All in the Family featured the curmudgeonly Archie Bunker. Archie was television’s most famous grouch, blunt, blustering, straightforward and untouched by the PC crowd. He was the archetype of the conservative male. Michael desprately tried to reeducate him, but he persisted in his breviloquence.

Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


Proving the Impossible

I had an interesting conversation the other day.  It seems I may be entitled to receive a tribal identification card.  Key word "may".  I may have sufficient native blood to qualify for membership in a tribe that only requires "one drop of blood" to be counted as a whole blood member.  This would convey some significant benefits on myself and my children if I can document it.

Problem #1. The federal government has a tremendous incentive to not recognize me, or anyone else as a tribal member.  The main reason being a significant monetary debt owed to the tribe.  The BIA was working out a deal to settle the matter during the last Bush administration, they eventually decided to renege on the matter after totaling the damages.

Problem #2.  The tribe might be happy to have me, except in the event they do get a settlement, it would increase the number of people that would divide the pot o gold.  Seeing how I've not suffered with them, they see no reason to share the cash.  Which I get.

Problem #3.  I suspect (I'm more than 97% on this) that DNA testing will prove native blood equal to or greater than 1/64 most likely between 1/16 and 1/32 native.  Probably greater.  The problem is my ancestors weren't all that selective about their mating habits (on several sides of the family).  My native blood heritage consists of a mix of at least 3 different tribes.  One of which I didn't know about until last night.

What's on the line:

1. Canadian citizenship/passport
2. No Canadian federal or provincial taxes
3. No Canadian hunting or fishing laws to bother with
4. Canadian federal Indian and  social services, for free
5. Free college for my kids, either nation
6. Big time racial preference status for bidding federal contracts or employment
7. Major tax incentives
8. A list of US federal goodies, most importantly a extra degree of being left alone
9. The ability to hold land in tribal trust
10. "Hi, my name is Shoots at Wapiti", instant protected minority status.  Which in this culture is almost as good as being a black lesbian.


  1. Nice. I think I have some tribal blood somewhere in my past as well...but I have no idea what or how much.

  2. Susan9:22 AM

    Nice. Does this mean you are going to have some fun with it like Vox does? He has been able to make some lefty opponents sputter into silence when he manages to bring his ethnicity into play. Kind of amusing to watch it unfold.

    So does this mean that you would be a dual citizen then, with dual passports? (or however that works) The road may indeed be hard to travel, but with that list of incentives, especially for your children, I think you should go for it Res. Think about the college stuff alone. And going up anywhere in Alberta is pretty much awesome, scenery wise.

  3. Check your red privilege

  4. Check your red privilege

    That's what I'm trying to do and get it established legally.

    you would be a dual citizen then

    I think its more like dual non-citizen. But yes basically I would be entitled to two sets of travel documents. Years ago in Europe I found it beneficial to sew a red maple leaf on the outside of my backpack. Where are you from? Near Sarnia Ontario. Oh good to met you. So much better than being a US citizen, and that was before Gulf War I. The rest of the world sees Canada as those nice people stuck living next to the obnoxious neighbor and they treat you accordingly.

    have some fun with it

    I'm more introverted than Vox. That and I try to avoid dealing with lefties when ever possible.

    The only "privilege" that I would "take advantage of" would be not paying for a hunting or fishing license while in Canada. I don't want a welfare check or a settlement check for land compensation. The college thing would be nice because my kids could pursue more than one skill set and have both a trade and a "education". I'm going to try to steer them that direction anyway simply because I see it as a more viable alternative in the future. It would be nice to have that extra "edge" when the time comes.

  5. WaterBoy3:50 PM

    "Hi, my name is Shoots at Wapiti"

    Erm...Point of Order:

    Don't you actually have to encounter a wapiti before you can shoot it? Seems to my recollection that you haven't been all that successful in that least, while under license.

  6. WaterBoy3:51 PM

    Maybe "Shoots-At-Prairie-Dog" would be more apropos... ;)

  7. I've encountered lots of elk, while hunting. My main problem was that I got greedy and only pursued big horns, when I should have just shot the one closest to the road.

  8. WaterBoy5:00 AM

    See? Wrong name.

    "Watches-Wapiti-Scamper-Into-Woods" seems a better fit, then.

    Or perhaps "Shoots-At-Wapiti-With-Camera"?

  9. OK, you win. Come up and show me how this fall.

  10. WaterBoy10:15 PM

    Hah! Only if you want to risk your life next to Shoots-At-Wapiti-But-Ricochets-Off-Nearby-Rock....