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Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


Christian Political Theology

This post is in response to Susan's request.

Christians come in all shapes and sizes.  They have different levels of spiritual insight and application.  They also have tendency to see their particular point of view as the "correct one".  One distinguishing characteristic is something called "the Christian World View" (CWV).  The CWV is the idea that Christians should have a unique theologically informed philosophy that governs how they see the world.

The CWV runs the spectrum from people who call themselves Christians but whose personal philosophy is identical with the cultural around them (Worldly World View i.e. WWV), to Christians who have a highly developed sense of how Hashem sees the world (Highly Christian World View, HCWV). 

Of the three types of Christians (WWV, CWV, HCWV) the CWV group can be further divided into those who recognize or are Aware of a CWV (ACWV) and those who have a CWV but are consciously Unaware of their CWV (UCWV).

Folks who tend to be involved in what Susan is identifying as "dominion theology" tend to have a CWV and also tend to be very aware of that view ACWV and have a desire to act on it in a political forum.  Being ACWV and politically active is not new.  The first modern example that popped into my mind was the Moral Majority movement that Jerry Falwell started up in 1979.

In the United States CWV has been linked with political philosophy since before the beginning of the country.  The first amendment to the constitution of the United States was widely understood as a declaration to practice the Christian religion without fear of a state sponsored church.  The founders were very much ACWV and willing to incorporate it into their political philosophy. This ideological phenomenon was a direct consequence of the First Great Awakening 1730 to 1740.

Regardless of the CWV of the founders, the populace of the United States increasing followed a secular personal philosophy.  The public institutions in the United States, such as the courts and the public schools, still maintained the tenets of the Christian religion.  School children were taught that morality, character etc were based on the Bible.  Judges still used scriptural principles in their findings.  The upper classes of American society held to a firm belief in the basic Christian tenets as commonly taught.  The result was that when the nations clergy looked around and saw the falling state of public morality, and preached against it America enjoyed the Second Great awakening 1820-1850.

One idea that became increasingly common in both religious circles and in political environments was that of manifest destiny.  Also very common in the minds of America Christians in the 19th centaury was the theological belief that Christians could and should make heaven on earth.  This doctrine is sometimes identified with the eschatological position of Postmillennialism.  The post millennialist paradise was the goal of most of the ACWV crowd from 1800 to the 1930's.

For examples major trends in American Cultural Topics:

Public Education
The first tax-supported public school was run by Rev. Ralph Wheelock.

As  a sub-issue / proof examine the laws requiring slave owners to educate their slaves to read so that they could understand scripture and reject their heathen religions.

Temperance Movement


Christian Socialists

Modern Welfare State
Has roots in the policy beliefs of Christian Socialists of the 1920's and 30's.

Faith Based Initiative
Involves using Christian Social Justice organizations to execute government policy programs.  For example:  Refugee resettlement programs.

The seven examples cited above all share the common link of making the United States into a Christian paradise.  Third Great Awakening 1880-1930 laid the groundwork for the modern Poltical Dominion Theologists (PDT).

The modern American PDT tends to be ACWV and aware of the American history and the role of Christian Political Activism.  In the past, the gains in America's economic, cultural and political followed, i.e. came after, the periods of spiritual revival.  In my estimation todays PDT wants to create a spiritual revival by using political power as a means to that end.

I see Donald Trump as a person who claims Christianity but has acted as if he had a WWV for his adult life.  He may be moving towards a CWV at this time.  If that is the case he is probably UCWV.  He seems to want to restore the basic institutions of a historically great America by focusing on the political and cultural institutions that have been corrupted and broken.  He believes that he can do that because he understands the fundamental flaws in the decision making process that have brought us to where we are today.  That may seem egotistical, but I believe it is an accurate estimation.  He doesn't wave a Christian Battle flag around, because he doesn't see the political as a reflection of the spiritual.

I have no idea what Cruz believes.  I don't think anyone else does either.  Most of his association is because of his dad's remarks, not his.  Based on his dad, Cruz is probably ACWV.  How highly developed that is, I can't say.  Being ACWV gives him the ability to see and tell others about issues that are important to people with CWV.  Communication along those lines seems to be popular with others who are CWV.  Ted Cruz is willing to wave that flag if it rallies supporters to his campaign.

Personally, as a ACWV person, I believe that America must follow the same path today as it has in the past.  The spiritual revival must take place first.  Then we might see some worldly benefits.  Ted Cruz isn't interested in doing that, so I can't take his version of occupying the Whitehouse as some form of Spiritual Manifest Destiny.  I don't see Trump as that guy either, but he's not trying to tell people that he is.

Hope that helps Susan.


  1. Anonymous5:36 PM

    FWIW, depending on who you ask, America is 50% to maybe 70% self identifying Christians. Some of those folks, maybe 1/3 are serious about their faith and include a CWV as part of their voting.

    The handful of politically focused Christians always get a seat on the election stage. We see this early on during campaigns when the politicians suck up to evangelical opinion leaders. That's why Dobson, Robertson, Billy Graham etc get a chance to shake hands, eat breakfast and interview candidates early on. It's a kind of spiritual sniff test. Will the candidates say the right things? Personal relationship with Jesus? Sure, right, whatever.

    Trump wasn't eager to suck up to the evangelical power base. Is that because he doesn't have a CWV? Maybe, I don't know. Maybe he just doesn't see them as overly relevant. Maybe that's why some of them seem so pissed off at him.

    Cruz seems like a typical politician to me. He wants a coalition of voters to beat Trump. If his dad can get CWV voters to flock to Ted's banner and Ted can avoid making any promises he will be held accountable for, its what they call a win-win. It's a win cause Cruz gets the votes and a win because he was able to avoid giving them anything in return. Which has been the Republican Party program since Bush Part I.

    Res Ipsa

  2. Res, Thanks for this response to my question.

    I base my feelings on Cruz on being a political junkie this year. That means I have been spending a lot of time, more than you perhaps, reading about the stands that all these candidates have. I have had no problems in the past with a politician meeting pastors. Most politicians don't exploit like Cruz seems to do either.

    Cruz's own father is a pastor in this Dominion Theology. And after reading about this DT, I really don't want it near the White House. According to what I read on Wiki, they are all about institution of their beliefs in DC as a way to usher in the return of the Messiah.

    Cruz has already violated the 4th amendment at least twice during his campaign. His own father is pushing for a violation of the 1st. If he didn't identify with this cult, he would not be featuring his father so much, nor would he be trying to exploit actual Christian beliefs for his own gain. Because Res, that is exactly what he has been doing.

    You cannot wrap yourself like Elmer Gantry in a cloak of
    "Christianity" while at the same time letting your campaign commit acts of sleaze in your behalf. Mainstream Christians recognize a bad spirit when they see one, and Cruz just gives off a creepy vibe that even his own fellow Senators don't seem to like.
    Likewise in that heavily evangelical county in SC. It went for Trump, even at 75% evangelical. So they see what he really is.

  3. I am actually not worried about Trump's verbal assurances here with regards to his religious opinions. It has been his ACTIONS that I have noticed. His honesty, and his openness about how he stands on issues has been what has resonated with the voting public.

    People may not be fond of his bluff and bluster, but they sure do appreciate his honesty. Now contrast that with Cruz. Has he been honest? Not really. He is trying desperately to hide his personal records, which have been sealed. He has not passed anything in the Senate at all, and his own colleagues do not like him much.

    Cruz is also facing legal challenges in at least 5 court cases for eligibility, and there is the strong possibility that the FEC will land on him like a duck on a Junebug over several issues. Especially if the Iowa SecState files a complaint over his deliberate misrepresentation of Iowa voting regulations. That is wrong.

    Then there is his lying so far about his opponents leaving their campaigns, the data mining of FB accounts, the bullying of voters by embarrassing them and releasing their private voter information to the neighbors.
    How about his stating on last Friday in Chicago that all the violence was Trump's fault, yet his own campaign has a man who has publicly issued a death threat? Shouldn't the media be blaming him for that?

    Cruz has never built a single thing in his entire public life, since he has been a politician the whole time. His stand on TPP, expansion of that evil visa program and the Bush Family joining his campaign just smack of being totally establishment.
    Trump OTOH, has built a lasting legacy for himself that shows he could and probably would have more success doing the same for this country.

  4. Susan,
    I think we're basically on the same page.

    Cruz is letting his father rally the "true believers". With his dad "painting a picture", Ted can cozy up to those who count. It looks like a stratagem designed to placate the evangelical while getting on the establishment bandwagon.

    Yes I think Cruz is using religion in an attempt to grab power.

    No I don't think Cruz will implement even one Christian friendly item. No other establishment candidate ever has. I listed 7 Christian cultural imperatives of the last 250 years. All of them were implemented politically. Not one of them has proven to be of long term benefit to the country. In fact all of them are currently causing more problems than if we never instituted the policy.

    Christian principles work great in a moral society where individuals seek personal virtue and know they are accountable to God. Christian aspirations made into law without individual moral grounding are pointless exercises in utopia building and are doomed to fail.