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Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


Lot Lizards @ Lunch

I've worked lots of jobs.  One of the ways to be always employable as a young person is to be willing to take a job in the service industry.  The pay isn't that great, the hours can be less than desirable. If you are going to school or pursuing a different career and need extra money to make ends meet "burger flipper" jobs can be a great way to get to your goal.  I don't know if that is why Jarred is delivering pizza.

What if times are tough and delivering pizza is the best job you can get?

Does that make you less of a man?

Apparently it does in some peoples eyes.
The situation began Saturday, when Palace Pizza delivery guy Jarrid Tansey delivered $42 worth of pizzas and drinks to the dealership. He was paid $50 in two $20s and two $5s, said Palace Pizza manager Adam Willoughby.
When he returned from the delivery, someone from the car dealership called Willoughby, asking for the driver to return with change -- roughly $7 and some coins.
Having worked for tips, I can tell you if someone pays a $42 bill the way they did, I would assume it was a tip too.  $45 for the bill and $5 plus the change for a tip.  That's about what I'd expect most folks to tip on that amount.  $2 and change would be too small of a tip, adding an extra $5 would make it about right.

Even if I messed up and gave the guy too much, I wouldn't call his boss to complain.  I wouldn't blame the delivery guy for pocketing a tip.  That's how they make their living.  One other thing I wouldn't do is make him come back out to bring me my change.  IF and I mean by some unlikely course of events IF he had to bring my change back, I wouldn't belittle him for an honest mistake, that happened because I over paid him.

One other thing I wouldn't do: I wouldn't take the footage from the security camera of my coworkers mocking him and post it on the internet.  I wouldn't do any of those things.

Which is why I shouted YES at my computer screen when I read this story and saw the video. 

Pizza delivery guy gets insulted, Internet gets revenge

Amanda Rogers, a former waitress, was so moved after seeing Tansey's video on LiveLeak, she called the pizza shop to find out the driver's name so she could send him a check.
"For them to call him back over money he should've received anyway," Rogers said, "I decided to take it one step further."
"Why not get the kid more than he deserves?" she said.
Rogers set up the fundraising page for Tansey. It's entitled "Get Jarrid his tip money!"
Many are leaving donations in $7 increments, the amount Tansey drove back to return to the dealership. One commenter wrote, "You are a good example of someone treating people the way you want to be treated."
Rogers, who was a stranger to Tansey and his wife before this all started, said she hopes the response would prove that, "people are actually nice out there."
Good on Amanda Rogers.  Good on everyone who sent Jared a couple of extra bucks to make up for the lot lizards of the world. 


  1. Susan9:51 AM

    As far as I am concerned, the more valuable job to society is the pizza guy.
    1. I like pizza
    2. I like a guy who is willing to work a lower level job to take care of business for himself and his family. Somebody willing to work is always valuable.
    3. The biggest reason (to me) that the delivery guy is more important in the grand scheme of things is because people have to eat to survive. We don't need to buy a car to do that.

    There is a reason why car salesmen are at the extreme low end of the totem pole when it comes to being trustworthy. I don't know of anyone who actually likes car salesmen. I think they are almost as bad as lawyers.

  2. I think they are almost as bad as lawyers.

    At least with lawyers we get lawyer jokes.

    I agree about the pizza guy. It might not be a prestigious job, but its honest. At least he didn't get elected to congress.

  3. I've seen the car salesmen turn up their nose at me when I mention what my price range is. I think if I ever buy a new car, I'm going to dress like a bum. They will give me the lowest guy on the totem pole to help me. He could probably use the commission the most.

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