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Countdown Complete

Tonight around 12:30am I met one of my intermediate fitness goals. 

This is the power rack at my gym.

This is what 3-45lb plates on each side looks like.
One of my fitness goals is to get to a point where I can lift 5 sets of 5 reps each at 405lbs.  That would be 4-45plates on each side.  Tonight I hit a milestone.  I finally made it the point where I am lifting 3 plates on each side.  6 plates X 45lbs each plus 45lbs for the bar = 315lbs.  Not too shabby for an old fart.

What about the next goal the 4 plates per side for 405lbs?  All I had to do was add two plates to the bar.  Could I do it?
Yes, I could add the extra weight to the bar.  That was easy!  How many reps could I get?

Exactly one.  Lifting 405lbs after doing 25 total reps at 315lbs was HARD.  But I nailed it for a 1 rep maximum of 405lbs on a squat.  I won't be trying that again.  I'm going to stick with the slow and steady strength building program I'm on till I get to 405. 

In case you were wondering.  At 405lbs on the bar if there is any air inside your body when you reach the down position on the squat, its coming out, fast.  I'm pretty sure I caught the tail end of a chili wet burrito I ate back in 83.  Fortuitously no one else is working out at 12:30 in the morning.

In other news:

2015 License Draw Results
License Type
RESIDENT MOOSE                              Successful
RESIDENT BIGHORN SHEEP             Unsuccessful

I've wanted to hunt moose for at least 30 years and I've been back in Wyoming for the last 15 years putting in for tags.  This year I finally drew a bull moose tag.  For those of you down in SW WYO, I'll be coming through town a time or two before season starts to so some scouting.
I'll explain the clues:
Two of them are nearly identical.I had put in for two hard to get hunting licenses.

The first thing to happen chronologically should happen shortly after midnight.
The only time I have to work out is after work which means I don't get to the gym till 12am.

The first thing is related to the other two things but is independent of it.
My desire to get fit has a lot to do with being able to enjoy my hobbies fully.  I'd still work out even if I didn't get any tags.

The second two things are depend on events outside of my control.There is nothing I can do about getting a tag in the draw its based on points and random chance.

 All three things will make me happy.
I'd love to meet all my personal goals.

One of the things I don't want to happen.
I didn't want a bighorn tag this year.  I don't have the money to do the hunt with an outfitter and I'm not in good enough shape to do it anyway.  I still need to lose a lot of weight (I'm down 22lbs since March 1).  I'm no where near in good enough shape in terms of cardio to do a physically challenging high altitude hunt.  Plus if I get a sheep I want at least a full shoulder mount and those are big bucks.
So now that I'm doing fairly good on my workouts and I have a moose hunting trip to prep for, I'll try not to blog all fitness and all hunting all the time.  I'm sure its still going to come up a time or two.


  1. Anonymous9:18 AM

    What area are you hunting?

  2. Susan1:12 PM

    If Sarah Palin can do it, so can you my friend. I am so happy for you right now. After so many years of waiting, I sure hope you bag yourself one. I also figure that a fellow like you who knows his way around a kitchen will have compiled a wish list of recipes to cook that sucker when you get him.

    Congrats on the weight loss too. You may never get that bighorn tag, but your family will reap the benefits of all your hard work.

  3. I drew an area 27 tag. There were 15 of them given out this year.

    Sarah Palin lives where you get a moose tag over the counter and can shoot them in your back yard. If it sounds like I'm jealous, I am kinda. The unit I have isn't the easiest to hunt for a couple of reasons, but I'm not going to worry about that. I'm going to focus on getting in better shape and being able to pack that big boy out when I get it down.

    Moose is a fine tasting critter. I like wild game in general but its a treat. That probably has more to do with the fact that its not easy to come by. I love caribou too but its been a long time since I've had any of that on my plate.

  4. WaterBoy2:09 PM

    Congratulations -- 2 outta 3 ain't bad, so have some meatloaf.

  5. Two out of three is great. I could never afford to do both hunts this year. I'm still flying pretty high over the whole deal. Thank you for the well wishes.

  6. Congrats on the squat! I have my own power rack, and if I could consistently keep at SL5x5 for a while I might get to that point it is, I'm not even to 2 plates/side yet.

  7. That was a riddle. Congrats on 2 out of three. I hates squats. For what it is worth, in my college football days I don't think I ever squatted four plates. Squats were my weakest lift. Being 6'6" is probably the reason why. One of my teamates said when we graduated he was glad he'd never have to squat more than 225 again. I concur. I hate squats.

  8. I've always had strong legs. My thighs have always been on the large size too. Even when I was a kid and playing sports. Working up to 405 would be more than 2x's my ideal body weight and would be a great fitness matrix to met.