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Local Politics

It's Super Tuesday.  I got up this morning and decided to go and vote for the man with the most impressive hair.  I have male pattern baldness.  I keep my hair cut almost boot camp short, so its not as noticeable.  Even with that cosmetic alteration to preserve my vanity, I know I'm losing hair.  Which is why its so high minded and courageously principled of me to vote for a man with conspicuously more hair than I.

Wanting to demonstrate my impressive amount of non-prejudice towards the hair-folicaly gifted, I determined to cast my vote in the primaries.  Wyoming works under a caucus system.  It's been widely reported that Tuesday March 1, 2016 is the day for doing this in my state. 

Except in my county it wasn't.

Someone made the decision that Saturday February 27, 2016 was the best day to have the Super Tuesday caucus.  Despite being a registered member of my political party for 26 years, most of that time in this county, and despite having participated in other primaries, I was not informed of the change.

I managed to find some on line news stories about the caucus.  The general opinion reported was that those participating felt a need to "stump Trump". 

I don't feel personally thwarted in expressing my desire to elect someone with a solid 1978 hairstyle to public office.  Wyoming's collective opinion on matters politic doesn't mean much nationally.  Which means my vote is meaningless in the grand scheme of things. With that being the case, why tell everyone that primaries are on Tuesday but actually have them on Saturday?


  1. WaterBoy1:51 PM

    One article I read a month or so ago stated that since the advent of television, most people have preferred electing presidents with hair over those without. I think Eisenhower was the sole exception (Johnson had a receding hairline, but wasn't bald; Ford was mostly bald but was never elected as President).

    Would explain why Hillary is beating Sanders, and why Trump would beat Sanders, too.

    Have never registered with any party, and in Colorado that means no voting in caucuses...and in Colorado, presidential polling in the Republican caucus this year is nonexistent, anyway. Geniuses who run the state Republican party decided to let the rest of the country decide who Colorado wants to run as their nominee.

    Reminds me of an old adage I first heard long before I could even vote:

    Don't vote; it only encourages them.

    Honestly, I'd rather go fishing with zombie bait.

  2. Being originally from Michigan, I expect GOP subterfuge.
    Mine is tonight but it was in the local papers. I shall have to redouble my efforts.
    Remember tricky Dick Cheney is from Wyoming.

    1. The website you provided has the time and dates correct, but that wasn't the way it was advertised locally. I don't know if they did this after the fact or not. My guess is that they "officially" reported it correctly.

  3. Susan2:01 PM

    Believe it or not, that is still Trump's actual hair. If he were to cut the top slightly shorter, you would see a lot of thinning and male pattern baldness. I have seen close up pictures of him and his hair. That is not a rug.

    The only other guy I have seen with the outlandish real hair was the late director Irwin Allen. You know, the one they called the "master of disaster" movies.
    His widow said in an interview once it used to take him at minimum an hour to get his hair to look like that.

    I have the feeling that when all the results are in, we are going to hear about some serious attempts of voter fraud happening today.

    1. Voting the hairstyle is a reliable a method of picking a president as any of the other ones we use.

    2. The hair is beating the reptilian tortoises.

    3. Susan3:23 PM

      I agree. Cruz's greasy 'do and his slovenly attire sure turn me off. Trump at least dresses like he wants the job and has respect for it and for us.