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Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


One Good Cop

The police get a bad rap.  Much of it deserved. The things that they do that they get the most attention for are the ones the media sensationalizes.  When that happens, more often than not the press gets it wrong.  Taking that into account though its hard to sympathize with the cops too much.  I don't know what percentage of the police are honest, good men doing a hard job verses how many shouldn't be trusted out in public unsupervised.  No matter what side of this debate you are one, I suspect you'd be surprised by the answer, if we knew it.

Every once in a while someone, probably by total accident, comes in contact with a good cop.  My brother had this happen late Wednesday night/Thursday morning.  He got pulled over taking the kids to see my folks.  The cop told him what he had observed about my brothers driving.  Then he told my brother that he was either drunk or tired.  My brother (not drunk) was advised to get a cup of coffee or maybe switch drivers with his wife.  Then the cop let him go.  He didn't even run his drivers license.

No real crime had occurred, no more of my brothers time was wasted than the 5 min for the stop.  All in all not a bad police encounter.

As we all know from watching the news, southern cops are nothing but redneck, low life, racist, cracker azz mo-fo's looking for any chance they can get to oppress a nigga.

Then I saw this story about a cop who decided not to make an arrest.
Tarrant Police officer delivered food to Helen Johnson, the grandmother caught stealing eggs at a Dollar General on Monday. Officer William Stacy responded to the scene and bought Johnson the eggs rather than arresting her. The act of kindness was caught on video and has become a viral sensation.
Tarrant is a suburb of Birmingham Alabama.  You may remember something about Birmingham and Dr. MLK.  So I guess we all know about these kind of white people.  I haven't seen anyone else say this so I'm going to.

Helen Johnson was a black women caught in the act of steeling.  She said she was steeling 5 eggs because she was 50 cents short of buying a dozen eggs and her grand children were hungry.  The store employees had called the police.  A white male cop showed up.  The store told him they weren't going to press charges for a pocket full of eggs.  All he had to do to fulfill his duty was escort her off the property.

If ABC/NBC/CBS or the Holder Justice Department was writing this story the next thing that happened would have been a beat down or a shooting. 

William Stacy isn't your normal stereotypical southern redneck (he is a normal redneck just like nearly everyone I've ever known).  Mr. Stacy went back in the store and bought her a dozen eggs.  Then the next day he showed up at Ms Johnson's house with two truck loads of groceries. 

Apparently officer Stacy missed the day they covered keeping the black man down at police academy.

I eagerly await the appearance of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder or Barrack Obama at a press conference discussing the "situation" with the police and race relations in Alabama.


  1. Anonymous9:44 AM

    It's funny that the word redneck is such a pejorative-I consider it a compliment, personally. I like to think that if you open the door for others, you might be a redneck: If you take your hat off inside, you might be a redneck: if you treat the elderly with respect, you might be a redneck.
    As for police officers, I agree that there are plenty of good ones. The problem is that the bad ones are really bad, and the good ones have to associate with them-birds of a feather...
    I'm sure there are racist cops out there. I don't believe that it's as bad as the media like to report.

  2. You might be a redneck if... you've ever bought someone some groceries because they were down on their luck.

    If I had Jeff Foxworthy's email, I'd send him that one, because its true.

    You might be a redneck if...

    You've jumpstarted a strangers dead battery in the parking lot.

    You've changed your elderly neighbors lawnmower oil.

    You've plowed out the snow that the cities trucks push into peoples driveways.

    This might be worth its own post.