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Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


Of Jobs

Not everybody loves their job.

A job after all is something we exchange our time, efforts, etc to in exchange for money.  Most folks, I think, would quit showing up everyday at work, if the pay checks stopped showing up at the end of the week.  I think everybody in an organization understands this fact.

Some people have jobs that they are uniquely suited for.  The person who gets up everyday and is thankful that they get to do what they like with their time is unusual. The employee who tells folks that he is lucky they get a paycheck for doing what they love is even more rare.

When you don't have a job and you need one, desperation can set in.  Sometimes you take a job, just because its a job you can do, and they are willing to pay you to do it.  I think that everyone has probably done that at some point in time.  I know I have.  I'm doing that right now.  I get it.

One thing you should never do is let people know you hate your job.  Seriously this is a bad idea.  The only thing worse is letting people know you hate your job, before you actually start doing your job.

Woman Fired Before First Day Of Work Over Facebook Post
She posted on Facebook, "I start my new job today but I absolutely hate working at a day care. I just really hate being around a lot of kids."
The day care found out about it, and decided they didn't need her "help".

There are jobs a person can't do. Either they are not qualified or not capable of doing them.

There are jobs that a person would hate to do.

There are jobs that a person would love to do that fit into the category of "I'm so lucky they pay me to do this".

Someplace in-between are the jobs that most people will likely get.  The trick is to do the job you have until you find the job you want.  Never be ungrateful for an employer who thinks enough of you to hire you.  Never let them think, even for a second that you believe you are not suited for the job they hired you to do.  Because if you are, you shouldn't be there, and the economy is so bad, that they get rid of you today and have your replacement by the end of the week.


  1. Susan7:56 PM

    Great posting by the way. I guess that is why there is a difference between a career and a job. One you love, and the other is just a way to pay the bills until something better comes along.

    Some people are lucky in that the universe connects the dots and they get more than just a career, they find their bliss, and get decently paid for it too.

    I am glad that the day care center changed their mind about her. The last person I would want around my little tykes is a woman like that. She is a massive lawsuit waiting to happen.

  2. I'd never be a good day care worker. I'm a good dad. I love my kids, but I'd not be good at watching other peoples kids. Like the women in the story, I don't like being around lots of kids. I sympathize with her on that part.

    I realize that it's hash, but if I was the day care and I knew that she hated being around lots of kids, I'd fire her too.