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Snow Day?

I admit we need the moisture, and I'm glad to get it.  It's been a whole month since the first day of spring and I for one would rather we got rain than another dumping of snow.


  1. Update:

    I just finished moving the wet stuff. Is it spring yet?

  2. 2-4 inches here. I'm thinking most of it will be gone by the weekend. Garden will be late this year.

  3. WaterBoy3:29 PM

    Supposed to get some tonight, winds are already picking up now as the front moves in.

    Agree that I would rather get rain than snow, but will take either in this drought. We're already under watering restrictions.

  4. WB,

    Ya'll needed 36 to 40 ft in mtns this winter just to bring the res back up to low. I hope you get dumped on some more. Your driveway is shorter than mine so it would be worth it for you.

  5. WaterBoy1:32 AM

    Snow must have moved north, again. Driveway barely has a dusting on it.

    Yes, water levels on the Arkansas are way below average; gonna make the rafting a lot slower. My friend from Michigan is coming in June sometime, and am planning a trip down Royal Gorge, if you're interested.

  6. WaterBoy10:29 AM

    Ah, more snow fell overnight, I actually had to shovel the driveway and sidewalk this morning. And it's still falling, so I'll probably end up doing it again tonight.

    But this is the last time, dammit! If it snows again, those damn pedestrians can just cross the street and use the sidewalks over there!

    Interesting that the NWS issued a "Winter Weather Advisory", though. Shouldn't it be a "Spring Weather Advisory", since it's past March 21?

  7. I just wish it would rain. I'm sick of the snow. I'd rather have 1/2 in rain than 6 to 8 in snow.

  8. This year and rafting might happen. I am up for a job that would require me to spend 3 weeks in Denver for training. If that happens I might be able to stay over the weekend and get some whitewater time in. If not I'll still drop by and buy a round or two.