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SPLC, Kicked Off the Island

I saw this story yesterday about how the Southern Poverty Law Center has had their name removed from the FBI's resources web page for so called "hate crimes" resources. 

In the murky world of  the Federal Feedbag NGO Industrial Complex "relationship" is the name of the game.  What happens is idealistic young people attend big name ivy or near ivy league schools.  They get to be great buddies in prep school and college.  Some of them get careers in government and some of them get careers in NGO's.  Since they all share the same ideological bent and world view, they work together to save the world by drinking appletinis, being pretentious and smug.  For the last 100 plus years, they have only screwed the place up more, but that doesn't keep them from trying.

They way the game is played is that NGO guy is buddies with Federal Funding Source guy.  Federal Funding Source (FFS) guy wants some report or data set that pushes an agenda item.  He can't just write that report himself, that would be self-serving and unethical.  He needs independent NGO guy to produce that report for him.  FFS guy and NGO guy get together at the definitely not homophobic social environment of their choice and discuss grant writing possibilities with generous overhead allotment percentages.   A deal is struck and a report/data/event is forthcoming.  FFS guy and NGO guy produce a rational for a comfortable upper middle class salary for themselves without actually doing anything that helps anyone outside of their own little group.

Southern Poverty Law Center has long been one such NGO under the "civil rights" banner of approved NGO's.  Southern Poverty Law Center isn't about poverty or law.  Its a group of lawyers that have amassed over $250 million dollars for themselves under the guise of helping those too poor to have equal access to their civil rights.  All animals they say are equal, just some are more equal.   As an NGO they've been with the program for decades.  You might even say they are entrenched. 

They are so entrenched that their anti-American, anti-Christian anti-civil rights positions and out right hypocrisy are over looked.  They belong to the idealistic insiders club.  What amazes me is the FBI, an organization which under Eric Holder has proven itself to be all of the things that the SPLC is, now decides to "distance itself" by removing a link listing on the FBI web page.  The "reason" we are told has to do with domestic terrorism. 

What is that "link to terrorism"?  Some left wing nut job (redundant I know) used them as a resource to target people that disagree with them.  I don't buy it.  Holder isn't that scrupulous.  A casual link like what is being claimed is meaningless.  By meaningless I mean in a court, in the minds of liberals (a contradiction, again I know) it's even meaningless as a substantive matter, in the minds of the so called right wing media. 

Floyd Lee Corkins II is a non-story in 2014.  The Family Resource Council, or any other conservative minded NGO, isn't on anyone's radar.  Certainly protecting their civil rights doesn't matter to anyone in the Obama administration.  Something else is going on.  Something far worse that they don't want to get out.  If it did get out, the FBI, and Eric Holder want to have preemptive distance form the event.

*I'm not a conspiracy theorist.  Something isn't being said about the "why" of this decision and it doesn't make sense.  Also I know first hand about the NGO thing.  I wrote grants and consulted to organizations that did that sort of thing.


  1. About time. They ran Elohim City where Timothy McVeigh did his dirty work. They were the false flag operators that murdered those children in OKC, Dees needs to be in the electric chair.

  2. I have to agree here about timing. Too many things are getting cleaned up. Why? It is a shame about this group. I believe Dees started with the right intentions then money got waved in his face, and it was "off to the races" for Dees.