All in the Family featured the curmudgeonly Archie Bunker. Archie was television’s most famous grouch, blunt, blustering, straightforward and untouched by the PC crowd. He was the archetype of the conservative male. Michael desprately tried to reeducate him, but he persisted in his breviloquence.

Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


Home Run

I only wish I was as succinct and descriptive a writer as Gavin McInnes.  In his recent "Deep Thoughts" column, McInnes explains why comedians hate Donald Trump as much as they do.
Sure, he’s had a bunch of divorces and yes, there are plenty of comedians who are happily married with kids, but we’re talking about the culture here and in America’s eyes, Trump represents a good dad with great kids who wants to get back to when America was great, and comedians represent a reboot of everything traditional and that’s the nuclear family. Comedians are deeply scarred human beings who shudder at the very idea of a family. They’re not pro–gay marriage because they give a shit about two random homos who want to fuck everything that moves while pretending they live for matrimony. They’re pro–gay marriage because they’re anti-marriage because they’re anti-family because their childhood sucked.
I'm going to go a step further.  It's not just comedians.  The so called "elite" or "opinion leaders" hate Trump.  The reaction isn't rational, as it might be if the reason was tied to some policy issue or decision making paradigm. The complaints I hear about Trump aren't what you might call "substantive" arguments.  When they get around to an actual argument its all about style over substance.  The tone is based in envy and spite.
Trump isn't bad because of his ideas.  Trump is bad, because he is successful.  Trump is bad because he is popular.  Trump is bad because he has a message, that voters (gasp) like.  Trump is bad because he is Trump.
Donald Trump is a constant reminder that plenty of us had parents who loved us and made us feel good about ourselves. We have mimicked this success story and created families of our own. We’re happy and what’s worse, we’re content. For the most part, comics are miserable people who developed the ability to make light of a bad situation. We get laughs from them because we’re not in a bad situation so it’s like doing a shot after you won the lottery. To us, seeing a comedy show is like taking Prozac when you’re not depressed. It’s a bonus. To the comedians, it’s what they need to stave off suicide. The more America becomes great again, the less resonance the kvetchers have. And when your entire ethos is based on complaining, you don’t want prosperity. It bums you out.
 I'd only change one thing about Mr. McInnes's piece:
For the most part, Liberals are miserable people. To the American Center and Left, constant bitching is what they need to stave off suicide. The more America becomes great again, the less resonance the Republican and Democratic Political Parties have. And when your entire ethos is based on complaining, you don’t want prosperity.
Other than that little edit, Gavin McInnes was spot on.  For those of you who don't know, Gavin McInnes is kind of like Fred Reed, except he knows which fork to use and how to order foo-foo drinks.


  1. I would put my trust in Trump's version of what a Christian is before I would ever trust Elmer Gantry Cruz's version.

    Cruz has shown that he has no problem with cynically exploiting our faith and beliefs and then going out and doing the exact OPPOSITE when it comes to behavior and how he treats the voters and even his opponents.

    Trump's honesty has always shown through to people and they can smell out a snake in the grass very well now after the treatment by the lying cuckys of the GOPE.

    And after reading up about dominion theology just a bit on Wiki, I am more firmly than ever supporting Trump. The dominion theology cult has more to do with Islamic goals of secular government replacement, than Christianity ever has had.

    I have to tell you this, I even read a comment by a Cruzbot supporter on Breitbart that said basically, "if Trump is such a good Christian, why is his daughter an Orthodox Jew"? My response to that bit of stupid was that maybe she converted because she wanted to be a good wife to her husband.

    I do know Ivanka is very happily married and expecting her third baby. Even for all that, she is out there on the campaign trail, help her dad.

    She is a very good daughter to her father. Unlike Cruz's eldest daughter who looks to me like she has a LOT of issues with her own father even at her tender age of about 8 or so.

  2. One more thought Res. Maybe you or even Rabbi B could do a posting more indepth regarding this dominion theology stuff.

    From the little I have read, it just scares me to death the idea that Cruz might get in and feel he has the total right to ignore and abandon the Constitution in favor of his cult.

  3. Susan,

    Dominion theology and post millennialism are closely related. When you understand the two philosophy's as peas in a pod, and as part of the second great awakening historically, then some aspects of American history become a little more clear. Cruz's dad seems to be from this school of thought. What he's doing is positioning his version of "make America great" as a sort of third great awakening.

    I get it as far as the theory is concerned. Theologically it is the long term solution to what is wrong with America. I don't think Ted Cruz is the guy to pull it off.