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Crimea Post

There is no doubt about it, Obama is a Wimps Wimp.  He suffers from a deep seated need to prove his worth as a man.  This isn't unique to him.  Lots of bastards whose fathers couldn't be bothered to be involved in their life end up this way.

Obama is worse than useless for America.  He is actively hurting America and has been since day one.  This is true no matter what aspect of his administration is under consideration.  Domestic policy? Horrible. Foreign policy? A quagmire of contradiction and confusion.  War policy? There were American troops in fewer countries at the height of WWII under FDR.  Troop moral and readiness?  As long as they have to look SNAP FABULOUS and let the girls do the fighting our Army is on top of it.

None of Obama's failings, and they are legion, make the neo-con warmongers right.  We have no military, national or economic interest in the Ukraine or Crimea.  So why is Obummer so eager mix it up with Putin?  That's a great question.  I suspect its a mixture of reasons.  I suspect it has to do with a failed domestic policy and a need to distract the American public from matters at home.  There may be a number of contributing reasons.  Dissecting the Obummer psyche would probably take several posts.

Prior to any interest caused by the current "crisis" what did you know about the Ukraine?  Had you even heard of the Crimea?

I had.  I have a had a passing interest in English literature since a teacher introduced me to some of the classic poems in Junior High.  One of my favorites was Alfred Lloyd Tennyson's Charge of the Light Brigade.  I also enjoyed the heavy metal version, which was out at the time.
Written lyrics here.

The Ukraine was at that time a member of the Soviet block.  The evil empire.  We covered some of went on there in history, briefly.  It probably got a passing over during geography too.  It was probably another ten years before the Ukraine entered my thoughts again.  There was a friend and business associate of mine who told me he was going back to "the old country" to get married.  That was different, because "the old country" for Alex would have Inkster which wasn't that much of a step down from where he was living in Canton.

Alex was a tall, decent looking guy, not athletic but not fat either.  He owned his law firm and had a couple of other businesses too.  I don't know how much cash he had in the bank, but he wasn't making minimum wage.  The problem was he had started going bald in high school.  The old country was the Ukraine.  Unknown to me, Alex's grandparents had come over in the 40's and he was taught a mix of Ukrainian and Russian as a kid.  His grandparents arraigned a meeting with a girl back home and a marriage and immigration papers soon followed.  I met him and his wife at the Drake for lunch one day after she immigrated. 

I have an almost passable knowledge of English, no Ukraine or Russian, but I understood at least part of the conversation passing between them was about me.  She went to the ladies room.  Alex wanted to know what I thought about his wife.  "She seems nice", I said.  "But she's hot right?" he asked.  This is a difficult question for one man to answer to another man.  If you say no, you are a liar.  If you say yes, its almost an admission that you have been checking out his women.  Which of course I had.  She was HOT.  She was tall, blond, and a total knock out.  Victoria Secrets model hot.  Way hotter than a bald American could get without a Porsche and a sizeable trust fund.

"She has a younger sister back home that she thinks would like you", he hinted with a smile.  "Here's a picture", he said as he passed me the photo his wife had handed him as she had gotten up. I don't know how boobs that big can defy gravity and be that wonderfully perky.  I doubt the girl in the photo was older than 20.  The older sister wasn't the hottest female in the family. 

His wife returned, bringing me another beer.  She smiled at me knowingly when she saw her sisters photo on the table and knew what me and Alex had been talking about.  She spoke to Alex.  He translated.  "She's still a virgin" he smiled at me. 

I smiled back.  Not a knowing smile.  Not a pleasant smile.  More a smile to keep from crying.  "You know I got married?" I asked.  "I can take care of that" he responded, still smiling.  "I did a good job for Vinnie" he reminded me.  He  had too.  Vince had kept his house, car and most of the money he had, which wasn't much.  "Get behind me Satan!" I thought.  His wife slipped her hand on my neck and was gently rubbing it.  "You cute, my sister like you" she said in broken English.  "That's not what I meant God Dammit!!!" raced though my mind.  "I'm married, thing are good at home", I lied.  It wasn't a total lie, I was married, less than a year at that point, things weren't that good.  When I was dating swimsuit models and actresses things were never as good as the girl in the photo. Still married means married.

A few years ago a middle aged blond came into my work.  I waited on her.  I could tell she wasn't American from her accent.   We talked for awhile.  She was a mail order bride.  That's not all that uncommon here.  She told me that she was very happy being married to an American.  I seldom wear my wedding ring anymore.  She was looking at my left hand when she mentioned that she had a good friend back home that would like to meet me.  I laughed.  I knew where this was going.  Why would she want to do that?  You are nice and handsome.  She dug out a photo of her and a couple of girls.  The friend she had in mind was the one on the end.  I'm apparently not handsome enough to attract blond supper babe virgins anymore.  She wasn't bad looking for women of about 30 or so.  Married still means married.  Last summer she came in again.  She told me about a trip she was going to take.  Her friend was getting married here in the states.  Two of the women in that photo were with her.  Ukrainian women look out for each other.

Prior to the last month that was about the extent of my knowledge of the Ukraine.  Despite having a population of women that want to marry American men, I can't see any reason to go there.  I learned something about the Crimea they've been speaking Russian since the time of Catherine the Great in 1783.  That's 231 years.  While the area has a mix of ethnic populations, they are basically Russians.

How would America feel if we were involved in a similar situation here?  That's not possible you say.  Isn't it?  In 1812 the United States fought a war with Britain over our efforts to annex parts of Canada.  Today there is still a small population of Canadians, located mostly in the Western provinces, that would like to join with the United States.  What if this minority group of separatists became a majority of say 97% of the population of Alberta and they voted to join the US? 

How would we feel if the other Canadian provinces and Mexico, the Caribbean Islands and Central American Nations joined the Warsaw Pact?  What would our response be if the Russians stated preforming joint navel operations in the Gulf of Mexico, or the Great Lakes?  What if the Russians started training troops and operating drone observation teams in BC flying and spying in Washington State?

We'd be pissed.  We'd probably annex Alberta and everybody else who we could get to join us.  We'd step up our military operations.  We'd start running and gunning after all the instigators in the region.  We would crack down on anyone we even thought was helping the Russians.  We would start looking for anything and everything we could do to cause them problems. 

Obama doesn't understand being for America or looking out for your national interest.  He doesn't love this country.  Which is why he doesn't understand Putin.  Whatever else Putin may be, he is a Russian.  He loves Russia.  He believes in Russia first.  He is going to take care of Russian interests at the expense of the rest of the world.  If a country that has been an enemy for more than 60 years doesn't like it, he doesn't care.  The USA is acting like a threat.  Putin is responding accordingly. 

The thing is, we don't have a dog in this fight.  The Crimea has been part of Russia on and off for over 200 years.  The ethic groups share a common culture.  They speak a common language and they live right next door to each other.  The fact that Obummer is pissed that Putin cracked down on pro-butt-sex protesters at the Olympics is no reason for us to get involved in the Crimea. 


  1. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Somebody had to keep the Russians in line. If we don't do it who will?

  2. Putin: Knock knock
    Obama: Who's there?
    Putin: Crimea
    Obama: Crimea who?
    Putin: Crimea river

  3. Susan8:42 PM

    Great post Res. That must have been hard on you, all those Ukrainian women throwing themselves at you or even offering their sisters to you. I have read things in the past that indicate Ukraine is not the best Country to carve out a decent life for oneself. No wonder Ukraine women were doing everything except throwing undies at you. They don't have a great future to look forward to.

    That Hardened Ukrainian mindset kind of explains why Crimea might want to get back with Russia. I read a couple of weeks ago that there is a huge Jewish population there. Russia has really softened their stance on religion and that would be really inviting to most of the population of Crimea.

  4. Res Ipsa10:01 PM

    It was one women offering her sister. I never went farther than that. BTW I was a wholesale secondary market banker at the time and was securitizing on wall street. Alex knew that. I suspect that had more to do with my appeal than my good looks.

    When I was 19 I was bumming around Belize/Honduras and Rotan and made a discovery concerning a couple of girls from Trondheim. Hot sex blonds from countries populated by girls that are mostly blond aren't considered a great find at home. They don't get fawned on by men in their home country and don't see themselves as anything special. The Swedish guys and Norwegians didn't think these two girls were anything worth talking to. I was awestruck (eurobathing will do that to a 19yr old male.) One of the guys even told me that those girls were exceptionally boring.

    On the religion issue Islam is big in the region and the Russians aren't soft on Muslim violence. My guess is it would be safer with the nominally Christian Russians.

  5. Anonymous6:05 PM

    I notice nobody answered me. It shows that I am right.

    We need to keep the Russians in line or we will have another cold war.

  6. WaterBoy10:27 PM

    Anonymous: "I notice nobody answered me. It shows that I am right."

    No, it shows that you started off right away with a fallacy called "begging the question". To give you an example, if I ask you "Do you still beat your wife?", it starts with an unfounded assumption that you previously have beaten her, even if you haven't.


    First, prove your assertion that "somebody ha[s] to keep the Russians in line". Then, we can move onto discussing whether or not the US should be the one to do so.

    And for pete's sake, pick a name already. It's impossible to tell one 'anonymous' from another.

  7. ANON,

    I didn't answer you because you didn't bother picking a name. While I couldn't be bothered to take the time to delete you, I also couldn't be bothered to write a response.

    You don't have to agree with me to comment here. You do have to have some kind of handle.

  8. Anonymous7:08 AM

    Somebody had to keep the Russians in line. If we don't do it who will?

    You go right ahead without me on that one. Oh, and use your own army and tax base too. Mine is busy right now.

    If you think it is so important, you do it.