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Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


Getting my Goat

Last night I was winding down when I got home from work and discovered what was intended to replicate a TV talk show by Sid Roth.  (It really was a 28 min infomercial) From reading the website I gather the show is broadcast on cable as well as the internet.  I saw it on the net.

Because the link to the show was on what I sometimes regard as a respectable news source, I decided to give it a shot.  The BS detector went off almost immediately.  This happens when people start calming that "God gave them a message". 

The Bible is something I take very seriously.  I happen to believe that God can give people messages.  I mean that last sentence exactly like I wrote it.  I believe that God can give people a special message or revelation.  If He is, is another matter.

Fortunately we have a two prong test that allows us to test these claims.
  • Does the prophetic claim contradict anything in written scripture?
  • Does the "sign" or "result" come to pass?
Both Sid Roth and his featured guest Jordan Rubin claim to be Messianic Jews.  That is they say they are religiously both Hebrew and Christian.  I'm OK with that claim and I see no inherent contradiction in it.  Mr. Jordan Rubin claims to be an evangelist/pastor of a Christian church who has, as he claims, been given a special message from God, that is guaranteed to make those who respond "10 times Wiser, 10 times Healthier, 10 times Closer to God".  According to Mr. Rubin and Mr. Roth this can be accomplished in just 10 days after purchasing a "kit" for $69.99.

If the TV show is to be believed, the majority of the material behind the system that God told Mr. Rubin about when he was in India is found in the book of Daniel.  Apparently the special message centers around eating only kosher vegetables and water for 10 days, as well as keeping kosher, intermittent fasting and some other conditions found in the kit that you get for a low, low  price of $69.99, shipping included.

According to Mr. Rubin God hasn't changed his mind about anything and all of the Old Testament requirements are still in effect.  My memory may be a little rusty, but I don't remember anyone paying  to get a special message from God in the OT.  Maybe I just need to be 10 times wiser than I am now.

In fact I know I need to be wiser than I am now.  I propose a test.  I am willing to eat only water and vegetables like Daniel did.  Mr. Roth can pick how much and how often according to the message he says God told him.  I will continue my normal exercise routine, basically a three day a week version of strong lifts 5X5 with some cardio. 
  • I am willing to be tested in any independent standardized IQ test before and after the 10 days to see if I am "wiser". 
  • We can track my vital health statistics with BMI, blood work, and whatever other scientific methods (echo cardio gram etc) that Mr. Rubin and Mr. Jordan propose.
  • The next part about being 10 Times closer to God is more tricky.  I freely admit that I'm not a very good Christian.  Any improvement in this department would by its very nature be a highly subjective.  The proof of improvement therefor needs to be something that is undeniable.  I think a visible miracle preformed at my discretion would suffice.  Mr. Roth and Jordan can name the miracle, walking on water, miraculous healings, lame to walk (I pick the cripple), water into wine etc. 
If they are correct and these things come to pass, I am willing to pay 10 times the cost of the kit, $699.99.  I'm willing to lower my expectation to an improvement in these areas to 5 times where I am now.

However, if they are wrong, I propose we follow the Old Testament to the letter.  Mr. Jordan has already made the claim that this is the correct way to view scripture so I think we should take him at his word.
Deut 18:20-22
But the prophet who presumes to speak a word in My name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or who speaks in the name of other gods, that prophet shall die.' 
And if you say in your heart, 'How shall we know the word which the LORD has not spoken?' —  when a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the thing does not happen or come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously ; you shall not be afraid of him.
It's one thing to be a snake oil salesman.  It's another dimension of sleaze when you pretend God told you to do it.  IF God really told you what you claim, He will back you up.  Here is your chance.


  1. WaterBoy4:05 PM

    "However, if they are wrong, I propose we follow the Old Testament to the letter. "

    *laugh* Interesting take, though I think your punishment for failure may be a tad harsh.

    Then again, who am I to question His wisdom?

    On the other hand, who is supposed to do the killing? The phrase "that prophet shall die" doesn't exactly specify how or by whose hand....

  2. Anonymous5:39 PM

    I think they stone them.

  3. This is probably one of the most egregious and sleazy schemes I have ever heard about. It reminds me of Simon the Magi, the fellow who wanted the Apostles to sell him the secret to doing all the miracles and such.

    He wanted to make a pot of money performing those miracles that the Apostles were doing for love and for free, as a gift from God.

    The Apostles told him in no uncertain terms to go away, God's miracles aren't for sale. Res, I feel very comfortable letting God sort these snake oil salesmen out Himself.

    He has punishments lined up for those who take advantage of His most vulnerable that would make not only our hair turn white, but would probably make our hearts freeze in terror if we had to face them ourselves.

    God also says that He will spit those phonies who claim to know Him right out of His mouth. I can't imagine anything worse than being told "I don't know you" by God.

  4. Wow, it didn't ask me to type numbers, Just click the box that says I am not a robot. Nice!
    Ok, now it did. Maybe because I typed this so soon after the other. Not a problem

  5. Rabbi B has been helping direct me in a study of Judaism. Tonight I was reading in the Talmud that to put these two to death for being false prophets would require a trial before a Great Sanhedrin, meaning all 71 members would have to be assembled and convict them. That's rabbinic Judaism, these two claim to be messianic Jews so I'm not sure how the details should play out.

    God is more than capable of sorting His affairs as He sees fit. These two kooks rub me the wrong way. I don't recall anyplace OT or NT where people were asked to pay to buy a kit to learn about a revelation from God.

    I'm not sure how educated everyone here is about the topic of nutrition, but how many of you think that if all you ate or drank was vegetables and water while doing intermittent fasting for 10 days you would lose some weight?

    How many of you think that the Creator of the Universe took time out of His schedule to impart a special message to some American wandering around in India that it was very important that he charge $69.99 for a cook book and journal (including shipping) to make people 10 times better spiritually?

    1. WaterBoy12:47 PM

      Res Ipsa: "How many of you think that the Creator of the Universe took time out of His schedule to impart a special message to some American wandering around in India that it was very important that he charge $69.99 for a cook book and journal (including shipping) to make people 10 times better spiritually?"

      Probably no more likely than He threatened to "call home" Oral Roberts if he didn't meet his fundraising goal...after failing to follow through on an earlier threat to do so. Or that He wanted Oral to personally prosper to the point of having multiple luxury vacation homes, numerous expensive Mercedes cars, etc.

      Or any of numerous other financial scandals tied to other televangelists. I often wonder if any of these guys actually have any earnest Faith at all, if they aren't just pure hucksters pretending to be men of God in order to fleece the perceived sheep.

      Ever have there been false prophets among you. Ever will there continue to be.

    2. I agree. Which is why stoning doesn't seem like such a bad idea. Not that my philosophy is based not pop music; but I agree with the greatest musician of my generation: "Well the God I believe in isn't short of cash, mister.".

  6. Anonymous9:07 AM

    This reminds me of the "do this and the Creator will do this" thing that some "pastors" are wont to do.
    And folks wonder why the pews are emptying out...

  7. Wyo,

    That's a good point. I think that another big reason you see folks leaving the church is because men don't stay places they aren't wanted. I think that more and more churches are catering to the female imperative and men are leaving in droves.

    1. Anonymous8:30 AM

      Exactly. Last several times I've been to church I've had to listen to the "single moms are heroes" and " Do I tithe on the gross or the net? That depends-do you want the Creator to bless you on the gross or the net?" sermons. I'm not going back until pastors start acting like men.

    2. I'm not going back until pastors start acting like men.

      I know the feeling. I learned along time ago that I have to do my own study b/c there aren't many guys in pulpits who challenge me. I can accept that b/c different people are at different places. I'm OK with the fact that the preaching is normally going to be aimed at the middle, b/c that is where most people are. Its a matter of being practical and trying to do the best that can be done for the most amount of people. Besides church doesn't exist, "to meet my needs". Church isn't supposed to be a consumer product.

      I get all of that, and I'm good with it.

      Maybe this should be its own post.

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