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Commenting Update

Blogger is blaming the word verification on two things 1. A "fix" and 2. people who use software that filters 3 party cookies.  So if you think that you are entitled some small shred of internet privacy and don't want 3 party cookies, YOU ARE THE PROBELM, according to the internet Gestapo at Google.  We all know that Geeks can never be wrong, so any "feature" they decide you need, is a good thing, no matter how badly it sucks.

One of the forums I read in my effort to fix the "fix" says that you should be able to publish your comment without filling in the captcha box, even if the box appears.  I have changed the blog settings to accommodate this feature, but I have no way of testing it.

Would someone (maybe 3 or 4 of you) please try to post a comment without filling in the captcha and let me know if this is working.  I realize that if it isn't, you will actually have to fill in the captcha to let me know.  My thanks in advance.

Waterboy,  I believe you use a mobile device to surf most of the time.  Do you get the same commenting experience when using a desktop that you do with your phone?


  1. Well, haven't been able to comment from Comodo Dragon. Let's try Opera.

  2. Yep. No problem. Posted immediately for me.

  3. Way better than it used to be.

  4. WaterBoy10:47 PM

    Actually, I only use my phone for blog-cruising when I don't have access to one of my regular systems.

    Like now, f'rinstance.

    Test from phone, leaving captcha blank...

  5. WaterBoy10:54 PM

    Working the same as described earlier, requiring a check in the box followed by a popup captcha. No way around it on my phone; will try on another system tomorrow.

    But hey, if it's working for everyone else now, don't bother messing with it any further. I can deal with it as is.

  6. Susan9:38 AM

    Morning Res. I hope you know how much we appreciate your efforts to improve commenting on your blog.

  7. Susan9:40 AM

    Had to do the box. Darn. But there is a click that lets you choose the easiest of the text to type though. That does help somewhat.

  8. It works great for me from my home computer. I think the reason is that I am constantly "signed in" to a Google account on this machine. In other words Google is tracking my every click.

    I never liked anonymous commenting from the stand point that you don't know who you are talking to. I suppose part of that had to do with the fact that about half of those commentators were looking to argue without having to own up to what they were saying. As long as someone picked a handle I didn't care about the rest.

    I think that everyone should be able to go where they like and say what they think without Google and the NSA being able to track it. I wish it were different. I've been trying to find a comment system that you don't have to be a computer programmer to install. I'd like to offer you all something easier to interact with.

  9. WaterBoy3:29 PM

    Test from standard desktop computer using IE, attempt to comment without filling in the captcha box...

    ...failed. Still had to enter verification code, and re-publish as noted previously.

    Res, just implement what fits best for you. Anyone that wishes to comment can fit to your needs, though it's appreciated that you consider ours as well.

  10. WaterBoy3:37 PM

    Just noticed that William, Rabbi B, and Res Ipsa all posted while logged into Blogger profile, while Susan and I used the Name/URL option. That's clearly the Pass/Fail criteria, and anyone not wanting to verify through captcha can do so by also creating an account with them.

    I will continue with the captcha box, though. Thanks, anyway.

    P.S. Went to publish this comment, still had to check the 'Not A Robot' box, but this time I got verified WITHOUT the popup captcha box. Something about my cookie settings on this computer versus my phone and my laptop settings allows it to retain my verification across postings -- as long as I never close the IE window or log off the system, I suspect.

  11. Anyone that wishes to comment can fit to your needs, though it's appreciated that you consider ours as well.

    I've been reading the blogger help forms trying to figure this problem out. A large number of blogs are having a problem with the comments. Basically its about Google's desire to track and control. Some of that is based on targeted marketing. Some of that is based on a very real desire to remove internet privacy.

    From what I can gather Blogger rolled out this new tracking crap across some of their blogs but not others. So its possible to be on one blogger hosted blog and not have any problems but be totally unable to post on another.

    Personally I'd rather have to deal with the occasional person trolling and let my regulars comment hassle free. Hopefully Blogger figures out how to let the blog owners control the spam setting and let us decide how restrictive we want to be with comments instead of trying to tell us what works best on our blogs.

    I'll keep looking for a solution that allows captcha free comments.