All in the Family featured the curmudgeonly Archie Bunker. Archie was television’s most famous grouch, blunt, blustering, straightforward and untouched by the PC crowd. He was the archetype of the conservative male. Michael desprately tried to reeducate him, but he persisted in his breviloquence.

Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


The Cos

I had a little informal chat with a TV personality this evening.  She is a cute thing and does some work (apparently I've never seen her on TV) for a show on the Discovery Channel.   The question of the Cosby regret sex, I need some cash and I'm willing to lie about things, rape allegations came up.  The blond asked me what I thought happened.  I told her that 30 years ago some chick spent 2.5 minutes alone in a room with Cosby and now wants a payout.

I guess she disagreed.

"Have you EVER met Bill Cosby?" she asked.  Without waiting to hear my reply she went into a tirade about how if I never met him I wouldn't be able to judge his character.  At least that's the point I think she was making.  As she was finishing up her diatribe it dawned on her that my answer to her first question was "yes".

"Well then do you know the women he rapped?" she parried.  "Nope" I said.  Sensing I was about to take a full broadside akin to the first one, I shot back, "I don't need to, skanks are skanks, they are all the same".  My comment had some of the effect I hoped, but not all.  She tried a line of how many famous people do you know.

Technically none.  What she asked was "how many famous people have you met?".  I may not "know" them but I've met lots of them.  That's the thing about famous people, everyone recognizes their name.  Us "normal" people tend to remember our encounters because of the other person's notoriety.  Which is silly because if I'm telling you about this one time I bought gas at a self serve station in Hailey, ID and I met a guy from Austria you'd never invite me over again.  If I mention the guys name was Arnold Schwarzenegger, the story becomes more interesting.  Well not really, but it beats the one about meeting Gorbachev in Arkansas.

After tarnishing my carefully crafted image as a jerkwater Wyoming native redneck, I went on the offensive with a question of my own.  "How hard do you think it would be for the most famous and finically successful comedian in American history to get laid?", I wanted to know.  "Um, I don't know, not hard?" she admitted.  Then I got extra nasty,  "How many men did you put out for to get your gig?" I said it with a smile.  I'm ashamed to admit I said it.  She squirmed and smirked but didn't give me an answer. 

I drove the point home, Cosby always promoted his image as a family man, always.  If that was all an act, which maybe it was, we don't really know, why would he need to force himself on anybody?  Hollywood has always been about easy sex, at least since the 1920's.  The Cos could have nailed any chick, white, black or plaid he wanted.  I don't think he did, because that's not who he was or what he was about.  Even if it was, after his first album in 1963 (the one with the Noah monolog) he didn't need to play it clean.  Society and the American culture became more accepting of permissive lifestyles.  Cosby on the other hand kept cleaning up his act while the culture went the other way.

The man had five kids and has been married to the same women most of his life.  I'm guessing with five kids he gets lucky at home.  Yes he had an affair in the 1970's.  It was consensual, not rape.  Yes he had a stable of hoes for several years.  Which proves he was a man in demand with the women, and like many men would, he failed the test.  Did he drug and rape tons of other women?  Why would he need to?  He has tons of cash.  He has tons of fame.  He has all the game a man could need.

"I never thought about it like that", she said.  She also mentioned she was staying the Marriott and her room number and something about drinks and continuing the conversation.

I came straight home, and blogged.


  1. > She squirmed and smirked but didn't give me an answer

    Amusingly revealing.

  2. Susan7:05 AM

    What destroys the credibility of women like this for me is when you read the articles and find out that they continued seeing them even after the event happened.

    If real rape happens, the last thing a victim wants to do is continue association with them. You don't want to be within 5 miles of them. You don't want to breathe the same air they do.

    Feminists have turned everything into rape. Men can't make eye contact with a woman in passing without it being called rape now. So how can we take this woman seriously?

    I suspect that being a black man talking common sense to men of his community, he is committing that unpardonable sin of trying to lead them off the plantation. Cosby is socially conservative, has money, talks straight and honest. This sin by Cosby has to be dealt with.

    Like Herman Cain, his skeletons will be dragged out of the closet and he will be publicly destroyed.
    My guess is that this woman has spent all her hush money and she wants a bigger payout.

  3. Way to go, Res.

  4. I've been thinking he probably did something shady. Just the number of women making accusations is pretty damning. Think about how many celebs don't have 15 women accusing them.

  5. Susan9:00 AM

    Giraffe, most of the women out there now trying to make it up the Hollywood ladder would sleep with a wet mop or disease ridden homeless person if they thought it would get them advancement in their career.

    I think it is very possible that Cosby was a philandering horn dog. I also think these women are all a bunch of liars. How is a man supposed to defend against accusations like this from 30 or more years ago? He can't. So it gets tried in the court of public opinion, where they don't need facts, just innuendo to do their dirty work. If it is truly rape, why did they continue to have any kind of association with him?

    Please don't think me racist here, but these women, so far, are also white. Back then, interracial goings on like this were frowned upon by polite society, and women acquired a certain "reputation" when she was found to sleep with black guys. That is just the way the culture was back in the 60's.

    Back in the 60's, these so called models/starlets were not much more than groupie chew toys for the rock stars and actors of the day. The women were passed around more than butter at a dinner party. When you look at some now, they look so haggard. Kind of like Cameron Diaz is starting to look. That kind of lifestyle destroys a woman's looks.

    There are reasons why God wants sex kept in marriage, not used like some play toy anytime one wants to.

  6. I thought Res had a pretty good point, that they were out for fame or attention or money. Guy like Bill Cosby would have to fight them off with a stick. But on the other hand, there's Bill Clinton.

    I don't think it would be right to prosecute him or give these women any money. I don't think it is possible to know what the truth is at this point.

    I'm just thinking the more smoke, the more likely there's a fire.

  7. Susan5:47 PM

    I agree Giraffe. But I have always been against prosecuting things like this in the court of public opinion. The media loves it, and they are really the only winners here.

    My question is always going to be, why did these women go back for more? Why did they choose more associating with him?

    As it always will be in DC, sex is the currency in Hollywood. These women get passed around like butter at a party, and they willingly sleep with anyone who they think can advance their careers.

    Not even the original astronauts were immune from these women. There are some women out there that are real harlots.