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Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


Father Knows Best

I don't know if they have a "Father of the Year" award in India, but they might want to consider this guy for a nomination.

Man calls daughter’s ‘rapist’ home, tortures and kills him, say police
Furious over the alleged rape of his 14-year-old daughter by a 45-year-old married man, the father called the man to his house on Friday night, treated him to dinner and then tortured him to death, police said. He then went to the police station, surrendered himself and gave police a detailed account on how he tortured and murdered the man.
I reviewed a sampling of the comments on the newspapers site.  They are running about 9 out of 10 in favor of giving the dad a medal.  As a civilized human being I have mixed feelings on the matter.  On one hand the father said noting and plotted his revenge for two months.  This is clearly an act of premeditated murder made more gruesome because of the pain inflicted on the victim.  

On the other hand, I'm a dad and if the story is true, the rapist needed killing.

We outlawed Lex Talionis and the semi-private administration of justice years ago.  Both of those concepts were for most of human existence the only justice available.  India was a British colony and for a time received the benefits of English Common law. I believe the legal system there is still heavily influenced by colonization.  The legal system in India is also reputed to be highly corrupt.  In such cases its almost impossible to tell if justice has been served.

The legal system only works in America because we as a collective group of people have faith in its working.  When we as a group, lose faith in that system we will return to Lex Talionis and semi-private administration of justice.  I believe that we may very well be headed that direction.


  1. Susan8:56 AM

    Since you are doing some serious Bible studying right now, I would point you in the direction of the ancient sanctuary cities that God had set up when the Hebrews finally reached Canaan.

    I believe that God allowed for a relative to take vengence against someone who hurt, maimed or killed a family member. If it was accidental, the perp was allowed to make a run for a sanctuary city to live out the rest of his days. Deliberate? Well that is a different kettle of fish.

    We have become so concerned with the rights of the criminal over the victim, that our legal system is now a big joke. From everything I have read the past several years on the subject, in male-centric countries like India, the system will always be weighted in favor of the male. Third world countries treat their women worse than the dogs that roam the streets. One big reason they are third world.

    If it comes to which way the scales should tip, I say they need to tip in favor of the victim. The criminal made their bed, now they need to live with the wrinkles in it.

    That father deserves a medal for avenging his daughter. Isn't there also a prophecy in the OT that says the decendents of Ishmael shall live as wild men among their brothers? We are currently living that prophecy out in real time in various parts of the world.

  2. The Law of Moses provided cities of refuge and a method of determining guilt. The cities of refuge kept the avenger of blood (relative seeking vengeance) from killing the accused so long as: 1. he stayed inside the city, 2. until the elders of the city could hear the case. If it was established that the accused caused the death of the victim by accidental means or what we might call manslaughter, he was allowed to live inside the city of refuge as a refugee until the death of the high priest. After that he could return home and be safe from vengeance.

    However if they determined that the case was murder, or if the accused left the city gates he could be killed by the avenger of blood.

  3. Did the father plan it, or did he wrestle with his thoughts.

    Is the father a threat to you or me? Our families? Is society safer now?

    Is this a precedent we want to allow? Are we going to see more of it?

  4. Is the father a threat to you or me?

    Not if he stays in India. Of course it never entered my mind to force his daughter into having sex with me either, so I'm safe on both counts.

  5. Cities of Refuge

    Food for thought:

    If the one who fled to a city of refuge was found innocent of malice aforethought, it may be an interesting study to investigate the fact that the fugitive should only leave the city after the death of the High Priest.

  6. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Women lie about rape. Is a man willing to do his own daughter what he does to the alleged rapist if it comes out she lied?

    I think we will start to see more of this vigilante stuff though. The courts have been given authority to dispense justice. In too many cases, they aren't. People will find their own justice.

  7. Giraffe10:32 AM

    the above was mine

  8. They didn't give out a lot of information about how the father found out.

    I'm guessing that a prepubescent daughter telling her dad about rape in the culture in India is considered a credible story. Either she has an intact hymen or not. Plus immediate evidence of tearing/bruising/bleeding would be evident to a mom and dad. I don't think they would have to have an "expert" do that kind of examination.

    Compare that situation to an American college co-ed's; "regret that my girlfriends found out I did a guy outside of the 'in group'", rape story. I'm more likely to believe the dad in India than any American college co-ed.