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Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


Dog Bite Update

Mrs. Ipsa stayed home from work today and kept to the couch as per doctors orders. She seems to be doing better physically but she’s still pretty shook up emotionally.

What happened was during her walk this morning the guy who owns the dogs had let them out of his apartment, they saw my wife walking on the far side of the street and charged her. She was bitten three times that broke skin; twice in the leg and once in the groin.

When she came in the bedroom to wake me at 5:30 to get her to the hospital she was wearing her white sweats and was covered in blood. That made the injury look much worse and prompted a record time drive to the ER. In case you’re wondering it is possible to hit 6000 rpms with a 3.0 litter 6 cylinder engine, and lay rubber shifting from 4th to 5th at 75 mph.

Once at the hospital Mrs. Ipsa’s co-workers took good care of her. The dogs owner showed up with the dog and its shot record. He informed me that this was the second time his dog had bit someone and he asked me if I wanted to see the dog. That was how I found out it was a pit-bull.

The sheriffs deputy showed up, took pictures and did some paperwork. He informed me that they would be pressing charges against the owner since this was a second offense. Right now I’m uncertain what from those charges will take, it will be a ticket at a minimum, beyond that I don’t know. We will not be pressing the issue further than what the county does at this time.

Animal control called us this afternoon to tell us that they put the dog down. Since the dogs rabies shots were up to date they didn’t have to keep it for observation. The dogs owner made the request to put the dog down.

We have an doctors apt on Monday for the baby. In ER they said the baby’s heart rate was OK. Mrs. Ipsa said the baby has been kicking a lot but she doesn’t know if this means anything. Unfortunately Mrs. Ipsa didn’t have her tetanus and some other shots up to date and they had to give them to her in ER. I have no idea what, if any, effect this might have on the baby.

We should know more Monday afternoon.

Thank you for the kind words, prayers and emails.

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