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Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


Pistol League Results 6/8/06

This week’s drill it was a mixed bad accuracy/distance and time with a min of 2 reloads. The course consisted of 3 steal plates at 20 yards spread out over 60 feet from left to right, 3 steal poppers and 3 bad guy silhouettes at 30 yards.

The course of fire was to clear all steal targets in any order, engage each bad guy twice and then move to a forward position and engage each bad guy twice again, total of 4 shots on paper for each silhouette. Minimum shots to clear the course 18, total points possible 30.

The results:
Worst time, 54.83 seconds
Best time, 23.12 seconds
Worst score, 23
Best score, 27
Best draw and hit,1.73 seconds
Worst number of shots, 23
Best number of shots 19
Best reload, 5.38 seconds
Worst reload, 9.89 seconds

Observations: my reloads still suck, I need to dry drill at home nightly; all but one of my draws were under 2.00 but my hits were less than 75%, partially this is the result of trying to hit a 8in plate, more dry drilling is needed. Despite my best intentions I didn’t drill at home last week. I need to loc-tight the tension screw on my &%$#! rear sight, for some reason after 150 to 200 rounds it wants to work loose. I caught my self closing my left eye twice to improve accuracy AND I was inconsistent with grip technique.

Product note: I am trying new 8 round Chip McCormick Power Mags, five of them in the rotation. Last week I didn’t comment on the slide not locking open in an out of battery situation. This week two mags consistently failed to hold the slide back for emergency reloads. A slight adjustment with the Leather Man was needed to make them function.

This highlights a important tip for CCW and home defense applications, ALWAYS drill with any mag that you even think you might use in a real life situation. A gun owner needs to know exactly how his equipment will function each and every time. I ran a min of 1 box of ammo (50 rounds) thru each mag before I determined that they needed adjustment (not every mag is fired till empty each time its used). Test and retest your equipment, if you need your gun, you don’t need surprises.

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