All in the Family featured the curmudgeonly Archie Bunker. Archie was television’s most famous grouch, blunt, blustering, straightforward and untouched by the PC crowd. He was the archetype of the conservative male. Michael desprately tried to reeducate him, but he persisted in his breviloquence.

Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


Study HARD!

I'm beginning to wonder about our colleges more and more every day.  In my post, "They Pay For This" I talked about paying "orgasm specialists" to come and lecture students.  This class has me puzzled, College Offers Course Devoted Entirely To Pornography.  I'm not puzzled about the interest in sex by 18 to 23 year old kids.  That interest is a normal part of life.  What puzzles me is that they are willing to pay for this stuff. 

Maybe I'm old fashioned, but when I was a kid access to boobies and orgasms was readily available in the back seat of my car, for free.  No classes, no lectures, most importantly no cover charge.  How big of a loser are you that you'd pay to take a class about porn, when everything you could ever want to know about the subject is available on line for free?  Why in the world would you settle for porn, and it is settling, when you can have all the real sex you want in our culture today?  I'm a fat middle aged man with a bit of male pattern baldness going, working a dead end job to keep my family afloat, and I could have had a romp with a women I met last night.

I guess our colleges have given up on teaching stuff that employers want to pay you for, in favor of teaching you stuff that you should be able to do for your self.


  1. WaterBoy12:09 PM

    My daughter has recently started talking about going back to school to learn something a little more marketable. I advised her to take some bookkeeping and accounting classes, as that is the area most suitable for the type of job she is looking for. That, and polishing her computer skills, will go further than anything else out there, I reckon.

  2. What is it that she wants to do?

  3. Heh. You evidently weren't an ostracized geek while growing up. Access to women? Puh-leeze.

  4. I wasn't a player the way these PUA sites talk about. I've never seen myself as an alpha. I wouldn't have wanted to fit into that crowd had I known about it. On the other hand, it isn't like there aren't a lot of females eager to prove themselves. There are LOTS and LOTS of girls on the girl tree, its just a matter of saying "hi". If she is in to you, then you have it made, if not move on to the next one.

    Why would anyone want to pay to take a class on porn?

  5. "ostracized geek"

    No I wasn't. I hung out with who I wanted to hang out with. That was everyone from jocks and preps to the geeks and burn outs. One of the richest kids in town was one of my good friends as well as a couple of the biggest geeks. I dated everything from a solid 3 to the valedictorians of both high schools to a couple of real hotties. A girl I “went with” in JR high went on to pose in Penthouse. As a sophomore in HS I was dating collage girls. From 16 till I was 23 I never had a weekend that I wanted a date and didn’t have one. I was never a PUA or a so called Alpha.

    Here’s how I did it: If I thought someone or something was interesting, I pursued it. I just said “hi” or “how’s it going”. I never had a pick up line. I did have a cool brown leather jacket. I don’t know if that made a difference, but I loved that jacket. I never drove a “cool car”. My wheels were either mom’s mini van or dad’s car. When I got to college I was driving some form of cheap 4 banger. That’s all I could afford, but it never stopped me from meeting girls. As far as jobs: McDonalds, Pizza Hut, waiting tables, cooking, and even the college food service. Shure there were a couple of better jobs over the summers like working as a shop rat in a plant or building fences, but nothing impressive or flashy.

  6. WaterBoy4:04 PM

    "What is it that she wants to do?"

    Banking or accounting; something in services rather than sales. She had a line on a bank teller position, but it fell through.

    She isn't interested in pursuing a degree -- and probably won't have time to put it to use anyway before she's a stay-at-home mother -- so I was helping her find some things she can do short term that would also help her take over the family business in the future. If she can do her own books, then she can save the money instead of paying somebody else to do them.

  7. Geez Res,

    You are not a pick up artist because you don't need to be.

    You are a natural alpha.

    A pick up artist pretends to be alpha. You are the real thing.

  8. Res Ipsa5:10 PM


    A small comunity bank would likely hire her as a teller. The pay is around $9 to $10 an hour. Its a start. If she wants to get into other departments in a bank (like accounting) already working there as a teller would be a natural step.

  9. Res Ipsa5:42 PM

    You are a natural alpha.

    Not really. I read that stuff over at Vox’s and I don’t really see myself as fitting any of it. Maybe that’s my problem. I don’t know. I like the beta side of a relationship. I would have been happy getting married to the girl I took to the prom. She was a good person and would have made a good wife. The night I went to talk to her about doing just that, she dumped me for a PUA that she met at UofM. After her my next LTR was a petite brunette that hung around for about 2 years of my telling her I wasn’t going to marry her. During that time I dated around a bunch. I think having the appearance of a girlfriend was a big turn on to other girls. The next LTR was a cute blond. I was so used to being a dog by then that I wrecked that big time. Then I took about 2 years off from dating and met and married Mrs Ipsa. That’s 3 LTR’s between 16 and 25. I met Mrs Ipsa in Jan and married her in May so she doesn’t count as a LTR, although we’ve been married over 16 years now. I always found it easy to spend time with “a girl” but I was always looking for “the girl”. That’s not alpha as I understand it.

  10. Anonymous7:08 PM

    I think that whole "alpha" thing is way over-rated. Sure, some guys are more successful, or look/act more successful, and get more chicks. But this is not exactly news, either. And I think it's pretty situational. Take a player from Georgetown (very ritzy part of DeeCee) and drop them in a honky tonk in Dallas and see how they do. If you're somewhere you're comfortable, talking to someone you're comfortable with - it'll happen.

    So... those porn classes... are they "hard", "easy as pie", "just a bunch of boobs"... I guess they encourage you to explore yourself, and get in touch with yourself, etc etc etc.


  11. He's right, Res, you are a natural alpha. It comes easy to you because it's just natural. You don't have to fit Vox's definitions to be one.

    Shoot, Mrs. Astro had to ask me out. I never could get up the nerve to ask any girl out in high school, though I certainly wanted to. Like George McFly, I just don't think I could have taken that sort of...rejection.

    Now, I will have to say that if I had not been de facto engaged to Mrs. Astro all through college, I did have several girls I could have pursued, but didn't. Oh well.

    As for the college class on porn, I sure as hell ain't paying for my kids to take some damn class like that!

  12. Res Ipsa10:33 PM

    "Mrs. Astro had to ask me out."

    OK. Today you have who and what you want, which you've had to one degree or another the whole time. Getting what you want and enjoy is winning. Isn't an "alpha" by definition a winner?

    Awhile back vox did a totally anonymous post polling his readers about how may sex partners they had. One man posted his number. It was 1 and it was his wife on their wedding night. He posted his name. Now THAT was alpha.

    I know I’ve got side tracked with this alpha thing, but I can’t imagine any degree of “manhood” where you’d pay money to talk about porn.

  13. Anonymous7:18 AM

    Those classes are not about what you learn in them. They are about what you can avoid learning in them. They are easy classes that require no intellectual work. The student knows he needs to take a certain number of classes to get a degree. Taking that class instead of Chemestry is the easiest path to the exit. And because it isn't his money (normally parents money or student loans) he doesn't care about return on investment for the education dollar. Watching porn costs the same tuition as learning basic microchip design and manufacturing but is a lot less work. Easy choice.

  14. That’s not alpha as I understand it.

    That is exactly alpha. At least on the sexual side. Perhaps you aren't on the social side.

    Isn't an "alpha" by definition a winner?

    An alpha is more analogous to a good player. Michael Jordan wins because he's good player, he's not a good player because he wins. He doesn't win every time; nobody does. Most people don't lose every time, but some will.

    Some people are good players because they work hard (PUA). Some people are naturals (You).

    I'm neither, I've just been blessed.

  15. Giraffe,

    Your take on that makes sense.

  16. Hale,

    I agree its an easy "A" course and no doubt that is part of why kids want it. I guess I had to pay for my college and I never would have paid for that class. I have to admit to taking an easy "A" class. For one of my humanities credits I took a flim class. That class ended up being very good, and worth the money, even though that isn't why I took it.

  17. My number is one as well, but it wasn't on our wedding night. ;)

  18. I think its sad that she made you wait longer than that. Maybe game is a good idea. :-)

  19. Anonymous4:44 PM


    Res that was cold!

  20. "Res that was cold!"

    I put a smiley :-) at the end. What more do you want?