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WYO Politics: Liz Cheney and Shameless Self Promotion

Liz Cheney announced her intention to run against fellow republican Mike Enzi for his senate seat this last week.  Mike Enzi is a popular conservative republican that has served in the US Senate for three terms.  In Wyoming he is popular with the voters and generally well liked.  As a personal note, I've always found him and his wife Dianna (and his staff) to be very personable and approachable.  

The question I and lots of other folks in the Cowboy State have is "Who does Liz Cheney think she is?".  The first part of our dilemma is that Mike Enzi is regarded as one of the most conservative members of the Senate. (That's not saying much, but it is something) That reputation is part of why we like him.  The second part of our problem with Liz Cheney is, she isn't from Wyoming.  Yes she bought a second home here last year, and I'm sure her legal tax domicile is in Wyoming, but she lives in Virginia.  Cheney was born in Wisconsin.  She graduated high school in McLean Virginia.  She's spent most of her life in Virginia.  Virginia as it so happens, is a long way from Wyoming.  There is a word for what Liz Cheney is, "Carpetbagger". 

Dizzy Lizzy is confused.  She seems to think that just because her family came to WYO in 1800 and whatever and that her father grew up in Casper, that she is entitled to occupy one of our senate seats.  Her stump speech right now is Enzi's age and a cry for less compromise in fighting Democrats.  I'm not sure she is believable. 

If Cheney truly wants to shore up Republican opposition to Obummer and the evils of the DNC, her name recognition and alleged fund raising prowess should be put to use in a state where she could roust a liberal RINO (Arizona comes to mind) or a Democrat and add to the GOP's numbers in Congress.

Cheney is a deep inside the beltway insider.  It's hard to be more of a Washington wank than she is.  Read her Wiki page.  Liz Cheney has two things going for her, bind unprincipled ambition and name recognition.  We don't like unprincipled DC insiders who would sell their mother's soul for power.  Nothing about her "new, younger" agenda appeals to us. She has spent her professional life making back room deals for folks with deep pockets inside the beltway.  Does a leopard change its spots so quickly?  

I believe that diapers and politicians should be changed often, and for the same reason; but not when the result of changing them is going to worse than what you already have.  So yes I'll be supporting a shoe salesman, who was the son of a shoe salesman this time around.  I'd rather have that than a DC insider from Virginia representing me in Congress.  We already have one female RINO sell out representing Wyoming in DC.  We don't need another DOOM Us Loomis to speed up the Gotterdammerung.

So far Liz Cheney is getting clobbered in the pols.  Which is how it should be. 


  1. Anonymous6:51 AM

    She can't run in Virginia. Then she would be running against another member of the insider's club. And she wouldn't do that.

  2. I don't know enough about politics in VA, but that doesn't surprise me. She might have had a chance if she decided to run for the house b/c our rep is a true RINO.

  3. Susan8:40 PM

    Res, you are an intelligent, thinking kind of guy and
    I agree with most of what you said, however, the original wacko bird has given Enzi his endorsement. And right now, anything that McCain likes, I really want to dislike intensely.

    McCain has sold republicans down the river so often, he really needs to just change parties.

    And with McCain's recent behaviors the last couple of years, I trust his opinion on something about as much as I can throw an elephant across the room.

  4. Susan,

    I agree with where you are coming from, but I think the DC crowd is about keeping the status quo and they will always go with the incumbent.