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Teacher Marries Student, Avoids Jail

I'm all for marriage.  I think America would be a lot better off if people married earlier in life and stayed married for the duration.  By earlier, I mean just that.  I'm not opposed to teenage marriage in the least.  Historically that's the norm anyway.  If 16 or 17 year old kids are going to be having sex there isn't much you can do about it.  Of course that's not a problem if the kids are married and going to stay together.

Somethings however seem, if not wrong, down right icky.
A 42-year-old North Carolina teacher escaped charges of statutory rape by marrying the teenager she was accused of having sex with.  Shipman was facing a sentence of 15 years in prison after being accused of statutory rape for sleeping with Ison when he was 15 years old. But North Carolina state law states that Ison cannot be forced to testify against his spouse, forcing prosecutors to drop their case.
Elsewhere in the story it mentions that the boy's mom had to grant permission for the 17 year old boy to marry his teacher.  Where was the kids father?  Only a women would let her son marry a women more than twice his age.  If this whole deal is simply a dodge to keep this teacher out of jail, ok, I guess.  If that's the case, how long does the kid have to stay "married" to keep her out of jail?  1 year, till he's 18? 4 years, till he's 21?  Talk about punishing the victim.

I get it.  At 15 the male is liking any kind of sex he can get from any female.  No doubt the boy consented eagerly to the whole "relationship".  At 17 this boy is going to get as many blow jobs as he wants, if for no other reason because if she slacks off, she's going to jail.  Heck, anything the kid wants, no matter how kinky is now on the table.  

I was going to start ranting about what a waste it is having to be young and limited to a women who is well past her prime, then I reread the last sentence of that last paragraph.  I'm sure he'll find the strength to muddle through till he's 21, maybe longer if she loses a few pounds.

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