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Putin Lied?

It's summer time and we need a story worthy of our attention.

Russian Bloggers Cast Doubt on Putin's Fishy Tale

President Vladimir Putin's opponents on Monday gleefully sought to prove the Russian strongman had massively exaggerated the weight of a pike he caught on a recent fishing expedition to Siberia.
The Kremlin on Friday had announced that Putin managed to catch a 21 kilogramme (46 pound) pike while on a trip to the region of Tuva, providing television footage and pictures of the president stripped to the waist as he cast his line.

OK click the link and tell me what you think.  Is it a 12lb pike or a 46lb pike?


  1. It's a metric conversion thing. They are both right.

  2. It's a metric conversion thing. They are both right.

  3. WaterBoy11:08 AM

    Here's a 24-kg pike caught in Italy.

    Compare the photos side-by-side:


    (Sorry I can't embed the photos directly in the comments.)

    There's a distinct difference in size for which a mere 3-kg cannot account.

  4. WaterBoy11:10 AM

    If the Russian bloggers persist in pursuing this, expect Putin's people to put out a correction ascribing it to a transcription error by some staffer, and that 21-kg should have been 12-kg.

  5. Hale,

    I thought about that too. It's 2.2lbs to the kilo so that doesn't work. He caught a 12 lb apx pike. Which is a great fish. It's just not a 46 lb pike. I think someone goofed on the numbers.

  6. "Many people think that catching such a trophy is a pure accident," a fishing expert named Vitaly Maximov told the newspaper.

    "Be sure, it's not by chance! You need to have the psychology of a victor and a risk-taker."

    That is more like a 12 pound fish. Nice fish either way.

    I though lying was required when telling fish stories.

  7. WaterBoy11:58 AM

    I don't see where this "12 lbs" is coming from.

    10-11 kg (as the bloggers computed) = 22-24 lbs, not 12.

    A "transcription error" of 12 => 21 would mean a 26 lb fish. Yes, it's still not 46 lbs, but it's more than 12 lbs.

    Did I miss something in the article?

  8. The 12 lbs was what some of them were calling it. I can see it being a 20lb class fish, or 12K.

    Speaking of fishing trips in the far north, how did yours go?

  9. WaterBoy2:29 PM

    Haven't gone yet, it got pushed back until Fall...if it goes through at all this year.

    The problem now is that I don't have enough vacation time at the moment to take a long trip like that, so I'd have to go into the negative...something I really don't want to do.

  10. Yeah but it might be worth it.

    Fall fishing can be a little slower, but your odds of hooking a bigger fish are better.

  11. doomfinger11:17 AM

    Putin lied, Sea Monkeys died!