All in the Family featured the curmudgeonly Archie Bunker. Archie was television’s most famous grouch, blunt, blustering, straightforward and untouched by the PC crowd. He was the archetype of the conservative male. Michael desprately tried to reeducate him, but he persisted in his breviloquence.

Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!



Vox and others have done a great deal to expose female solipsism.  In the context of game recognizing solipsism is simply one more step in mastering the score.  Fair enough, game is what game is.  There is a term for solipsism that my grandmother would have used, selfishness.  Granted solipsism reveals more of a darker side of the female selfishness.

There is a man in our town who owns an appliance shop.  I've bought several appliances from him over the years.  He has serviced some for me as well.  His wife and grown kids work with him in his store.  He has a reputation for being a honest family man.  That reputation has proven accurate in my dealings with him.  I believe that he is a decent man.  In 13 years of living in the same town and doing business with him, I would say his reputation is well earned. 

Saturday one of his employees found his body.  He had committed suicide.

My first thought was that his business was in some sort of financial difficulty.  The economy is in bad shape and a businessman in a small town service industry could be seriously hurt by such things.  Apparently that's not the case, the store was doing fine.

Something else had happened.  A female employee recently filed a sexual harassment lawsuit.  A lawsuit like that can be devastating to a small businessman for several reasons.  First defending against it costs lots of money.  Second, his entire business is built on good service and his reputation.  You can drive out of town and buy a freezer from the big box store for $150 less.  When you buy local you’re getting more than the freezer or stove, you’re getting the reputation of the man selling it to you.  How many women are going to want to buy a dishwasher from a pervert?  In a small town, news like that gets around.

I know something about the situation that most folks in town don't.  I know the women who made the accusations.  I have been in her home, in fact I helped them unpack the moving van.  I know her and her now ex-husband and kids fairly well.  I watched their marriage blow apart.  I've heard her lies before too.  She's learned that lying about sexual issues gets her the results she wants.  Her mom and step dad lived with her.  Mom wanted to divorce the step dad and take his pension.  In Wyoming, you can't do that.  Step dad was going to fight, guess who got accused of sexual assault on the boys? 

That trick worked so well in that divorce that it was rolled out again when she decided to dump her husband.  According to her ex she's accused other men of rape.  Need some extra cash, blame a man for some sort of sexual misconduct.  It's paid off before, what’s the harm in one more roll of the dice?

I think this old, fat and otherwise well used and unattractive example of a sperm receptacle would have accepted a small payoff to go away.  I don't know, but say $10,000 in hundreds and fifties might have done the trick and no one would have been wiser.  Honest, innocent men don't pay bribes.  What do you do when you can't afford the fight, or the damage to your reputation and your family stands to lose a lifetime of work and savings?

You go into your warehouse on a day your wife, kids are off, and you pull the trigger.

A man will give his life to serve those he loves.  Sometimes he does this a little bit at a time, trading 8hrs or more a day of his life in some hated role that provides a check, a roof and a future for his family.  If needed the man, will trade all of his remaining days in an instant to secure his families future.  It will cost his life, his honor and his reputation, but it will save them.  It will be worth it.

A women will lie, cheat, blackmail, steal to satisfy her whims.  For some no lie is too black; no slander too evil no manipulation to grotesque, so long as she gets what she wants.  "Not all women are like her", you may object.  You are wrong; they all do these things it is only in the matter of degree and sinister intent that varies.


  1. So how do you secure your families future by killing yourself?

    I can't believe they pay life insurance in the case of suicide. You'd have to make it look like an accident.

  2. "So how do you secure your families future by killing yourself?"

    1. She has to prove her case in court, she can't do that now. I don’t even know that a suit was filed, it may have only gone to the “we’re going to sue you, how much will you pay stage”. The case hasn’t gone to trial or even to discovery that I know of, therefor all that will happen in the courts is a motion to dismiss. That’s all that can be done, and the judge will grant it. The second he died his will and any trust arrangements went into effect, in absence of that, all his earthly possessions go to the wife.

    2. No one to sue, no one to pay for the plaintiffs’ lawyer. It’s one thing to take a case on contingency when there is a chance of a payout for a “he said, she said” case. Now there is no money available; no plaintiffs’ lawyer is going to want to waste time on this. No case for the plaintiff means no lawyer needed to defend, no lawyer bills.

    3. Life insurance has a 2 year suicide clause. This means that any suicide in the first two years the policy is open doesn't have to be paid. Suicide after the 2 year period normally is. I don’t know if he had life insurance, he protected his family business.

  3. 1. She has to prove her case in court, she can't do that now.

    Why not? He just killed the best witness for the defense.

    I'll bet that you can sue a dead guy. When my uncles father in law died, someone got a judgment from the estate due to a car accident. He had some money and they could smell it.

    I'm not a lawyer, but I'll be willing to bet there is a way to do it.

  4. Why not?

    If the case hasn't been filed no judge is going to let it be filed, or if it is it will be dismissed. I'll try to look this up for you tonight at work.

  5. Res Ipsa5:55 PM

    Wyoming Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 19 B it doesn't say the judge must kick the case, but that is what happens most of the time.

  6. WaterBoy9:09 AM

    Res Ipsa: "Life insurance has a 2 year suicide clause. This means that any suicide in the first two years the policy is open doesn't have to be paid. Suicide after the 2 year period normally is."

    But even then, the payout is usually limited to the total amount of premiums paid over the course of the policy...which can be a substantial amount, but is still typically less than the face value of the policy.