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Row, Row, NO!

A quick follow up from last weeks lifting post.

Last night was the night to start adding weight back into my lifting program.  I decided to stick to the 5x5 program of adding 5lbs (2.5lbs to each side) each time I lift and to only lift every other day.  I figured that doing this would be a little slower than restarting at the higher weights that I had been lifting.  My thought process was that by starting low and going slow that I wouldn't re-hurt myself and that by 12 weeks i.e. summer time, I'd be back to what I had been doing last summer.  From there I figured I could work on improving things without injury. 

I added 5 lbs to my squats, no problem.  Five more pounds on the bench, again no problem.  What to do about the rows?  Better start off reasonable but on the low side.  I put a 10lb weight on each side.  Total weight bar+weights=65lbs.  That's about half of the weight I injured myself at.

I couldn't do it.  Oh I managed to get one set of 5 reps in.  It hurt.  I stopped.  This morning I'm sore and not in a good way.  I may have to break down and go back to the MD.


  1. Rows are tough...sorry it's not going well for you.

    Choline/Inositol helps immensely with muscle soreness for me.

    1. Choline/Inositol helps immensely with muscle soreness for me.

      Do you take it before you lift or after? Also how much?

  2. Susan9:56 PM

    Is there any sports medicine type doctors in your area Res? The reason I ask, is that sometimes they are more up on sport/exercise related injuries and how to work yourself back from one than a regular MD is.

    When my daughter was in nursing school in Portland, Oregon, she went to the same sports clinic that the Trail Blazers use so they could look at her dodgy knee. Evidently they had a piece of equipment that caught a little tiny tear in a knee ligament and she finally got that bad knee fixed. She had to spend part of her Jr/Sr year in a funky brace, but it was worth it.

  3. Is there any sports medicine type doctors in your area Res?

    I'll have to check into that. It'll partially depend on if they accept my insurance.

    1. Susan5:48 PM

      Even if they don't Res, it would be worth it if they found whatever is causing you to not be able to exercise. You don't have to have them fix it, just diagnose it for you.

      I wish you good luck on solving that problem, whatever it is.