this been a 300 yard target, I’d still be unhappy, but I feel I’d have little to gripe about since its an out of the box gun. However, this is a 100 yard group. Yes, 5in by 3in is a dead elk at 100 yards but it’s a wounded or missed elk at 300 or longer ranges.

Savage customer service closed ½ hour ago, first thing tomorrow I’m gonna get on the phone with them and see what they have to say. I’m also gonna drop by the gun store I bought the gun from and check in with them.


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