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Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


Of Boys

Boys by their nature are loud, competitive, rambunctious creatures who seem to be the arch nemesis of good "classroom management".  No wonder female school teachers don't want "boy behavior" in the classroom.  It's much easier to manage little girls who do most things quietly. 

Boys are a handful when they are allowed to be boys.  The female of the species has no instinctive skills to deal with the immature male.  In the past, females were exposed to boys being boys and did not think of it as a bad thing requiring thrice daily doses of methamphetamines.

Boy (10) hailed as hero after saving sister from convicted sex offender
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  • The criminal, who was on bail for robbery, attempted to abduct the girl (12) on the side of a country road near the village of Cullahill in Laois.
    She was playing with her two brothers near their home when the man stopped and asked for directions to the local priest's house.
    He then jumped from the stolen vehicle and grabbed the girl.
    But her younger brother lunged through the driver's window at the would-be kidnapper punching him as the jeep began to drive away.
    The brave boy distracted the driver long enough so that his sister could jump from the moving vehicle.
    The story doesn't tell us the young man's name.  I'm calling him a man.  He deserves recognition for what he is, a man in progress.  Good progress he's making too.

    Soulless creatures who slump quietly in desks, meekly marking on their lessons, and who never give the teacher a reason to be cross, don't do other things either.  They don't jump thru windows of moving cars.  They don't punch hardened criminals  twice their size.  They don't make it possible for their 12 year old sister to escape the clutches of a pedophile kidnapper.

    Thank God, boys will be boys.  How else will they learn to men of action?  How else will they learn to react with violence?  How else will they learn to do, without thinking of their own safety?

    Let every boy nearly give his mother and schoolmarm a heart attack with his exuberance and testosterone intoxicated brain.  Perhaps the lad will break a leg.  He will survive.  Perhaps he will get, or give a black eye, or a fat lip.  He will tear his trousers and muss his hair.  He will make fart noises and laugh at the worst time.  Let him.  He is a boy.

    I hear a lot about "men going their own way" and shirking the responsibilities of manhood.  Men don't spring up fully developed with a good paying job and a desire to lavish a women with financial security and a domestic servitude.  Men grow up.  Men start out as boys, doing boy stuff.  You don't get a man by training them like a girl.  Little boys aren't simply girls with penises.

    Let boys be boys.  Let them learn to be men.  Good men, yes.  Men of character, certainly.  Men aren't ordered off a website, they are grown and trained and taught.  Teach boys to harness their abilities and instincts.  Don't suppress them.

    Without the curse of Ritalin and feminized schooling, the boy will become a man and do manly stuff.  Like jumping into moving cars, punching bad guys, and saving a little girl from being raped.


    1. Susan7:24 AM

      My only tiny nit with this otherwise excellent post is that actual women have the ability to deal with their boys. It is the liberalized delta/gamma women who don't have a clue.

      If they had brothers growing up, they probably had the mindset that brothers and boys are icky things to be avoided at all cost. Daddy's little princess didn't get dirty or play with little boys.

      Problem I see here is that under the guise of "boys will be boys" there is a definite subset of parents who don't grow young men Res, they instead are raising a nasty bully. I understand boyish antics because not only did I have 3 younger brothers, but I was the ONLY girl in a neighborhood of about a dozen other boys. To this day, when given a choice, I will enjoy the conversation of the men over the ladies on any given occasion. Bottom line is, most male conversation doesn't bother or intimidate me in the least. Once guys realize that, they tend to unwind and just talk. Does that make sense?

      This is one reason why I hold the mindset that when a woman strikes a man, it is totally okay for him to defend himself. Shocked the crap out of a couple of the guys over at Vox's place (and others)one time by saying that.

      Mom told me the first time I complained about a boy hitting me during play was that since I hit him first, I had no right to complain. She was correct, and a wise mom. Like Mr. Spock said in the second ST movie, "Sauce for the goose Mr. Savek. The odds will be even."

    2. Susan7:26 AM

      I don't want my comment to sound like I disagree with boys behavior, far from it. I think what this boy did was stupendous for his sister. I just think that too many people don't get what it takes to be a man. Being a man doesn't mean being a bully.

    3. Res,

      Amen brother, preach it.

    4. Susan,

      What you said is fine. I agree there are detached parents who refuse to guide their male offspring and won't say a word to them when they do wrong. Scripture has several examples, Eli the priest and King David come to mind. They wouldn't correct their sons and it led to destruction.

      What I think is more common is the refusal to recognize the value of male instincts. We hear women and girls being encouraged to "follow your heart", "trust your instincts" and "believe in yourself". Boys are ordered to "get it under control", "stop it" etc. When they don't, because they can't, women invent a so called medical condition and drug a boy into compliance.

      What happens to the slightly less rambunctious boys? They observe what is going on around them. Then they do their best to stifle themselves. Have you ever wondered why we have so many of what Vox calls gammas and omegas? Our society creates them.

      I'd expect a normal distribution of personality traits. Your alpha being the top 10% beta and delta being the middle 80% and the gamma/omega being the bottom 10%. I don't think that's what we have coming up in the younger generations. It's looking more like 30-40% gamma.

      You can't teach boys to be like girls and girls to be more like boys. God assigned genders and gave those genders specific traits. A boy that grows into a manly man is splendid creature. A girl that grows into a feminine lady is precious. Those two will be attracted to each other, can marry for life and produce wonderful mentally and spiritually healthy offspring.

      Our society doesn't want that. For better than 40 years its been actively tearing down the basis for civilization, the male led monogamous marriage and family.

      1. Susan4:53 PM

        What was surprising to discover about the male species is that men who lose their spouse after a rather long marriage, actually have a harder time with the loss than a woman does.

        Part of what the problem is today is diet. Do you realize that there are a lot of people out there who bought into the vegetarian and the lower fat lifestyle and are feeding estrogen to their kids right and left?
        The same foods that a menopausal woman's GYN will tell her to eat to help with the symptoms is being eaten by men and kids. That doesn't help matters when it comes to raising manly boys either.

      2. I agree. Estrogen is great stuff, for girls.

        It's not good for a man to be alone. Left alone is a different matter. Men who have great marriages tend to get remarried soon if their wife dies, while women are just fine spending the life insurance money on their own.

    5. I was the ONLY girl in a neighborhood of about a dozen other boys.

      I bet you made the most of that around age 14. How much better odds could a girl want?

      1. Susan4:56 PM

        You would think so, however when the boys got to the age of 14, they suddenly decided that they liked those giggly empty headed girls better than one who actually talked to them. Oh well, I still managed to marry quite well and have two great adult age kids to show for it.

        I had no patience for those giggly girls. They could not hold a thought any longer than a flea could.